Wood Finishing Products

Wood Oils Wood Oils

A range of interior and exterior wood oils for any project and wood type. Choose from a range of traditional wood oils, Hardwax oils, wood oils with UV filters and more.

Wood Preservers Wood Preservers

Protect and preserve interior and exterior wood against wood rot, mould, algae, fungal growth, insect attack and more with these wood preservative treatments and woodworm killers.

Wood Stains Wood Stains

A versatile range of water and solvent based wood stains for wooden floors, furniture, decking and more. Choose from a range of popular wood tones to more exotic hues.

Wood Varnishes Wood Varnishes

Protect and preserve interior and exterior wood with the unrivalled protection of a wood varnish. Available in clear and coloured formulations to enhance the natural character of wood whilst providing a durable, long lasting finish.

Wood Waxes Wood Waxes

The traditional way to seal and protect interior wooden surfaces. These clear and coloured wood waxes provide a beautifully natural looking finish on furniture, floors, doors and more.

Cleaners Cleaners

Keep interior and exterior wooden surfaces looking their best with these concentrated or ready-to-use wood cleaners. Specially formulated and pH balanced for a variety of oiled, stained and varnished surfaces.

Other Popular Finishes

  Wood Paints

Opaque and transparent wood paints to customise and renovate throughout the home and garden.

  Wood Polishes
Revive, maintain or replenish your furnishings and floors with these top-notch polishes
A high-quality range of brushes, abrasives, rollers and accessories to work alongside our finishes
  Wood Fillers
From filler gels to ready-mixed wood fillers and wax filler sticks. Easy to use, quick to repair!
  Wood Glues
Keep it simple with the very best adhesives and bonding agents offering superior strength and hold.
  Wood Lacquers
A range of pigmented, water and solvent-based lacquers for commercial and trade
  Wood Primers
Ensure your varnish or lacquer achieves the very best finish with these cost-effective primers
Make light work of removing old finishes with these faithful, effective stripping products
  Wood Dyes
Concentrated coloured dyes to allow your own colour creation or use undiluted for a vibrant effect
High grade performance for effective cleaning of tools or thinning of compatible finishes