Osmo Spray Cleaner (8026) 500ml

  4.7/5.0   25 reviews
  • A ready-to-use spray interior wood cleaner for oiled or waxed wooden surfaces
  • Perfect for wooden worktops, doors, furniture and more
  • Water-soluble ingredients prevent streaks and do not form a layer
  • Contains soaps based on natural oils, so wood does not dry out from cleaning
  • Especially mild on skin
  • Free of dyes and aromas
  • Biodegradable and free of solvents and emissions
  • Supports a healthy living environment
Brand Osmo
Size 500ml
MPN 8026
GTIN 4006850817214

Osmo Spray Cleaner can be used for any number of interior cleaning projects where a previously oiled or waxed wooden surface requires cleaning and maintaining.

Remove any loose dirt and grit from the surface of the wood to be cleaned with a soft, dry, lint-free or microfibre cloth before spraying.

Always do a small test area before starting any project and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times.

  1. Turn the spray nozzle to open
  2. Spray Osmo Spray Cleaner directly onto the wood surface
  3. Afterwards rub the surface with a lint-free cotton cloth
  4. Repeat the process until the surface is clean

To maintain wooden surfaces with Osmo Spray Cleaner, simply repeat the steps laid out in the Preparation and Application sections as and when required.

25 customer reviews
Cleans & conditions the wood by Lisa Priestley

Helps keep the wood surfaces clean & in great condition

Reviewed 500ml on: 17/04/18
Very easy to use by Adrian Ashworth

Great product no problems and easy to use with only a small amount required, slightly adds to the shine

Reviewed 500ml on: 31/01/18
Good but gentle cleaner by Christine Humphries

Very gentle on wooden surfaces with a delicate, pleasant smell.

Reviewed 500ml on: 09/01/18
Very expensive for what it is by Elaine Leigh

Expected more from this given other people's comments, but at least it will look after my wood.

Reviewed 500ml on: 28/12/17
A note from us...

Hello Mrs Leigh,

Thank you for the feedback on this cleaner. The ingredients are based on plant oil extracts similar to those used in oiled floor finishes. This means that less damage will be caused to the finish over time. Unlike some of the branded cleaners that you can find in the supermarkets.

Its is slightly more costly than some cleaners but will help to maintain the finish for longer.

For more advice or if you have any further questions please feel free to give us a call on 01303 213 838.

Kind regards Samantha.

Easy to use and works a treat by Hilary Ritchie

Worked a treat on both an oiled and also a scrub top surface. Easy to use and really took the dirt off without leaving the wood dry.

Reviewed 500ml on: 14/12/17
I am not so sure by Simon Engerer

Will give it ago again after the oiled worktop "settled" a bit and the oil is fully cured and reached its final hardness. Using it the first time it seemed it actually "cleaned" away the oil too.

Reviewed 500ml on: 12/12/17
A note from us...

Hello Simon,

It is best to wait until the surface is fully cured before using the cleaner. If you do have any further issues please do let us know and we can look into this for you.

Kind regards Samantha.

Cleans well with Osma oiled oak wood by Billy@stribz.com

Cleans well with Osma oiled oak wood.

Reviewed 500ml on: 03/12/17
Osmo Wood Cleaning Spray by Kelly Morson

Nice and light with no strong smell. Really good!

Reviewed 500ml on: 26/11/17
Excellent! by Mrs Julie Lawrence

Compliments the top oil - cleans really well!

Reviewed 500ml on: 23/11/17
It does the cleaning on a matt surface without leaving any smears or other deposits by Lance Adkin

In the short time I've used this product it does everything that is promised. Many other household cleaning products will bleach out wood surfaces, especially with the constant cleaning which worktops require.

Reviewed 500ml on: 10/10/17
A good effective cleaner by Helen Day

It helps to hide a few blemishes and produces a good finish

Reviewed 500ml on: 14/08/17
Keeps oiled wood in good condition by Laura

Use it on oiled table and worktop. Keeps it in good condition,

Reviewed 500ml on: 30/05/17
Arrived well packaged and promptly - cleaner is very effective on treated work tops by Ina Lohrberg

Good product - cleans worktops without removing the initial wood protection.

Reviewed 500ml on: 14/05/17
Fantastic product great advise from in house shop to solve my problem first time by James Roberts

My problem i had was a kitchen table being sticky constantly from young children's food and drink always being cleaned from a wooden table with cleaning products. Once top oil was applied with application advise from the guy behind the counter in the shop the table is now back to normal.

Reviewed 500ml on: 09/05/17
Love it by Susan Hiscock

This product surprised me on how good it is easy to use and the worktops look great after

Reviewed 500ml on: 29/03/17
Excellent product by Liz Webb

Compliments wonderfully the Osmo top oil applied to my work surfaces

Reviewed 500ml on: 08/03/17
Great product by Jill Harris

Does what is says on the tin. Excellant

Reviewed 500ml on: 24/02/17
Very good by Mr S Clements

Does what it says on the bottle.

Reviewed 500ml on: 26/01/17
Lovely shine on my table by Lorelei Hunt

This spray does a great job of cleaning my tables (which are coated with Osmo polyx oil), leaving hem clean and shiny.

Reviewed 500ml on: 25/01/17
Very good by Kathy Tormann

Easy to use and maintains the sheen on my worktops

Reviewed 500ml on: 22/10/16

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