We have recently had a new wooden barn constructed and want to know how best to protect it from weathering?

As with any new exterior structure such as a shed, log cabin, summerhouse or barn it's always best to treat the wood with a wood preservative then overcoat with an exterior grade paint, stain or wood oil. We have an excellent range of exterior wood preservers, clear and coloured that are perfect for the job. They will help to protect the barn timbers from mould, algae, fungi and wood boring insects. Once fully dry, the barn can be treated with an exterior wood oil such as Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment to help protect the structure from weathering.

If you're looking to paint your barn with a water-based exterior paint or barn paint, use a preservative that doesn't contain any wax as this may repel the paint or cause adhesion issues.

You can find a variety of products suitable for use on wooden barns on our barn finishes page including preservers, paints, stains and more.