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  4.9/5.0  (175)
An all-in-one trigger activated spray mop for a quick, effortless way to clean wood floors.
  5.0/5.0  (40)
Replacement velcro-backed microfiber pad for the range of Bona Floor Mops.
  4.1/5.0  (8)
A synthetic, medium pile roller for the application of water-borne Bona lacquers. Attaches to Bona Roller Handle.
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Available in 120mm, 250mm
  4.6/5.0  (4)
A high quality, corrosive-resistant roller handle for use with all Bona roller sleeves and other compatible roller sleeves.
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Available in 12cm, 25cm
  5.0/5.0  (17)
Velcro-backed pad perfect for applying water-based finishes using the Bona system.
  4.9/5.0  (26)
The complete wood floor cleaning kit that Includes the bona floor mop, blue cleaning pad and floor cleaner spray.
  4.7/5.0  (8)
An effective and easy to use floor spray mop for streak-free cleaning of oiled wood floors.
  5.0/5.0  (26)
A swivel head and telescopic handle makes finishing and cleaning large floor areas a breeze.
  4.6/5.0  (3)
A flat bladed, rounded edge trowel for the professional application of floor oils, stains & other floor finishes.
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Available in 270mm, 350mm
  4.9/5.0  (6)
A handy floor spray mop for use on tile, laminate, stone and luxury vinyl tiles or LVT flooring.
  5.0/5.0  (3)
A ridged trowel for the application of Bona and other wood floor adhesives.
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Available in 180 x 150mm
  5.0/5.0  (1)
Designed for use with the Bona Microfiber Floor Mop. Attracts and lifts dust, pet hair, micro-particles and common household allergens.
  5.0/5.0  (3)
A sturdy mixing bottle with external markers. Perfect for mixing 2 component Bona Traffic lacquers.
  4.9/5.0  (5)
A foam and synthetic fibre sleeve for use with the Bona Swivel Head Applicator. Ideal for applying Bona lacquers.
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Available in 46cm
  5.0/5.0  (1)
A two-piece extension bar with bayonet connection for easy and secure attachment of Bona Applicators. No adaptor required.
  4.9/5.0  (3)
A synthetic applicator with handy swivel head for hard to reach areas. Ideal for applying Bona wood lacquers.
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Available in 46cm
A cleaning kit for use on laminate, stone, vinyl and tile floors. Effectively removes dirt and grime.
For the application of Bona Quantum and Quantum-T floor adhesives and DPM to ensure consistent coverage and thickness during application.
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Available in 170mm
A velcro-backed, deep clean microfiber pad for the range of Bona Floor Mops.