Manns Extra Tough Interior Varnish

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2 coats = Good protection
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3 coats = Excellent protection
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

Manns Extra Tough Varnish is a clear, water-based varnish that has been specifically manufactured to achieve superior durability on interior wooden surfaces including table tops and furniture.

Very low odour, available in 4 non-yellowing sheen levels. Sheen increases with additional coats. i.e. 3 coats of matt will have a higher sheen level than 2 coats.

Please Note: This product was previously called "Manns Extra Tough Varnish". We recommend Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish for any hard or softwood flooring.

Brand Manns
No. of coats 2-3
Coverage Up to 10 per litre
Drying time 1h 30m
Size 100ml Sample, 1L, 5L
GTIN 5060403898371, 5060403898388, 5060403898395, 5060403898401


Equal in performance to Bona Mega, Manns Extra Tough Clear Polyurethane Varnish will enhance the wood grain and its natural colour. This Varnish can also be tinted using our compatible water-based wood dyes. These dyes will keep the varnish looking translucent, making it ideal for matching different woods or simply tinting the surface of the wood you are working on.

This product has anti-bacterial properties making it especially ideal for use on kitchen and bathroom floors and furniture. Can also be used on children's wooden toys.

Note: For flooring - Use Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish or for commercial grade protection on flooring Manns Extra Tough Pro Floor Varnish.


Prior to applying Manns Extra Tough Clear Varnish, ensure that wooden surfaces are clean, dry, and free from any previous finishes such as waxes, old varnish or wood oils.

It is recommended that new wood is wiped down with a good quality white spirit to remove any grease, dirt and other contaminates from the surface of the wood. The prepared surface will then be ready for coating with Manns Extra Tough Clear Varnish.

Freshly sanded wood should be cleaned thoroughly to remove all traces of sanding dust, dirt and debris.


This product is very easy to apply with a brush or microfibre roller. Can also be sprayed through most electric spray systems as well as compressor based spray systems.

For interior surfaces such as doors, architraves, picture frames, chairs and other low wear areas, 2 coats of varnish will be sufficient. For higher traffic areas such as table tops 1 coat of Manns Classic Primer followed by 2 coats of varnish or alternatively, 3 straight coats of varnish.


Manns Extra Tough Clear Polyurethane Varnish can be cleaned on a day to day basis with Manns Surface Cleaner and a damp cloth or mop. varnished surfaces should never be cleaned with large amounts of water.


Clean off tools using warm water or methylated spirits before dry. If cleaning with warm water, a small amount of detergent can be used if required.


This product stores best when kept at temperatures above 4℃ and below 28℃. As with most water-based products, avoid temperatures below zero or the water content of the product will freeze. Keep container tightly closed and store in a well-ventilated area. If stored in the correct conditions, Mann's Extra Tough Clear Varnish will keep for at least a year


  • In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Drying Times

A medium coat of extra tough clear varnish will be touch dry within 1-2 hour, and can be recoated after 2 hours. We recommend a minimum curing time of 24 hours before using the surface as normal.

124 customer reviews
Does what it says by David Hornby

Bought this product to re varnish the bathroom floor, it was easy to apply and dried pretty quick between coats to leave a nice finish.

Reviewed 1L, Gloss on: 24/07/16
Great Product by Jo Snead

Easy to use, has brought out the grain on the wood very nicely. Would definitely use again

Reviewed 1L, Matt on: 23/07/16
It worked great! by Anthony Downie

Left my table looking great! Really pleased with how it came out.

Reviewed 1L, Gloss on: 21/07/16
Totally Blown Away by Mark Turner

I'm new to varnishing & was extremely worried about it bubbling after application. Well I need not have bothered worrying. I applied this using a mini varnish roller & it worked a dream. I worked so hard so it would have a good finish & this gave it a superb finish on my melamine cupboard doors & draws. Exactly how I envisioned it. I did lightly sand apart from the penultimate coat and did 3-4 coats on each door. I even used a hairdryer between applications to quicken up the drying process but to be honest with you it dries pretty quick anyway.

Reviewed 1L, Gloss on: 19/07/16
Excellent water-based varnish, easy to apply, minimal darkening of the light oak wood door, good finish and easy to wash the brush! by Stephen

Used to varnish nine Wickes light oak 3 panel interior doors. The choice of Manns Matt varnish has proved the right decision. Easy to apply the 3 coats using 180 grit finishing pads prior and between applications has rendered a slight seeping of the natural wood colour and provided a protective natural finish. Fast drying, needs swift application but easy to apply 3 coats in a day! I purchased the volume recommended by the company but with these doors I have only needed half of that volume.

Reviewed 1L, Matt on: 16/07/16
Great interior varnish by Jason Lea

Purchased for test on Vufold oak interior bifold door set. Tester looks great ( denibbed with 320 between coats)and contractor has been instructed to use this product from wood finishes direct. Customer team were fantastic with response and advice.

Reviewed 100ml Sample, Matt on: 15/07/16
Great interior varnish by Jason Lea

Purchased for test on Vufold oak interior bifold door set. Tester looks great ( denibbed with 320 between coats. Will be using the Matt finish. Customer team were fantastic with response and advice.

Reviewed 100ml Sample, Satin on: 15/07/16
Lovely finish no smell to speak of by Richard Ellis

Put 4 or 5 coats on old oak coffee table and it looks wonderful. 1st coat bought the grain up a bit but after that it was fine.

Reviewed 1L, Satin on: 23/06/16
Supberb by John Campbell

This varnish seems unusual to me.You splosh it on-good finish.No smell. Quick dry,lasts for ever! Extraordinary!

Reviewed 1L, Satin on: 22/06/16
The perfect varnish, doesn't change colour of wood applied to by Malcolm Innes

I wanted a varnish that wouldn't change the colour of the wood as every other varnish i'd frustratingly tried and this is the one .. we now use it everywhere and on multi surfaces, there is something about this varnish that once you use it you'll use nothing else .. it's tough, super quick drying, non yellowing, retains original colour beneath, so much so you wouldn't even know it was applied. just buy it. i'm on my 12th 5ltrs.

Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 20/06/16
Good product very easy to use by Mark Bond

I have applied this product by brush & spray gun both practices give a good finish. Always apply 3 coats & you will not go wrong. The varnish when fully dry is tough & durable. Company very easy to deal with over the phone or on line with good delivery times. I have recommended Wood Finishes Direct to many of my clients.

Reviewed 5L, Satin on: 17/06/16
Not durable or waterproof by David Pool

I am very disappointed with this product. I followed the instructions when applying to a reclaimed hardwood floor (four coats). Water spills on it show up immediately although they do dry eventually but a smear of olive oil has left a permanent stain on the wood . It's almost as if the finish isn't waterproof. I'm not happy.

Reviewed 5L, Satin on: 31/05/16
A note from us...

Hello David,

That doesn't sound right at all, would you be able to email me at with some phots and details of preparation and application of the varnish. And hopefully we can help to rectify the issues that you are having.

Kind regards Sam.

Fast delivery did what it said and not to badly priced by T Thomson

Good stuff nice and tough

Reviewed 5L, Super Gloss on: 30/05/16
Easy to apply Coverage not quite as good as expected by Graham Maitland

Great product. Miscalculation of the coverage has more to do with my wife's requirement for a second coat all round.

Reviewed 1L, Satin on: 22/05/16
Great product by Steve Hancock

Goes on easy leaves a great finish

Reviewed 1L, Matt on: 21/05/16
Couldn't be happier by David Howell

Used with Howdens Dordogne oak doors. The doors were initially rubbed over with a 220 grit paper before the first coat and as it's water based, the first coat does raise the grain slightly to give a rough feel to the doors. A very light rub over with 320 grit removes this and a second coat applied. The varnish is incredibly easy to apply and leaves no brush marks and really does highlight the lovely grain of the wood. 1L is enough for 2 doors with 2 coats with a bit left over for about one side of a third. Thoroughly recommended.

Reviewed 1L, Satin on: 16/05/16
Good product easy to use by Steve Page

Good consistency product easy to use and clean up nice finish and a good price

Reviewed 1L, Satin on: 28/04/16
Easy to use Great finish by Simon Hall

Easy to apply. Superb finish.

Reviewed 1L, Satin on: 22/04/16
Great varnish and easy to apply by Sally Hayes

I read other reviews for this product and am pleased to say the good reviews were right. I used it on oak doors and I wanted a clear varnish that was easy to apply. This went on easily with no drips and has a finish similar to the original doors. I was very pleased with it.

Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 22/04/16
Easy to use and excellent results obtained every time by Paul Cave

This product is easy to use and gives a good result. Working with school aged children it is important to implement issues with regards to Health and Safety and not like other solvent based varnish products the issues are minimal. Well worth trying in the home to obtain the same standard of finish without the odours of solvents.

Reviewed 1L, Gloss on: 15/04/16

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