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What is the best way to clean and maintain my floor?

A concentrated cleaner can be mixed with water then applied by slightly dampening a cloth or mop. It is important to let the cleaner and not the water do the work. Using too much water on a varnish, wax or oil will take a little of your finish off each time it is used which in turn means your floor will have a shorter life. Visit our floor cleaners page to see our range of easy to use products.

Can wood oils be applied over a varnished floor?

Unfortunately not. Wood oils work by penetrating in to the surface grain of the timber and hardening in the surface of the wood. Wood that has been varnished will prevent this from happening and will likely result in a sticky mess on top of the varnish. Varnished floors must be sanded back to bare wood before a wood oil can be applied.

Which is the most durable floor finish?

A varnish is the most hard-wearing finish to use for wood flooring. There are 2-part varnishes available which can be mixed with a hardener prior to application, allowing the two to dry together, thereby creating a much tougher and more durable surface finish.

Can I apply a varnish to my flooring without sanding it back to bare wood?

If your wood flooring has been previously varnished, carry out a test area to ensure adhesion and compatibility and then lightly sand to create a key. If the wood floor has been previously oiled, waxed or polished, then the product would need to be completely removed by sanding back to bare wood or using a suitable wood stripper.

How can I remove scratches from wood floors?

The ability to repair scratches on wood floors largely depends on the type of finish the floor has and how deep the scratches are. Minor scratches on oiled floors can usually be repaired with ease. Vacuum the floor first to remove all traces of dust and dirt. Clean the affected area with a dedicated Ph balanced wood floor cleaner. Apply a thin coat of floor oil, preferably the same brand and sheen as the one already applied, and work into the surface of the wood. This will restore the look of the affected area.

The appearance of minor scratches and dull patches on varnished floors can be improved by treating the floor with a varnish maintenance product such as Bona Freshen Up. This product cannot be used on varnishes floors that have then been waxed or polished, unless all the wax and polish is removed first. For varnished floors that have been waxed and polished, we recommend Bona Polish.

Minor scratches on waxed floors can be repaired in much the same way as oiled floors. Clean the affected area first then apply fresh wax, preferably the same brand and type as that already used on the floor. This will restore the damaged area and will blend in with the rest of the floor.

I've installed an engineered wood floor but don't know if it needs finishing as it looks dull. It's color is natural oak effect. What should I use to finish it, or if not to just clean it but leave a shine?

You may be able to find out from the supplier if the wood is already treated and it will certainly help to know as it can impact on what can be advised.

If you are not able to find this out however, then there are a couple of tests that may help determine if there is any current finish. So an oil test, somewhere inconspicuous, leave a small drop of oil on the surface of the wood and leave for 30 minutes to an hour and see how it reacts.

If the oil remains totally unmoved then you are likely to have a varnished finish. If the oil soaks in or moves then this will indicate that either there is oil currently on the floor or if it soaks in totally, that there is nothing on there at all. This is not an exact science but may give some indication of the current finish.

To test for a wax finish simply scratch a nail over the surface and see if any comes away or it marks easily.

What is the best way to apply finishes to a floor?

We've got a great range of floor applicators that will save on time, money and back ache!.

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