Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain

  4.9/5.0 (94 reviews)
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

Sadolin Extra is a durable woodstain suitable for all softwood and hardwood joinery including doors and windows. Its flexible nature and water repellancy provide long lasting protection.

For optimum durability on new wood, the use of Sadolin Classic Wood Protection as a base coat is recommended, particularly when treating hardwoods.

Touch dry within 5 hours, with a re-coat time of 12-24 hours. Not suitable for high-traffic areas such as decking.

Brand Sadolin
No. of coats 1-2
Coverage Up to 12 per litre
Drying time hrs
Size 1L, 2.5L
GTIN 5721147612417, 5721147670219, 5721147612110, 5721147610918, 5721147610512, 5721147670417, 5721147615715, 5721140067542, 5010131422683, 5721147610710, 5721147612516, 5721147670318

Perfect for a wide range of exterior wood projects including windows, doors and more. Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain dries to a semi-gloss finish.

Note: This product is not suitable for use on decking.

Dense exotic hard woods tend to contain a lot of natural oil. Hardwoods such as Teak, Ipe, Meranti and Balau must be thoroughly de-greased with methylated spirits prior to applying Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain.

Need extra hard-wearing wood stain? We talk about Sadolin's fabulous product in our special wood stain blog post.

Timber surfaces must be clean, dry and structurally sound. All traces of surface dirt and debris including mould, algae and fungi must be removed prior to application with a suitable product such as Barrettine Fungicidal Wash (Multicide). The moisture content of the wood should not exceed 18% prior to coating. Resinous deposits should be removed. Degrease any exposed bare timber surface by wiping with a cloth dampened with methylated spirits.

Knotting agents should not be used with Sadolin translucent woodstain systems.

Fillers specifically designed for use with exterior timber should be used for making good any minor surface defects, imperfections and open joints etc.

Only use non - ferrous screws, nails and fixings

New Timber

Timber that hasn't been pre-treated with a wood preservative should be treated with two liberal coats of clear Sadolin Quick Drying Wood Preserver paying particular attention to end grains. Allow 24 hours drying time between coats and before overcoating with 1 full coat of Sadolin Classic Wood Protection. Where possible, the wood preservative and base coat should be applied to all parts of the timber prior to fixing.

Do not apply if there is a risk of rain, or when air / substrate temperatures are below 8℃ or above 25℃, or if the relative humidity is above 80% during application or drying periods. Protect from frost and rain until dry. Failure to meet these requirements may adversely affect the drying, visual quality and durability of the finish.

Ensure product is thoroughly stirred before and during application, otherwise sheen and colour variations may be experienced. Sadolin Extra is supplied ready for use. Do not thin.

Sadolin Extra Durable should be applied in a full flowing coat ensuring all surfaces and end grains are fully coated. For best results use a good quality brush. Pay special attention to end grain, tops and bottoms of doors, and undersides of window sills. Following surface preparation and application of Sadolin Classic in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations (refer to the Sadolin Classic product information sheet for additional information). Finish with two full coats of Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain allowing a minimum of 16-24 hours drying between coats.

The need for maintenance is indicated by a lightening in colour, reduction in sheen as the coating erodes, and a loss of water repellence. All defective coatings should be completely removed / stripped. Any grey denatured exposed timber surfaces must be thoroughly sanded back to clean, bright timber. Organic growths must be removed and infected surfaces should be treated with a Fungicidal Wash. Remaining sound surfaces should be cleaned using a warm water and mild detergent and rinsed thoroughly with clean water. Bare timber should be patch primed with one or more coats of Sadolin Classic in the appropriate colour to match existing colour. On weathered / eroded surfaces apply a further coat of Sadolin Classic overall and allow to dry. Finish with 1 or 2 coats of Sadolin Extra Durable as required.

Clean brushes and equipment with a proprietary brush cleaner immediately after use. If spilled, Sadolin Extra should be removed immediately while still wet, using clean white spirit.

Ensure the tin is stored upright and secure at all times. Do not store where temperatures are likely to drop below 5℃ or exceed 40℃.

Q. Can Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain be used on decking?

A. Sadolin recommend that Extra Durable Woodstain is not used on decking due to its high surface build and shiny finish. This product is likely to wear quicker than a dedicated decking stain or oil and could pose a slip hazard. Sadolin products are better suited to wooden joinery such as window frames, doors and other vertical surfaces.

  • Touch dry : 4-6 hours.
  • Recoatable : 12-24 hours.

Note: Drying times are dependent upon absorption of timber and drying conditions. drying times will be extended in low temperatures and / or high humidity conditions.

94 customer reviews
A little goes a long way by Robert J

I hope it's formula is as durable as it used to be 16 years ago. I don't remember it being as thin and watery as this tin, having said that it went on easily and although it took a few days to fully dry it's a good gloss finish. A little of this goes a long way and I have most of the tin left, (should have bought a smaller tin)

Reviewed 2.5L, Natural on: 17/08/16
Does exactly what I required by Mr Payne

Have used this product previously and would do again.

Reviewed 2.5L, Redwood on: 13/08/16
Arrived ahead of schedule, properly packaged, perfect condition by Thomas Milne

Our 15 year old wooden conservatory was originally finished in mahogany Sadolin, and subsequent decoration has been in the same material, so it is a tried and trusted finish for us. This is the first time we have ordered it in line, and have to say we are delighted by the service and as pleased as ever with this durable, decorative and easy to apply wood finish.

Reviewed 2.5L, Mahogany on: 08/08/16
Top quality by Rick Smith

my builder ran out of this on the job so i ordered some to finish off the work, excellent quality stuff at a very good price

Reviewed 2.5L, Rosewood on: 06/08/16


Reviewed 2.5L, Jacobean Walnut on: 03/08/16
Easy to apply by Tony Rees

Good product a little expensive but worth it as it protects for a long time

Reviewed 1L, Natural on: 30/07/16
Great product, as always by Wayne Atkinson

Easy to use, great even coverage and long lasting weather protection.

Reviewed 2.5L, Mahogany on: 26/07/16
Love Sadolin by Heather Gage

Arrived promptly

Reviewed 2.5L, Rosewood on: 26/07/16
Easy to apply Good rich colour by Pauline Challen

Used Sadolin Extra to finish the exterior of a wooden garage. Had used Sadolin as a base coat a year or two had lasted so well, no fading, went on so easily that it had to be Sadolin for the top coat. Seemed pointless to waste money on cheaper products that would need extra coats.

Reviewed 2.5L, Dark Palisander on: 23/07/16
Extraordinary by John Campbell

This stuff just works! One or two thin coats,there is the colour you wanted,ready for a varnish coat. Other brands just do not do this.

Reviewed 2.5L, Burma Teak on: 20/07/16
Goes on very Smoothly and gives wood a lovely shine after 2 coats by Karin Evans

Have used this previously and although it does not specify garden furniture this is where I have used it most. Benches and table look brand new after a couple of coats.

Reviewed 2.5L, Redwood on: 06/07/16
A great buy by Ruth Longthorn

We always use Sadolin when staining garden furniture, fencing etc. and this colour is ideal for us. Would highly recommend.

Reviewed 2.5L, Jacobean Walnut on: 06/07/16
First class by Roz


Reviewed 1L, Teak on: 05/07/16
Easy to use by Ian Lee Evans

I've allways bought sadolin products and found them to be superior to other makes and this is no different once applied it lasts for years so it saves me time and money

Reviewed 2.5L, Dark Palisander on: 03/07/16
Excellent product by Donald Humphries

Sadolin Antique Pine has brought my summer house back to life. I would recommend it for other similar jobs.

Reviewed 2.5L, Antique Pine on: 02/07/16
No comment, product has not been used yet by Peter Bowling

Have used "Sadolin" before, good quality woodstain.

Reviewed 2.5L, Mahogany on: 02/07/16
I have re-ordered three times it is the only product for my sheds and outside doors nothing else will do by John Hobson

The best product for the job by far.

Reviewed 2.5L, Redwood on: 01/07/16
Excellent product delivered within a day of ordering and that was to Scotland by Colin MacKenzie

Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain is a great product which I have used on the house external woodwork for many years and can thoroughly recommend it.

Reviewed 2.5L, Rosewood on: 27/06/16
Looks Good and Lasts by Robert Osborn

Have three sets of BIG barn doors and over 30 odd years have used most things; but the one that goes on easy, looks good and lasts best is Sadolin. It ain't cheap but it does the job.

Reviewed 2.5L, Jacobean Walnut on: 27/06/16
Had used before so ordered again Brilliant service! by Donnie M MacLean

Great for patio furniture. Apply at least every two years.

Reviewed 1L, Natural on: 26/06/16

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