Sadolin Wood Fillers

Whether you have an interior or exterior wood project that needs filling, these wood fillers from Sadolin are perfect for the task. Available in both single and two pack formulas, they are effective at filling a wide range of surface defects and imperfections, big and small, prior to finishing with one of the many other Sadolin wood care products.

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  4.6/5.0  (9)
A premium quality filler for use on softwoods or hardwoods. Ideal for small repairs, minor surface defects and filling nail holes.
  • 2 hrs drying time
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Available in 250ml
  4.7/5.0  (5)
A high strength, two pack wood filler ideal for filling larger areas. Rapid curing and superb adhesion.
  • 30 mins drying time
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Available in 350ml