Wood Finishing Projects

Decking Treatments Decking Treatments 
Protect, colour or revive your decking with these high-quality decking oils, stains, wood preservers and cleaners.
Fence Treatments Fence Treatments 
Keep your fence performing its very best against the elements with these top-quality stains and preservers.
Shed Treatments Shed Treatments 
Protect, colour or revive your shed with these selection of value-for-money treatments.
Garden Furniture Finishes Garden Furniture Finishes 
Oils, cleaners and preservers to revive, restore and protect your wooden garden furniture.
Floor Finishes Floor Finishes 
Achieve a professional floor finish every time with these high-grade varnishes, wax oils and beautiful floor stains.
Door Finishes Door Finishes 
A bespoke range of oils, varnishes and stains ideally suited to interior and exterior doors, door frames and thresholds.
Furniture Finishes Furniture Finishes 
Customise your interior desks, chairs, wardrobes and lots more with these versatile furniture based finishes.
Worktop Finishes Worktop Finishes 
Trade-based varnishes and food-friendly oils perfect for home and trade environments alike.
Barn Finishes Barn Finishes 
A high quality range of oils, preservers and sealants to finish your barn without breaking the bank.
Sleeper Treatments Sleeper Treatments 
Revive, restore and protect your garden sleepers with these oils and preservers suitable for both old and new sleepers.
Summer House Treatments Summer House Treatments 
Give your Summer House the royal treatment with these top quality exterior finishes.
Log Cabin Treatments Log Cabin Treatments 
Update, maintain or revive your log cabin with these clear and colour oils and wood preservers.
Woodturning Finishes Woodturning Finishes 
Traditional finishes for all your woodturning needs in including lathe work to hand wittling.
Wall and Ceiling Paints Wall and Ceiling Paints 
Premium quality emulsions and vinyls to create a perfect finish for any room, from ultra matt to classy satin.
Guitar Finishes Guitar Finishes 
Spray-based varnishes and natural oils to develop a deep shine and lustre to your beloved instrument.
Cabinets Cabinets 
Update, maintain or makeover your interior cabinets. Ideal finishes for commercial and domestic use.
Joinery and Fixtures Joinery and Fixtures 
Protective, clear and coloured finishes for architrave, skirting, panelling, fireplaces and more.
Table Finishes Table Finishes 
A high-performance range of oils, stains, varnishes and lacquers offering durable, liquid resistant finishes.
Stair Finishes Stair Finishes 
An ideal range of oils, varnishes and stains for wooden stair treads, risers, hand rails and bannisters.
Window Finishes Window Finishes 
Treat those often neglected window frames to a bit of TLC with our range of superior protective oils and finishes.
Toy Friendly Finishes Toy Friendly Finishes 
A selection of easy to use wood treatments that are safe use on children toys and playware.
Cladding Coatings Cladding Coatings 
These finishes offer minimal maintenance whilst retaining the natural beauty of your exterior cladding.
Mould Treatments Mould Treatments 
Solve mould with our range of treatments