Manns Extra Tough Interior Varnish

  4.8/5.0 (191 reviews)
2 coats = Good protection
Total: enter area
3 coats = Excellent protection
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

  • A clear, water-based varnish for interior wooden surfaces, including table tops and furniture
  • Specifically manufactured to achieve superior durability
  • Equal in performance to Bona Mega
  • Available in 4 non-yellowing sheen levels
  • Enhances the wood grain and its natural colour
  • Antibacterial properties make it especially suited for kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Can also be used on children's wooden toys
  • Very low odour
Brand Manns
No. of coats 2-3
Coverage Up to 10 per litre
Drying time hrs
Size 100ml Sample, 1L, 5L
MPN 8MA/999A, 8MA/999B, 8SM/999A, 8SM/999B, 8SA/999A, 8SA/999B, 8GL/999A, 8GL/999B
GTIN 5060403898371, 5060403890429, 5060403890504, 5060403898388, 5060403890436, 5060403890511, 5060403898395, 5060403890412, 5060403890498, 5060403898401, 5060403890443, 5060403890528

Manns Extra Tough Varnish can be tinted using our compatible water-based wood dyes. These dyes will keep the varnish looking translucent, making it ideal for matching different woods or simply tinting the surface of the wood you are working on.

Sheen level increases with additional coats, i.e. 3 coats of Matt will achieve a higher sheen level than 2 coats.

Please Note: This product was previously called "Manns Extra Tough Varnish". We recommend Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish for any hard or softwood flooring, and for commercial grade protection on flooring Manns Extra Tough Pro Floor Varnish.

Ensure that wooden surfaces are clean, dry, and free from any previous finishes such as waxes, old varnish or wood oils prior to applying Manns Extra Tough Interior Varnish.

  • It is recommended that new wood is wiped down with a good quality white spirit to remove any grease, dirt and other contaminants from the wood surface
  • Freshly sanded wood should be cleaned thoroughly to remove all traces of sanding dust, dirt and debris

Always apply a test coat before starting any project to test compatibility and consistency of the final finish. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the container at all times.

  1. Manns Extra Tough Interior Varnish can be applied with a brush, microfibre roller or spray applied through most electric and compressor-based spray systems
  2. For interior surfaces such as doors, architraves, picture frames, chairs and other low wear areas, 2 coats of varnish will be sufficient
  3. For higher traffic areas, such as table tops, 1 coat of Manns Extra Tough Primer followed by 2 coats of varnish should be applied, or alternatively 3 straight coats of varnish

Regular Cleaning

Wooden surfaces coated with Manns Extra Tough Interior Varnish can be cleaned on a day to day basis with a damp, lint-free cloth or mop (for wooden floors). For marks and scuffs use a dedicated wood cleaner. Varnished surfaces should never be saturated with large amounts of water, as this can damage the finish.

191 customer reviews
Easy application, looks smart by Khan

I chose the satin finish and I'm seriously pleased with the result on some new oak veneer doors from Wickes and Travis Perkins. It dried quickly allowing me to do a couple of coats in an evening. The varnish was easy to work with and washed off the roller and brush easily. I will need more when I finish off the extension and will happily buy the same again!

Reviewed 5L, Satin on: 19/05/17
To coin a phrase, does as it says on the tin by George Cullen

work still in progress but i am pleased with results so far.

Reviewed 100ml Sample, Satin on: 16/05/17
Great varnish by Igor Gois

We use this varnish on a regular basis to do floors, gives streak free results & dries very quick! If any streaks are left over we buff off then apply an additional coat - resulting in a flawless finish. 10/10 will happily continue to purchase this product!

Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 15/05/17
We spray this product via a HVLP unit ,superb finish by Chris Caplin

We spray this product via an HVLP turbine,superb finish

Reviewed 5L, Satin on: 15/05/17
Sprayed well giving a nice finish by David Moorley
Reviewed 5L, Satin on: 14/05/17
Very good by Robert Martinez

Goes on easy and leaves a lovely finish

Reviewed 100ml Sample, Satin on: 05/05/17
Does what it says on the tin by Nicola Marriott

Was having trouble with the chalk paint I was using on our kitchen cabinets - it kept peeling /scratching off when knocked. Used this varnish which has not only stopped the paint chipping off but has left a nice finish to the cabinets which looks great. It's easy to put on and dries fairly quickly. Would recommend - will be buying more for the next lot of furniture we do up!

Reviewed 1L, Gloss on: 25/04/17
Very easy to use lovely finish by Bridgit Fairhurst

gives a really nice matt finish. have used on dining table and kitchen windowsill. looks great and seems very hard wearing against spills etc

Reviewed 1L, Matt on: 23/04/17
Great finish on new oak doors by Lucinda Page

Great finish on new oak doors

Reviewed 1L, Matt on: 19/04/17
Easy to use and apply by J W Electricals

Everything I was looking for, a good clean natural looking finish.

Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 14/04/17
Fantastic product by David Haydon

A great product. We needed several coats of this on our basin unit to protect from watermarks and drops (4) and we still have plenty left to use on other things if needed.

Reviewed 1L, Matt on: 10/04/17
Great by Len Hughes

very good

Reviewed 1L, Matt on: 06/04/17
See above by Mr M Matthews

See above

Reviewed 1L, Satin on: 02/04/17
Easy to apply by Mr M Matthews

Only time will tell its effectiveness, but it looks good a few days after application - indoors on doors, skirting sand sills

Reviewed 5L, Satin on: 02/04/17
Nice and Easy! by Mr D S McManus

Goes on a treat, using the foam brushes. good finish after just two coats.

Reviewed 5L, Satin on: 01/04/17
Problem free by Derek Campbell Heather

I used this in a small compressor paint gun and it was effortless. It needed no thinning , and the gun cleaned out easily with clean water and a little dishwasher liquid. With repeated use there was no gumming up of the spray gun. Time between spraying was minimal. The finish is excellent and has proved durable as it is used on the drum shells which do get a bit battered.

Reviewed 5L, Gloss on: 31/03/17
Brilliant!! faultless product easy to apply perfect finish by John Coombes

i have used this varnish on two projects and unlike other water based varnishes this really is a high gloss finish even with a brush it leaves a smooth finish again not like other water based varnishes!! I would not use anything else from now on

Reviewed 1L, Super Gloss on: 25/03/17
Gives a good finish by Geoff Hope

Good product and easy to use

Reviewed 1L, Gloss on: 16/03/17
Really easy to use by Sophie Lehane

Have used this for my internal doors, found it really easy to use, dries really quick and you can coat again after 2 hours.

Reviewed 1L, Satin on: 16/03/17
Great product by Derrick Milby
Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 14/03/17

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