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Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Varnish - 2.5L

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3 coats = Recommended
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

Ronseal Diamond Hard floor varnish dries to a clear, non-yellowing finish, whilst enhancing and prolonging the natural beauty of your wooden flooring.

This polyurethane varnish is Ronseal's strongest formulation, offering good protection against knocks and damages whilst resisting household chemicals.

Ronseal Varnish is touch dry within 30 minutes, with a re-coat time of 2 hours. For a tinted translucent finish try Diamond Hard Coloured Floor Varnish or Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint for an opaque coloured floor finish.

Brand Ronseal
No. of coats 3
Coverage Up to 16 per litre
Drying time 30 mins
MPN 37539, 32583, 32582
GTIN 5010214875399, 5010214825837, 5010214825820

Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Varnish is available in a satin and gloss finish which allows the natural colour and beauty of the wood to show through - Perfect for wooden flooring and more. If you wish to varnish your floor and add colour, use available in satin only.

Ronseal Floor Varnish is suitable for use over most hard and soft woods, as well as hardboard, chipboard and wood composite.

Ideal for use on most domestic wooden floors including bathrooms and kitchens and is perfect for areas of high foot traffic such as hallways.

Note: Not to be used over laminate floors. Not suitable for commercial environments such as pubs, restaurants, community halls etc. For commercial premises or areas of very high traffic, consider Manns Two Pack Varnish or Bona Traffic HD.

Our customers love Ronseal's Diamond Hard Floor Varnish. And they appreciate being able to find out how to use wood floor varnishes via our blog post which includes a link to Ronseal's excellent video about varnishing a wood floor.

Prep - Unvarnished Floors: We know preparing a floor for re-coating can be a pain, but it's worth it to get wooden floors looking their best.

Start by sanding the floor. This will give the wood an even finish and help the Ronseal Diamond Hard Varnish to stick. The easiest way to do this is with a floor sander. Dustless floor sanders are readily available which help to prevent weeks of cleaning and can help to provide a better overall varnish finish. Use 120 grit sandpaper and go along the length of the boards. Make sure to wear a good dust mask, especially if not using a dustless sander.

Vacuum sanded areas thoroughly and wipe down with white spirit. If you notice any holes or imperfections use a suitable wood filler to fill them in.

Prep - Varnished floors: This depends what state your floor is in. If the old varnish is just in need of a refresh, give it a light sand with 120 grit sandpaper. Let the dust settle. Then give it a vacuum and wipe it down with white spirit.

If the floor is in poor condition where the existing varnish is flaking off or there are areas that have worn though to the timber, sand the floor back to bare wood using a floor sander. Look at the Prep for Unvarnished Floors section above to see how to do this.

Application of Diamond Hard Floor Varnish. Always do a test area first.

Ensure that the room temperature is above 10℃. Remove all furniture and allow for good ventilation.

Stir the Ronseal Floor Varnish thoroughly before and during application to ensure a consistent finish. Using a good quality brush, start in the corner furthest from the door and work along the length of 2 floor boards at a time.

Apply 3 coats to give the best protection leaving 2 hours between each coat. Before the 3rd coat, give the floor a very light sand by hand along the length of the floorboards with 240 grit sandpaper (don't use a floor sander). Wipe down with a damp cloth. Then put the 3rd coat down.

Scrape off as much varnish as you can from application equipment, then wash in warm, soapy water. Don't put any left over polyurethane varnish down the drain or into watercourses. Local authority waste disposal sites usually have facilities to dispose of unused varnish.

Ronseal Varnish is touch dry after 30 mins. Allow 2 hours between coats.

The freshly varnished floor will be ready for light foot traffic in 2 to 3 hours of the final coat. Wait 24 hours before moving furniture back in to the room taking care not to drag it across or scrape the floor. Full curing time for Ronseal Diamond Hard Varnish is 72 hours.

122 customer reviews
Great product Lovely finish by Michael Molloy

Would use again and recommend.Good price.

Reviewed Gloss on: 30/11/16
Product works well by Rowland White

It's Ronseal, it does what it says on the tin!

Reviewed Satin on: 16/11/16
Good finish by Mrs L Skuse

Easy to use

Reviewed Gloss on: 12/11/16
Best floor varnish on the market by Ryan
Reviewed Satin on: 02/11/16
Perfect by John Jones

Used to seal and sand floors after sanding... No complaints and would use again

Reviewed Satin on: 30/10/16
Used on a previously varnished floor by Keith Walker

Being water based you don`t expect it to compare with oil based but was amazed how good this product was, brilliant.

Reviewed Satin on: 27/10/16
Excellent, exactly what was required by Colin Dent

Product great to use I.e.easy application and coverage good. Drying time between coats was very quick. Finish looks good, now hoping for excellent long term performance.

Reviewed Satin on: 22/10/16
Does what it says on the tin! by V J Rout (kantu Patel)

Quick and reliable service.

Reviewed Satin on: 20/10/16
High quality varnish by Mr H Premji

High quality varnish, goes on beautifully with a dedicated varnish brush, nice high shine finish with the clear gloss on.

Reviewed Gloss on: 13/10/16
As always very good! by Christopher John Walton

Top, 10/10

Reviewed Gloss on: 13/10/16
Great item by Ross Alexander

Does exactly what it says on the tin

Reviewed Satin on: 08/10/16
Very pleased by Suzanne Young

Very pleased with the product. My floor looks fantastic.

Reviewed Satin on: 05/10/16
Top shelf by Jim Bryce

Top quality product, dispatched promptly, well packaged, went on the floorboards a treat. Let the dancing begin!

Reviewed Matt on: 04/10/16
Easy to apply and did exactly as required by Michael Crowe

Excellent value for money product.

Reviewed Satin on: 23/09/16
Good communication, delivered promptly by Paul Bullen

Great product, goes on and looks milky white, but dries clear. Strong varnish which we did the recommended 3 coats

Reviewed Matt on: 20/09/16
Great product and great value by Alex Marshall

This is ideal if you want to keep the wood its natural colour,it does'nt turn yellow like solvent based varnishes,and it can be recoated in jig time.

Reviewed Satin on: 08/09/16
Easy to use and great finish by Ian Fuller

Great varnish. Easy to apply and gives a really great finish. Not the cheapest but worth paying the money for.

Reviewed Matt on: 08/09/16
Superb by Mark Tucker

highly recommend

Reviewed Gloss on: 08/09/16
Great product, easy to apply and does not chip or flake - worth paying the extra for by Rob Parr

Easy to brush paint on, just ensure that it is not to thick as it will have a white hue when dry. Fast drying and does not chip or flake even with furniture moving over it - worth paying the extra for as Ive tried cheaper product and they do not last . Great coverage also- recommended.

Reviewed Satin on: 06/09/16
Excellent by John Stower

Easy to apply and very quick drying to a fist class durable finish

Reviewed Satin on: 30/08/16