Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus

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You'll need enter area above for 2 coats (Standard Protection)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • A medium build, solvent-borne woodstain for exterior joinery
  • Perfect for use on a softwood and hardwood windows and doors
  • Exceptional durability
  • Enhances the natural beauty and depth of the wood grain
  • Flexible coating prevents cracking and flaking
  • Moisture vapour permeable
  • Resistant to weathering and UV damage
  • Provides up to 5 years protection
  • Dries to a translucent, semi-gloss finish
  • High V.O.C content
Brand Sikkens
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 16 per litre
Drying time 16 hrs
Size 1L, 2.5L, 5L
MPN 5085906, 5085917, 5085900, 5085935, 5085959, 5085950, 5085976, 5085911, 5085907, 5085918, 5085901, 5085936, 5085970, 5085951, 5085977, 5085912, 5085908, 5085919, 5085902, 5085937, 5085971, 5085952, 5085978, 5085913
GTIN 8711115285122, 8711115285320, 8711115285023, 8711115285467, 8711115285733, 8711115285559, 8711115285832, 8711115285221, 8711115285153, 8711115285344, 8711115285054, 8711115285481, 8711115285764, 8711115285573, 8711115285863, 8711115285252, 8711115285184, 8711115285375, 8711115285085, 8711115285511, 8711115285795, 8711115285603, 8711115285894, 8711115285283

Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus is formulated with UV absorbers to give wood superior protection against sun damage. Being moisture vapour permeable, it allows water vapour to escape so moisture doesn't get trapped in the wood.

Timber surfaces to be treated must be clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, wax and grease. The wood should be allowed to acclimatise to its end-use environment before treating. The moisture content of the timber should not exceed 18% prior to coating.

Bare or New Timber

  • Degrease any exposed bare timber surface by wiping with a cloth dampened with methylated spirits
  • Resinous deposits should be removed with a scraper and any remaining residues should be removed using a lint-free cloth dampened with a suitable solvent
  • Allow solvent to evaporate fully before over coating
  • The use of knotting agents is not recommended as they are not always fully effective in 'sealing in' resin, and adhesion of coatings can be impaired
  • If using a wood filler, ensure that it is one that is specifically designed for use with timber, as general or all purpose fillers may not be suitable
  • Only use non-ferrous screws, nails and fixings

Previously Coated Timber

  • Base stained joinery should be denibbed using a fine grade nylon abrasive pad or a fine grade (P240 or finer) wet or dry silicon carbide abrasive paper, in the direction of the grain, ensuring not to break through the surface coating
  • Remove any remaining sanding dust prior to coating with Cetol Filter 7 Plus
  • To ensure optimum durability and uniformity of appearance, Sikkens recommend a coat of Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus prior to finishing
  • Where necessary, stop with tinted putty
  • Where there is localised damage, or deterioration has occurred as a result of exposure of the factory coating for longer than 3 months, affected areas should be thoroughly sanded back to a sound substrate

Old Timber

  • Decayed timber must be removed and replaced, cutting at least 25mm into sound timber

Always do a test area before starting any project to assess the colour, consistency and compatibility of the finish. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times. Sikkens Filter 7 Plus is ready to use straight from the tin and does not require thinning.

Only apply at temperatures ranging between 5℃ and 35℃ and a relative humidity of no more than 85%. Stir thoroughly before and periodically during application to ensure a consistent finish.

  1. Apply 2 coats of Sikkens Cetol 7 Plus with a good quality natural bristle brush
  2. For best results, it is necessary to keep the interval between application of these coats as short as possible
  3. Allow 16 hours to fully dry


Repair any colour defects with Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus or Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus in the right colour and apply one further coat of Cetol Filter 7 Plus overall.

71 customer reviews
Professional product by Steve Batchelor

Yes, it is more expensive but then if you want a professional product, you pay the price - OR you can go cheap and simply have to do the job more frequently. But if you can only have access once (I was preparing a floor to be hidden beneath a timber structure) then you can use this with confidence and know that your timber wont be crumbling away through fungal rot after 5 minutes. And Wood Finishes Direct will identify the product you need to do the job - easy really.

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak - 006 on: 07/02/18
Top Product, great service by Mark

Excellent product, goes on nicely though some difficulty deeply penetrating a very hard\dense piece of Iroko. Non the less, the finished item looks great and the grain shows nicely, as hoped.

Reviewed 1L, Ebony - 020 on: 31/01/18
Excellent by John Owens

Used on new oak porch, excellent product. Easy to apply after HLS base coat.

Reviewed 1L, Light Oak - 006 on: 31/01/18
A bit pricey but worth the extra by David Grant

Have used Sikkens before and will do again. It is excellent for external woodwork like doors and windows. If the instructions are followed it gives a perfect finish.

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak - 006 on: 15/12/17
Top Quality by David Ingoldby

The ONLY finish specifically recommended for my project & when it's this good why use anything else.

Reviewed 1L, Light Oak - 006 on: 05/12/17
Good coverage, workability and finish by David Luck

Quality product you get what you pay for! Perhaps a review better three years after application!

Reviewed 2.5L, Dark Oak - 009 on: 29/11/17
I have used this for some years - never failed yet by Dr A Cook

Good product - does exactly what it says on the tin

Reviewed 1L, Teak - 085 on: 19/11/17
Excellent product, easily applied Professional appearance by Tom Anderson

First class product and excellent value for money.

Reviewed 2.5L, Teak - 085 on: 13/11/17
Expensive but worth it in my opinion by Ian Clayton

If you use the base coat plus this top coat then it probably works out at three times the price of the popular brands of water based stuff. It is very expensive but if you value your time over cheaper products that require more regular applications I think it's worth it. On fences which invariably have lots of shrubs and plants in front it makes life easier if you can apply and leave for a few years.

Reviewed 5L, Rosewood - 048 on: 02/11/17
The Best Woodstain Available by Simon

Combined with Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus as a base coat this is the best woodstain available. I've used it on my house for external windows and doors and for exposed timber on a sea going open boat. Easy to apply, provides good protection and lasts for years.

Reviewed 1L, Light Oak - 006 on: 27/10/17
Premium quality long lasting - you get what you pay for by AC

Premium quality long lasting - you get what you pay for. Excellent price and well packaged by Wood- Finishes-Direct. Thanks.

Reviewed 5L, Dark Oak - 009 on: 19/10/17
Value for money and excellent customer service by Connor Attoe

Bought some paint and telephoned to ask some more info they were extremely helpful and gave great advice and accurately calculated how much paint I needed and also offered the best price around. Paint was very good quality, very pleased

Reviewed 5L, Light Oak - 006 on: 16/10/17
Brilliant by Mr G P North

Does the job easily. Finish looks excellent.

Reviewed 5L, Teak - 085 on: 07/10/17
Lovely finish And easy application by Barry Lukins

I had 4 bifold iroko doors made, after cleaning with methylated spirits to remove any greasy residue I applied a coat of Sikkens light oak stain and 2 coats of sikkin ceto plus, and what a lovely finish this produced, it is easy to apply with a brush, can highly recommend this product

Reviewed 2.5L, Light Oak - 006 on: 01/10/17
Great stuff by Mrs Rachel Pearce

Having spent some time stripping old finishes off my garden gate i discovered there was a lovely hardwood gate under it all. This finish has really set the wood off to great advantage. Its also UV resistant so the wood should retain its rich colour. I recommend this wood finish.

Reviewed 1L, Teak - 085 on: 22/09/17
Easy application, durable beautiful finish by Mark R

I have been using this on my summer house and it's only the 3rd application in 9 years. Good coverage & easy clean up. The wood is perfectly protected from all the elements and after repainting still looks like new. Fantastic

Reviewed 2.5L, Light Oak - 006 on: 15/09/17
Five Years and still looks like new by Alan Bamforth

Applied to external pine window frames that previously had microporous paint that lasted 3 years before looking tired and after five years the Cetol still looks like new. Now doing rest of house.

Reviewed 1L, Teak - 085 on: 14/09/17
The very best wood finish I've found by Susan Grollet

Excellent coverage and easy to apply. Finished woodwork looks fabulous. Wouldn't use anything else.

Reviewed 5L, Teak - 085 on: 07/09/17
I'm really glad I chose this paint by R Holt

It is an excellent product and worth every penny. It has been easy to apply and dries to a superb finish, with no fuss needed.

Reviewed 2.5L, Mahogany - 045 on: 17/08/17
Excellent product by Joanne French

Bought this for 12 year old wooden lodge, easy to apply and looks like new now. Very pleased, would recommend.

Reviewed 1L, Teak - 085 on: 17/08/17