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Manns Extra Tough Interior Varnish

  88 customer reviews
Good protection 2 coats
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Excellent protection 3 coats
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not "per coat" amounts.

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88 reviews

Manns Extra Tough Varnish is a clear, water-based varnish that has been specifically manufactured to achieve superior durability on interior wooden surfaces including table tops and furniture.

Very low odour, available in 4 non-yellowing sheen levels. Sheen increases with additional coats. i.e. 3 coats of matt will have a higher sheen level than 2 coats.

Please Note: This product was previously called "Manns Extra Tough Varnish". We recommend Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish for any hard or softwood flooring.


Equal in performance to Bona Mega, Manns Extra Tough Clear Polyurethane Varnish will enhance the wood grain and its natural colour. This Varnish can also be tinted using our compatible water-based wood dyes. These dyes will keep the varnish looking translucent, making it ideal for matching different woods or simply tinting the surface of the wood you are working on.

This product has anti-bacterial properties making it especially ideal for use on kitchen and bathroom floors and furniture. Can also be used on children's wooden toys.

Note: For flooring - Use Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish or for commercial grade protection on flooring Manns Extra Tough Pro Floor Varnish.


Prior to applying Manns Extra Tough Clear Varnish, ensure that wooden surfaces are clean, dry, and free from any previous finishes such as waxes, old varnish or wood oils.

It is recommended that new wood is wiped down with a good quality white spirit to remove any grease, dirt and other contaminates from the surface of the wood. The prepared surface will then be ready for coating with Manns Extra Tough Clear Varnish.

Freshly sanded wood should be cleaned thoroughly to remove all traces of sanding dust, dirt and debris.


This product is very easy to apply with a brush or microfibre roller. Can also be sprayed through most electric spray systems as well as compressor based spray systems.

For interior surfaces such as doors, architraves, picture frames, chairs and other low wear areas, 2 coats of varnish will be sufficient. For higher traffic areas such as table tops 1 coat of Manns Classic Primer followed by 2 coats of varnish or alternatively, 3 straight coats of varnish.


Manns Extra Tough Clear Polyurethane Varnish can be cleaned on a day to day basis with Manns Surface Cleaner and a damp cloth or mop. varnished surfaces should never be cleaned with large amounts of water.


Clean off tools using warm water or methylated spirits before dry. If cleaning with warm water, a small amount of detergent can be used if required.


This product stores best when kept at temperatures above 4℃ and below 28℃. As with most water-based products, avoid temperatures below zero or the water content of the product will freeze. Keep container tightly closed and store in a well-ventilated area. If stored in the correct conditions, Mann's Extra Tough Clear Varnish will keep for at least a year


  • In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Drying Times

A medium coat of extra tough clear varnish will be touch dry within 1-2 hour, and can be recoated after 2 hours. We recommend a minimum curing time of 24 hours before using the surface as normal.

Manns Extra Tough Interior Varnish reviews

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 88 reviews.
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Good and Easy to Use by Richard Smith

Came in a good strong 5L container, low odour, quick drying seems easy to get a good finish. Only time will tell about durability!

Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 27/01/16
Good by Mike Martin

Easy to apply with roller, but definitely needs 3 coats on softwood . Low build but nice finish on 3rd coat.

Reviewed 1L, Matt on: 14/01/16
Great product, great service by Gian Rothwell

Produces a great finish. Also very economical if thinned a little (with water) when used in an airbrush

Reviewed 1L, Super Gloss on: 30/12/15
Easy to use and good finish by Paul Barnes

Very good product and would recommend.

Reviewed 1L, Matt on: 11/12/15
Excellent - great product no nasty chemicals by Ruth Symister

As mentioned in review of Manns primer. This product gives tough finish and makes wood look beautiful. Applied with a roller- did 3 coats with light sand in between each. No nasty fumes and so easy to apply. Will definitely buy again.

Reviewed 5L, Satin on: 09/12/15
Easy to use, great finish by Sarah

This varnish is great to use, it goes on really easily and dries to a professional finish, would definitely use again.

Reviewed 1L, Satin on: 08/12/15
Excellent product by T Hefford

Excellent for bringing out the grain of light oak without darkening it. good application rate - a little goes a long way and need for only two coats is labour-saving. Effect on new wood is hardly noticeable after one coat but second coat really brings out the grain.

Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 25/11/15
Easy to apply, smooth, tough satin finish by Paul Davies

Product was extra tough interior satin varnish. It is quite liquid and the instructions advise that first coat should be liberal. I used it on a well prepared, new wood surface - pippy oak. The first coat did a great job of sealing the surface and three subsequent coats were added with a light de-nibbing between each coat using steel wool. Superb smooth finish. Hard and really brings out the grain and character of the wood. Thoroughly recommended, a superb product - so much better than the Ronseal varnishes.

Reviewed 1L, Satin on: 14/11/15
Easy to apply, lovely finish by Angela Hutchinson

Bought this as advised by woodfinishesdirect. It's perfect for our oak veneer doors, doesn't yellow them like other varnishes or oils. Easy to apply with brush, re purchased more as such a good product.

Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 04/11/15
Excellent product by Lyndon Powell

I used this on oak veneered doors,was really easy to use,covered well lovely finish would highly recommend this product,am about to order more for the rest of my doors.

Reviewed 1L, Matt on: 28/10/15
Does the job! by David Hutchinson

I've used it on one oak door so far. Gives a good finish with virtually no brush marks. Sanded the door thoroughly to get a good smooth surface and I found just the one coat gave me the finish I was looking for. Does the job!

Reviewed 1L, Satin on: 04/10/15
First class product by Terry

I had used the Saturn varnish before and was very pleased. This time I wanted to varnish over some real wood bamboo flooring and choose super gloss.The great thing about this water based varnish is it has very little smell and it is touch dry in 30 minutes.l applied 2 coats and was pleased with the is not slippery and has shown no sign of wear or scratches. I have used it over white plainted window sills and radiator covers to protect from scratches and l like the deep gloss finish which is much easier to clean now. You will not go far wrong with this very tough varnish

Reviewed 1L, Super Gloss on: 25/09/15
Incredible glossy finish by Helen Killen

After two coats this varnish covered really well and the gloss finish looked lovely!

Reviewed 1L, Gloss on: 16/09/15
Excellent! by Karen Lynch

Very easy to apply, quick drying, good tough nearly matt finish - love it!

Reviewed 1L, Matt on: 14/09/15
This is an excellent product which is easy to use by Robert Selby

I used this product in conjunction with the water based wood dyes and after four coats obtained an almost perfect finish. The varnish dries quickly which allowed 3 coats in one day with rubbing down between coats.

Reviewed 1L, Super Gloss on: 09/09/15
Very high shine by Lois

Provides a higher shine than water-based acrylic. Easy to use. Environmentally friendly. Arrived quickly.

Reviewed 1L, Super Gloss on: 20/08/15
I`m sceptical about water based varnishes but this surpassed my expectations by Antony Hyde

Bought this to refinish a coffee table. My daughter had a small table she had painted in white acrylic. She wanted a harder wearing finish on the top,so we flatted the paint and gave it two coats of satin,it gave an excellent finish. I then did the table I had originally bought it for.It was solid pine. I sanded it down,did three coats by roller as per instructions and now have a table that looks brand new.

Reviewed 1L, Satin on: 08/08/15
Great product by Pat Mayor

Used this product twice now, and it was as good this time as when I used it before. Easy to apply and leaves a lovely finish. Used on an oak dining table, and gave 4 coats. Really shows off the oak grain.

Reviewed 1L, Matt on: 27/07/15
Used to finish table tops by Kathrin Davies

Great product. I didn't like to use varnishes before, but this one is easy to use and produces a good finish. It dries very quick and doesn't smell, so it is great for using in the house. I would definitely use Manns Varnish again.

Reviewed 1L, Satin on: 03/07/15
Disappointing by A Buyer.

Firstly this product is described as having a "Matt" finish. It's far from that. The reason I bought this item is because I found that the satin finish of another manufacturers product was too shiny for me (and they no longer supply a matt product), sadly this matt finish isn't too much less shiny than the satin finish I had before. Secondly, the finish is also far from "Extra Tough". It's not even tough, never mind "extra". I find that it scratches and marks almost by looking at it!. Very Disappointing. The only positive thing I can say is that the product covers a huge area, but that is a bit pointless if even after 3 coats it marks and scratches so easily.

Reviewed 5L, Matt on: 23/05/15
A note from us...


I am sorry you were not satisfied with this product. Please would you let me know if the product was stirred well before use as all varnish is a satin finish until the matting agents are added. The matting agents in varnish tend to sink to the bottom of the container and need a good stir.

Please give us a call to discuss this further.

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