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Can wax polishes be applied to other wood finishes?

Yes, almost any interior wood coating can be over coated with a wax polish to improve the look and sheen. In some cases, a wax polish is applied to decrease the gloss level. For example, a glossy lacquer with a glass like shine can have more of a silky sheen when wax is applied.

What is the best application method for polishes?

Buffing machines these are ideal for floors, for example when using Bona Polish. Cloths are used for other areas when using something like Manns Classic Beeswax Polish. Good quality Stockinette Cloth is ideal due to its woven, coarse structure.

Which product offers the clearest finish?

Wood waxes and polishes are a great way of increasing the sheen level of bare wooden surfaces without altering the overall appearance or colour too much. We recommend Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish and Manns Classic Beeswax Polish for improving the sheen of wooden surfaces. these products become shinier the more they are buffed and when more wax is applied.

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