Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop

  4.8/5.0   137 reviews
  • An effective, all-in-one spray mop system for cleaning interior wooden floors
  • Box includes Spray Mop, 850ml refill cartridge and machine washable microfibre cleaning pad
  • Refillable cartridge contains ready-to-use floor cleaning solution
  • Extra wide 360 degree swivel head action, ideal for difficult to reach areas
  • Dries smear free, without the need to rinse
  • Environmentally friendly, pH neutral cleaner
Brand Bona
No. of coats 1
Coverage Up to 50 per litre
Drying time 20 mins
MPN CA201010011
GTIN 7312795240251

Bona Spray Mop comes complete with 850ml refill cartridge containing Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Solution and a washable microfibre cleaning pad.

Bona Mop Refills and Accessories

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The Bona Spray Mop comes in five sections that are easily assembled. Instructions are supplied on the box, as well as in the video below. The two handle pieces are connected by a green slide up sleeve. This is tight fitting and may require some force to click into place. Before cleaning, vacuum or sweep your floors to remove loose dirt and grit.

  1. Once assembled, pump the trigger until cleaning solution sprays from nozzle
  2. Spray mist onto soiled areas
  3. Move Bona Spray Mop over area to wipe clean
  4. For stubborn spots, rubber heel marks or sticky spills, spray mist then wait 3 minutes and wipe over with the floor mop

Please Note: Do not clean wooden floors with excessive water, steam cleaners or household cleaning products as these may cause damage to the floor finish. In the worst cases they may even cause damage to the flooring such as swelling or warping.


When the microfibre pad becomes soiled, replace with a clean one. Wash soiled pads at 60°C without fabric softener. Use Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop as needed, depending on household traffic.

Top tips for keeping floors looking their best:

  • Vacuum or sweep your floors regularly, once every week is recommended
  • Remove spills promptly
  • Don't let sand, dirt or grit build up as they can act like sandpaper, abrading and dulling your floor finish
  • Lay mats at exterior doors to trap sand and grit
  • Use rugs in high traffic pathways, at the ends of stairs and near doorways
  • Avoid rubber backing or non-ventilated rugs
  • Use protective pads or caps on furniture

Q. Can I use a steam mop for wooden floors?

A. We strongly recommend that steam mops should not be used on wooden floors. Steam cleaners can potentially damage or strip the floor finish, or worse, the floor itself. We recommend using the Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop as the cleaning solution is pH balanced and the microfibre head is kind to all types of floor finish.

137 customer reviews
An excellent wood floor cleaner very pleased by Mrs Christine Robinson

Transformed my wooden floor back to its glory. Very happy and reasonably priced. Promptly posted to me.

Reviewed on: 08/03/18
Makes floor cleaning easier by Kathryn Reynolds

I can't believe I've waited so long to buy this. I have tiled and wooden floors throughout my home and it halves the amount of time I need to clean. I see a big difference between this spray mop and a standard mop and bucket. So much cleaner!

Reviewed on: 07/03/18
So far so good by Stephanie Ayres

I have only used this mop once but it was easy to use and left a streak free finish as promised. However putting it together was not so easy, for some reason it just wouldn't push right in and click securely , I thought I was going to have to send it back. However, determined not to be beaten and having read a few other people had experienced similar problems, I persevered and used a bit of brute force and finally I heard the click. I didn't want to be too rough with it at first but it is tougher than it first appears. I am happy so far with the product.

Reviewed on: 27/02/18
The video is misleading, fitting the poles together is not as easy as you show it I had to ring your Co and was told to fit the mop first so extra pressure could be applied by Barrie Harbut

So far I am pleased with the results.

Reviewed on: 25/02/18
Good mop - cheaper than the Osmo by TW

Seems like the same mop as the Osmo - just cheaper!

Reviewed on: 23/02/18
Easy to use by Jane

This floor cleaner is easier to use than a mop and bucket and much more convenient. Bit tricky to assemble and can feel a bit rough on your hands if you use it for a long time, but leaves floors very clean, very quickly

Reviewed on: 22/02/18
So easy to use by Susan James

I love this mop - just brilliant on wood floors, they get really cleaned, dry fast and look polished. It took only minutes to do each floor and was really easy to use.

Reviewed on: 18/02/18
Great spray mop, probably the best you can buy by MH London

Great spray mop, probably the best you can buy.

Reviewed on: 31/01/18
The first mop I bought was broken but the company promptly sent me a replacement by Sc

works well so far but uses a lot of the cleaning fluid

Reviewed on: 26/01/18
Great by Mrs Sue Robinson

Convenient as it is always ready and easy to use. Does a brilliant job of cleaning the wooden floors with a great size mop head.

Reviewed on: 04/01/18
Very effective device by Iain Drummond

This mop is easy to assemble and use. The staff are efficient and pleasant. I would not hesitate to recommend.

Reviewed on: 21/12/17
Well worth the money by Jean Daintith

Easy to use and apply the product and it did a clean job on my wooden floor. Much easier than anything else that i have used.

Reviewed on: 13/12/17
The best mop I have ever used by Helen Clark

With a large area of engineered wood flooring to clean, this mop does the job really quickly leaving the floor to dry in minutes. It gets into the corners and under furniture. I also use it on a slate floor with the tile cleaner and it’s just as good on that.

Reviewed on: 26/11/17
Easy to use by Yolanda Leeland

Makes cleaning floors much easier and leaves them practically dry.

Reviewed on: 24/11/17
I love it!! by Mrs Maggie Dixon

Very sturdy, easy to use and floor looks great, would thoroughly recommend!

Reviewed on: 20/11/17
Cleans floors in a jiffy by Jennifer Rhone

Easy to use, makes fast work of floor cleaning, swivel head very useful

Reviewed on: 18/11/17
Fantastic by Jill B

Great product I now have lovely shiny floors with no effort

Reviewed on: 17/11/17
Fantastic For Wooden floors by Bernadette Farrell

Reviewed on: 29/10/17
Very easy to use by Mrs C Bray

This mop has a much larger cleaning head which covers a large area making the job so much quicker

Reviewed on: 05/10/17
Excellent and good quality by Seamus Liddy

Impressed and have used it in the children's bed rooms.

Reviewed on: 02/10/17
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