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Help needed on how to fill gaps in floorboards?

When filling gaps in floorboards it's important to use a filler that is both strong and flexible. This is to allow for the movement of the floor boards when walked on plus the shrinking and expansion of the gaps because of temperature and moisture changes. General wood fillers can crack and fall into the gaps over time. We recommend Bona Gap Master or Osmo Interior Gap Sealer. Both fillers are ideal for sealing gaps between floor boards prior to sanding and finishing.

Can I use a wood filler to repair minor scratches?

Minor scratches on stained wood can spoil the appearance of wooden furniture and other wooden surfaces. Using a product such as, Colron Liquid Scratch Cover can help to disguise the affected area.

For deeper scratches and other surface imperfections Colron Wax Repair Sticks or Morrells Wax Filler Sticks may be a better option. Wax filler sticks can be easily melted and intermixed to better match the colour of the surface to be repaired.

Which is the best wood filler?

There are a wide range of wood fillers including water-based, solvent-based, single-part, 2-pack, coloured and neutral, which is best is largely down to the type of project and the requirements of the filler. For example, flexible fillers are better for filling gaps between floorboards, 2-pack fillers are more durable and can be nailed and screwed. Gel fillers that are mixed with sanding dust can produce a more natural 'wood like' repair that can be sanded and stained to match the surrounding wood. See our full range of wood fillers to find the one that's best for your project.

Can I use the mix and fill products to fill the gaps between my floor boards?

We do not recommend using these products between floorboards as they don't offer enough flexibility. This product is designed for engineered and parquet flooring. We would recommend the Bona Gap Master or the Osmo Interior Gap Sealer.

Which type of wood filler should I use on interior and exterior wood?

We've put together some useful tips and advice on how to use wood filler on both interior and exterior woodwork in our blog.

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