Sadolin Quick Drying Wood Preserver 2.5L

  4.6/5.0   21 reviews
You'll need enter area above for 2 coats (Best protection)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • A clear water-based wood preserver for new and bare timbers
  • Suitable for all interior and exterior wood and joinery
  • Quick drying - touch dry in 2 hours
  • Provides excellent protection against wood destroying fungi and blue stain
  • Easily absorbed into the wood
  • Perfect as a pre-treatment before applying a wood stain, paint or other wood finish
  • Low V.O.C content
Brand Sadolin
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 10 per litre
Drying time 24 hrs
Size 2.5L
MPN 5028751
GTIN 5721140074151

Sadolin Quick Drying Wood Preserver is an ideal preservative treatment for bare and new timber prior to the application of a suitable wood stain, paint or varnish from the Sadolin wood care range.

Bare or New Wood Preparation

  • Ensure timber surfaces are clean, dry and free from all dirt, dust and other contaminants
  • The moisture content of the wood should not exceed 18% prior to coating
  • Resinous deposits on the surface of the timber should be removed with a scraper or abrasive paper
  • Any remaining resinous residues should be removed by scrubbing with methylated spirits
  • Fill any gaps or imperfections in the wood surface with Sadolin Wood Filler or Sadolin Stainable Wood Filler

Previously Coated or Old Wood Preparation

  • Any existing coatings should be completely removed with a suitable product remover / stripper prior to applying the wood preservative
  • Grey denatured timber must be mechanically sanded back to a bare clean surface before preserving wood

Applying Sadolin Quick Drying Wood Preserver

Always do a small test area before starting any project to assess product suitability, adhesion and finish. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times.


Do not apply if there is a risk of rain, or when air / substrate temperatures are below 8℃ or the relative humidity is above 80% during application or drying periods. Protect from frost and rain until dry. Failure to meet these requirements may adversely affect the drying and protection properties of the preservative.

Initial Procedure

Ensure Sadolin Wood Preserver is thoroughly stirred before and during application. This product is ready to use straight from the tin and must not be thinned.


  1. Apply Sadolin Quick Drying Wood Preserver liberally with a good quality synthetic fibre brush or by short time immersion (dipping or deluging, for 3-10 minutes)
  2. End grains can be treated by brush application or by dipping in to the preservative until the timber is unable to absorb any more
  3. Allow to dry for a minimum of 24 hours
  4. Apply a second coat as above once the first has fully dried

Once dry, Sadolin Quick Drying Wood Preserver can be finished with a suitable Sadolin wood paint, stain or varnish.

21 customer reviews
As long as you are aware that this product is water-based and take precautions to avoid overloading your brush, this product does what it says on the tin - despite not being Ronseal! by John G

Nearly all of my log cabin has had the recommended 2 coats. Most of the interior has not been over-painted, so there will be areas which are easily monitored to see the effectiveness of the preserver.

Reviewed 2.5L on: 19/10/17
Quality paint by Mr S N Weaver

Quick delivery. Paint was easy to apply and gave a good finish. Dried really fast

Reviewed 2.5L on: 13/10/17
Very good service from wood services direct by Paul Melia

Excellent product. Goes on easily Would recommend

Reviewed 2.5L on: 27/06/17
Good quality brands by Mr Alex Leigh

great quality brands with in depth product knowledge.

Reviewed 2.5L on: 26/06/17
Great product by David King

Easy to apply and very easy to rinse brushes out

Reviewed 2.5L on: 08/10/16
Wishy Washy!! by Mr Karl Schafer

In all fairness the end result of this product was very good and one could see the results of your effort the following day. But as for putting it on, well, it would have been easier painting with water! Being so watery a lot was wasted and brushing it on overhead was a nightmare. You need to be covered from head to toe to prevent being covered in the stuff, plus the fact you had no indication of what had been covered. I had to make pencil marks as I went along to save me going over the same patch time after time.

Reviewed 2.5L on: 28/07/16
A note from us...

Hello mr Schafer,

It is a very watery product and application can be little on the messy side. I am sorry to hear that it was a problem for you and should you wish to discuss further please feel free to email me on wood

Kind regards Sam.

Excellent for treating new white wood by Richard Hewitt

Easy to use (apart from being near-invisible once it has been applied). Brushes clean easily in warm water. Touch dry in an hour or so (summer).

Reviewed 2.5L on: 22/07/16
As described sent promptly and well packed by Terry B

Sadolin products are always good in my experience

Reviewed 2.5L on: 10/07/16
Excellent product by Bennett

Love this product. Prompt delivery. Tin dented even though packaging fine but not pierced so did not affeCt product. My floor looks amazing!!!

Reviewed 2.5L on: 02/07/16
Does the job well by Fred Carroll

This product is like milky water but once applied dries clear and is a real good basecoat for the Durable Clearcoat. Be warned though, some waste.

Reviewed 2.5L on: 31/03/16
Covers well, and soaks in quickly, reasonably low fume levels by Paul Mahoney

Dries quickly, and the first coat, when dry, does not seem to impair the absorption of subsequent coats. Based on previous use, should protect for a long period.

Reviewed 2.5L on: 07/11/15
Good product by Dr Ronald C

Purchased to treat new soffit boards, did the job well, soaked well into the wood; applied two coats; easy to clean brushes.

Reviewed 2.5L on: 03/11/15
It's Sadolin so it works by Chris Farr

A great product that goes on easily. Its protecting my log cabin even before I get round to getting the top coat on. Good preparation should result in a long life.

Reviewed 2.5L on: 25/09/15
Easy to use and wash brushes out Soaks into the wood well by Graham Tutt

The old vertical boards lasted twenty five years. This time, I soaked the bottom eight inches for ten minutes to stop the end grain going rotten. Cant do better than that all followed with one coat before a coat of Classic. BELT and BRACES

Reviewed 2.5L on: 17/09/15
Application is fine, will need to wait a few years to see if it works by Scooter

Not much to say, it is easy to apply. Seems fine and dries more quickly than many others. Only gave 4 * as I've no idea how it will work in the long run.

Reviewed 2.5L on: 11/09/15
Very easy and efficient by Mr Ward

Very easy and efficient to use and I got exactly what I ordered and needed for a good price. Thanks.

Reviewed 2.5L on: 12/08/15
Good easy to use product by Graham Hall

It will stain patio slabs if you treat the timber and have some spillage

Reviewed 2.5L on: 08/08/15
Start with tis by S Anthony

Good base coat, very easy to apply, goes a long way.

Reviewed 2.5L on: 25/06/15
Works well by Anne Higgins

Does the job, a little runny especially when working overhead

Reviewed 2.5L on: 30/03/15
Brilliant product by Leon Wellman

Easy to apply. Great coverage and great finish.

Reviewed 2.5L on: 26/06/14