Bona Traffic HD 5L

  4.9/5.0   35 reviews
You'll need enter area above for 2 coats (Recommended)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • A two-part waterborne floor lacquer for heavy traffic environments
  • Extremely hard wearing meeting ÕNORM C 2354 Category C
  • Allows full traffic within 12 hours
  • Highly chemical, scratch and scuff resistant
  • Offers a clear, non-yellowing finish
  • Meets DIN norm 19 032 & BS 7044:1990 for slip resistance
  • Very low solvent content less than 5%
  • Very low odour
Brand Bona
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 10 per litre
Drying time hrs
Size 5L
MPN WT155946001, WT155646001, WT155346001
GTIN 7312792155930, 7312799215569, 7312799215538

Bona Traffic HD is widely used in hotels, restaurants and airports worldwide, where short downtime is essential and is part of Bona Floor Products Range for preparing, protecting and caring for commercial and domestic floors.

Please Note: Bona Traffic HD can also be used as a top coat over Bona Craft Oil 2K to produce beautifully stained, yet highly durable wooden floors.

Ensure that floors to be varnished are clean, dry and free from all traces of dust, dirt, grit, oil, wax and any other surface contaminates before application.

  • For filling gaps between floor boards and skirting boards, use Bona Gap Master
  • For filing holes, splits, dents and other surface imperfections, use Bona Mix and Fill

Preparation of pre-varnished floors

Bona Traffic HD will normally have very good adhesion to pre-varnished flooring, however, it is advisable to check the intercoat adhesion prior to overcoating. To check intercoat adhesion, apply a coat of Bona Traffic HD to a pre-prepared area. Allow the coating to set for 3 days then scratch the treated floor surface gently with a coin. If the Bona Traffic finish stays firmly attached to the surface, the adhesion is satisfactory and the main application can begin.

Preparation of wax, oiled or polished floors

Floors pre-treated with waxes, polishes or other similar products cannot be overcoated with Bona Traffic HD and should be fully sanded back to bare wood to at least 120 grit, then prime.

Bona Wood Primers

For application to bare floors we recommend using a wood primer, this reduces the required number of varnish coats, usually from 3 to 2, and can be more cost effective over large areas. Primers help with adhesion between the varnish and floor and can help with the colouration of the final finish.

Product Use
Bona Classic Primer A ready-to-use primer for use with the Bona range of floor varnishes
Bona Natural Primer Designed to preserve the impression of raw, untreated wood
Bona Intense Primer A 100% polyurethane based primer for finishes requiring better adhesion
Bona White Primer A high quality wood primer that creates a 'white-washed' effect on wood flooring
Bona Amber Primer Wood primer for oak and darker tropical species of wood. GreenGuard approved

Always do a test area before starting any project to check suitability and compatibility, consulting instructions on the container. If mixing smaller quantities of lacquer then pour the required amount of lacquer into a separate can.

Optimal application conditions are between 18-25℃ and 30-60% relative air humidity. High temperatures and low humidity shorten, low temperatures and high humidity lengthen drying time. Minimum temperature for use is 13℃.

  1. Add appropriate mix of hardener to the lacquer
  2. Shake immediately for a minimum of 1 minute
  3. Insert filter ready for pouring
  4. Apply with a smooth flowing action, avoiding build up
  5. Apply 1 or 2 coats according to preparation guidelines

Drying times: 2-3 hrs ready for re-coating, 24 hours for light use, 7 days for full hardness

Where a longer drying time is required due to high temperature and/or low humidity, Bona Retarder can be added to the varnish to increase the 'open time' of the product.

Applying Bona Traffic HD

Product Description
Bona Applicator Sleeve 46cm applicator sleeve that is used in conjunction with the Bona Swivel Head Applicator, a specialist floor applicator for professional floor finishers.
Bona Lacquer Roller A synthetic, medium pile roller for the application of Bona varnishes and used in conjunction with the Bona Roller Handle
Bona Extension Bar Handy extension pole that can be used with the Bona Swivel Head Applicator and Bona Lacquer Roller

Regular Cleaning

Lacquered floors should be dry swept or vacuumed on a regular basis to remove surface particles of grit, dirt and small stones that could scratch or mark the surface. Wooden floors should never be saturated with water or cleaned with household detergents or cleaners, as part of a regular cleaning routine, as these could significantly reduce longevity and performance of the floor varnish.

For more thorough cleaning and to remove surface scuffs and other marks, Bona have a range of pH-balanced floor mops and cleaners for the job. For regular cleaning the pre-mixed, ready-to-go formulas provide a quick solution whilst the concentrated products are good for scale of economy and deeper cleaning requirements.

Bona Floor Mops and Floor Cleaners

Product Description
Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop An easy to use spray mop with changeable Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Cartridge
Bona Microfiber Floor Mop An easy to use floor mop with changeable, washable, Velcro backed Microfiber Cleaning Pads
Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit An everyday floor cleaning system for all types of interior wooden floors
Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Spray An everyday floor cleaner in a conveinient 1Ltr trigger spray bottle
Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Refill Handy 4Ltr refill for topping up Bona Spray Mop Cartridges and Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Trigger Spray bottle
Bona Cleaner Concentrate A concentrated version of Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. Add water to clean up to 2,000 square meters of flooring per liter of concentrate

Bona Traffic HD Renovation

To restore the appearance of Bona Traffic HD that has become dull or covered in minor scratches, the following products can be used.

Product Description
Bona Freshen Up A ready-to-use, waterborne maintenance coating to refresh the appearance of Bona Traffic HD
Bona Polish Creates a durable wear layer for previously varnished floors. Available in both a Matt and Gloss finish
Bona Wood Floor Polish A ready-to-use, water-borne maintenance coating for previously varnished or painted wooden floors
Bona Wood Floor Refresher A ready-to-use, water-borne maintenance coating for previously varnished or painted wooden floors


For maintenance and long term protection of the surface, floors can be overcoated at intervals with additional coats of Bona Traffic HD in accordance with the manufacturer's technical instructions.

35 customer reviews
Does what it says in the TDS by Peter Matthews

Superb product . Managed one cost of primer and two of Traffic HD in 6 hours. Dried Matt and did not colour my teak floor. Hope it lasts as expected.

Reviewed 5L, Extra Matt on: 20/02/18
Excellent coating by Nigel Cridland

Only had it down a few weeks, but shows no damage in domestic situation. Need to be careful not to let dry before applying adjacent coat 9as instructions) or interface shows clearly. great at filling small dips & cracks, excellent coverage on my sanded floor when used with Bona Classic Primer. Would definitely use again despite quite high price - it can't be beaten!

Reviewed 5L, Silk Matt on: 31/01/18
Great product by Mrs J Evans

Gives a nice finish. Isn’t slippy. Would use it again.

Reviewed 5L, Silk Matt on: 21/11/17
Looks great -- gentle sheen by Debra Freechild

This claims to be suitable for serious heavy traffic and is used in commercial and public spaces. I'm expecting to not need to be re-sanded and seal for at least 15 years in my living room/kitchen -- ask me a gain in 15 years how well its done. Looks great for now, and seems to resist dirt -- which is a serious bonus.

Reviewed 5L, Silk Matt on: 09/11/17
Perfect finish by Trevor Davies

Produces a slight sheen effect which looks great in sunshine and electric lighting; easy to apply and the fast drying time means coats can be applied within hours

Reviewed 5L, Silk Matt on: 16/10/17
Excellent by Mr D Kozul

So far so good, but we need time to see how it performs

Reviewed 5L, Silk Matt on: 03/02/17
Scheptical but pleasantly surprised by Stephen Walsh

Two part mix but basically mix up what you need, 300g of Bona Traffic and 30g of the activator did around three to four square meters with a roller, kitchen timer on for four hours and its done, second coat the day after and the third has yet to be applied but so far its very good, looks nice and the sheen is just nice, was sceptical but I'm now pleased that I used this product.

Reviewed 5L, Silk Matt on: 15/11/16
Really easy to use by Benjamin Adey

Easy to use, quick drying and I love the finish

Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 09/11/16
Excellent product by Fergus Goodson

Great finish very even and easy to apply, will definitely come back to Wood finishes direct when i need more.

Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 08/09/16
The bees knees by Angel Sedgwick

Easy to apply, perfect finish and hard as nails. We used it on floor boards that were put down circa 1850 and it worked extremely well.

Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 02/06/16
Great by Mike Wheeler

used on a wood laminate floor to seal to make it harder for a very nice old lady to stop her slipping with he walker

Reviewed 5L, Silk Matt on: 09/12/15
Great product by Michael Weatherley

Good advice from the technical phone line and it does exactly what it says on the bottle. It also goes a long way.

Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 16/11/15
Fast efficient delivery by A Hoey

Product just as described and delivered on time

Reviewed 5L, Silk Matt on: 09/11/15
Like Ronseal - it does what is says on the tin! by Stuart Hobday


Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 10/09/15
Good product but poor support from Bona by Andrew O'Sullivan

Very easy to apply but poor support from Bona when I sanded the first coat and encountered issues.

Reviewed 5L, Extra Matt on: 06/09/15
Quality product, easy to apply, no fumes, clean the brush in water by David Martin

The instructions that come with the two 5 litre containers are easy to understand. The Traffic hardener bottle is clearly marked to add the correct amount of hardener to the Bona Traffic HD Silk Matt floor varnish.

Reviewed 5L, Silk Matt on: 25/06/15
I love this product and hope it is as hard wearing as the last traffic product I used by Elizabeth Poole

Would like it to be sold in smaller quantities but the finish is wonderful.

Reviewed 5L, Silk Matt on: 11/06/15
Easy on, tough as nails by Dusan Cosic

Bob on. Easy to apply by brush roller or squeegee. Would use again without hesitation, very tough so far. Leave for a week to harden though!

Reviewed 5L, Silk Matt on: 10/05/15
The best of its type on the market by Ken Brady

Easy to mix and apply - great hard-wearing finish

Reviewed 5L, Silk Matt on: 12/03/15
Great product by Gail Pilkington

2 coats applied after the primer. Good coverage

Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 10/03/15

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