Osmo Country Colour

  4.9/5.0   290 reviews
You'll need enter area above for 2 coats (Recommended)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • A professional oil-based top coat for exterior and interior use
  • Extremely weather and UV-resistant for long term protection
  • Reduces shrinking, drying and swelling
  • Does not crack, peel, flake or blister
  • Natural oil formula allows wood to breathe whilst being water-repellent
  • Dries to an opaque, satin finish after 2 coats
  • Biocide-free, without preservatives
  • Low V.O.C content
Brand Osmo
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 26 per litre
Drying time 12 hrs
Size 5ml sample, 125ml, 750ml, 2.5L
MPN 2716S, 2310S, 2703S, 2607S, 2507S, 2704S, 2404S, 2204S, 2501S, 2735S, 2203S, 2606S, 2308S, 2708S, 2506S, 2311S, 2205S, 2742S, 2101S, 2716A, 2310A, 2703A, 2607A, 2507A, 2704A, 2404A, 2204A, 2501A, 2735A, 2203A, 2606A, 2308A, 2708A, 2506A, 2311A, 2205A, 2742A, 2101A, 2716C, 2310C, 2703C, 2607C, 2507C, 2704C, 2404C, 2204C, 2501C, 2735C, 2203C, 2606C, 2308C, 2708C, 2506C, 2311C, 2205C, 2742C, 2101C, 2716D, 2310D, 2703D, 2607D, 2507D, 2704D, 2404D, 2204D, 2501D, 2735D, 2203D, 2606D, 2308D, 2708D, 2506D, 2311D, 2205D, 2742D, 2101D
GTIN 4006850751464, 4006850751334, 4006850751419, 4006850751402, 4006850751389, 4006850751426, 4006850751358, 4006850751310, 4006850751365, 4006850751440, 4006850751303, 4006850751396, 4006850751327, 4006850751433, 4006850751372, 4006850751662, 4006850751655, 4006850751457, 4006850751297, 4006850743872, 4006850108732, 4006850880461, 4006850103935, 4006850110544, 4006850104208, 4006850103904, 4006850104406, 4006850879977, 4006850649914, 4006850103898, 4006850103942, 4006850104017, 4006850113071, 4006850108787, 4006850113118, 4006850107476, 4006850880911, 4006850878901, 4006850818921, 4006850827206, 4006850825455, 4006850825035, 4006850827817, 4006850825646, 4006850824618, 4006850826650, 4006850824823, 4006850828487, 4006850825837, 4006850825240, 4006850826230, 4006850827930, 4006850827428, 4006850828159, 4006850827091, 4006850828692, 4006850826049, 4006850819010, 4006850827305, 4006850825547, 4006850825134, 4006850827633, 4006850825738, 4006850824717, 4006850826759, 4006850824922, 4006850828579, 4006850825936, 4006850825349, 4006850826339, 4006850828036, 4006850827527, 4006850828258, 4006850826988, 4006850828791, 4006850826131

Osmo Country Colour is a very versatile, paint-like, opaque oil finish for use throughout the garden and home. Perfect for a wide range of projects, including wooden sidings and cladding, trim, clapboards (shutters), smooth fences, shakes, shingles, pergolas, summer houses, log cabins, boat houses, garden furniture, sheds and more.

Interior uses include wooden surfaces, stone and brick walls (not plaster) where a satin-matt, intensely coloured but microporous finish is desired.

You'll find plenty of useful guidance about picking the best wood stain colour in our blog. Happy hunting!

RAL colour matching: Please supply the specific shade reference number using this RAL chart in "Special Instructions" at checkout, allowing a minimum of 10 working days. Osmo RAL matched colours are made to order and are non-refundable.

The wood surface to be coated with Osmo Country Colour must be clean, dry and frost-free.

  • Old paints and varnishes must be fully removed with a suitable paint or varnish remover
  • Existing micro-porous finishes such as oils and stains need only be cleaned or lightly sanded prior to application of Osmo Country Colours
  • Fill any holes or gaps in the wood surface with a suitable wood filler
  • To revive wood that has greyed in the sun, use Osmo Wood Reviver Gel (6609)
  • If additional protection against blue stain, rot and insects is desired, pre-treat the wood if possible on all sides with Osmo WR Base Coat (4001)

Always do a test area before starting any project to check suitability and compatibility, and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times.

Be aware that rough sawn timber is more absorbent, meaning coverage per litre will be greatly reduced. Osmo Country Colour is ready to use straight from the tin, no thinning required. Stir well before and periodically when in use.

  1. Apply thinly and evenly along the wood grain with an Osmo Soft Tip Brush or Osmo Premium Microfibre Roller
  2. For exterior wood, apply first coat on all sides before installation for maximum protection
  3. Allow to dry in line with Product Information sheet
  4. After drying, apply a second coat, also thinly


For general renovation, apply a fresh coat of Osmo Country Colour thinly and evenly in the direction of the wood grain as and when required.

290 customer reviews
Easy to apply and goes a long way by Kenneth Falls

Light grey is a lovely colour and two thin coats on fresh wood looks great on my new summerhouse

Reviewed 2.5L, Light Grey - 2735 on: 26/05/18
Osmo German engineering at its best by Edward Vincent

Great product... expensive ... but then buy cheap buy twice... so if you want a great finish to last... well worth it

Reviewed 5ml sample, Cedar Redwood - 2310 on: 19/05/18
Fabulous product easy to apply and looks good by Pamela Waterman

I bought this to paint the door next to our garage door which is Anthracite Grey. It was easy to apply and I am very pleased with the result.

Reviewed 750ml, Anthracite Grey - 2716 on: 15/05/18
Excellent, durable, non-cracking treatment for exterior and interior wood by Nigel Watts-Plumpkin

Arrived badly damaged, but product was usable and no-fuss compensation policy meant a refund of 15%. Very good service.

Reviewed 2.5L, Charcoal - 2703 on: 08/05/18
Excellent product to use by Terry L Hyland

Osmo paints may be expensive but they last for years so save money in the long run and no peeling, wouldn’t use anything else

Reviewed 2.5L, Dusk Grey - 2704 on: 22/04/18
£70 for 2 5 L but it did the job Hope it lasts for at least 5 years by David Rumble

A bit expensive but quality product covered a large area.

Reviewed 2.5L, Dove Blue - 2507 on: 14/04/18
Great product and certainly meets the high expectation I had of it by Lee J Clarke

Having researched external paints for a cabin project in France I have finally used this and am not disappointed. Its coverage is excellent and once the second coat is applied it is a solid colour (on Douglas Fir cladding). As many have said, you pays your money and you make your choice. I am extremely pleased I swallowed the cost as this looks like it will live up to the hype. To round it off, Wood Finishes were very attentive and delivery expedited well (even though it was snowing at the time)

Reviewed 2.5L, Light Grey - 2735 on: 10/04/18
Osmo is a fantastic product great service from wood-finishes by Mrs K A Butler

fantastic product - Osmo is expensive but is so easy to use and goes a long way - definitely the best wood paint I have ever used - always buy it now for my sheds and use around the garden - including my beehives as it is eco friendly.

Reviewed 2.5L, Light Grey - 2735 on: 10/04/18
Best product i have used for timber cladding by Robin Charles Dryer

Easy to apply and gives a great finish

Reviewed 750ml, Charcoal - 2703 on: 09/04/18
So opaque brilliant by Gisele Rettie

Fantastic product for wood.The rains just run down from the painted surface.Highly recommanded.

Reviewed 2.5L, Light Grey - 2735 on: 30/03/18
Pricey, but once you've used it you'll never look back by Allan McCabe

Great coverage and easy to apply. I've used it on timber fascia and windows and have no complaints. You get what you pay for when it comes to exterior paint products

Reviewed 2.5L, Dark Brown - 2607 on: 29/03/18
Easy to use goes a long way by Kevin Gregory

Great finish white paint looks very clean

Reviewed 750ml, White - 2101 on: 18/03/18
Lovely green and easy to apply by Maureen Mann

Not cheap,but you get what you pay for.Covers well and will last longer than cheaper fence paint and would recommend wood finishes direct for their prompt service.

Reviewed 2.5L, Fir Green - 2404 on: 23/02/18
A great product by PATRICIA JUDSON

After buying new prefinished internal doors that were supposed to be a light grey finish but when fitted looked walnut colour I bought this product and after 3 coats of painting on and lightly removing with a lint free cloth I now have the coIour I was looking for, the doors look fabulous.

Reviewed 125ml, Light Grey - 2735 on: 12/02/18
Expensive but worth the money by Ben Hayes

Used this to cover a lot of featheredge on a new garage good coverage and finish although thinning is not advised it might be worth a try on the first coat

Reviewed 2.5L, Dusk Grey - 2704 on: 01/02/18
Great paint by Martin Giles

Used this on my shed. Great product, nice decent coverage and when dry it looks great.

Reviewed 2.5L, Fir Green - 2404 on: 28/01/18
Brushed on easily by S Adwick

Nice paint. Previously used the same paint and colour, 15 years ago. Lasted very well !

Reviewed 2.5L, Fir Green - 2404 on: 08/01/18
Osmo Wood Finish by Terence Coker

Bought just a sample, but I must say rather small in plastic, but did the job I wanted, good quality and colour match. This was to cover a small area left when I recently had new kitchen cupboard doors, the colour was very similar and covered the small area, so worth the money. Would recommend.

Reviewed 5ml sample, Light Grey - 2735 on: 28/12/17
Looks great by Kevin Stokoe

We used this on some cladding. We put on two coats and it looks great.

Reviewed 750ml, Traffic Grey - 2742 on: 10/12/17
Excellent by Rory Miln

Very impressive setup. Competitive on price. Prompt service. Flexible - one of the items wasn't in stock so they sent the main part of the order straight away and the last item later when it came in. They even telephoned to let me know that the last item had arrived and had been despatched. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend - I will be buying from them every time I need this sort of product in the future.

Reviewed 750ml, Ivory - 2204 on: 04/12/17