Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback 5L

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You'll need enter area above for 2 coats (Standard Protection)
You'll need enter area above for 3 coats (Ultimate Protection)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • A water-repellent wood treatment for garden sheds, fences and rough sawn timbers
  • Wax-enriched formula provides up to 5 years protection against weathering
  • Weatherproof in just one hour
  • Non-drip formulation for easy application
  • Low odour, making it pleasant to work with
  • Safe near plants and animals when dry
  • Water-based
Brand Cuprinol
No. of coats 2-3
Coverage Up to 5 per litre
Drying time hrs
Size 5L
MPN 5092442, 5111363, 5244557, 5092438, 5092434, 5092432, 5092436, 5095343, 5095342
GTIN 5010212503003, 5010212549155, 5010212619360, 5010368017447, 5010368017249, 5010368017140, 5010368017348, 5010212545706, 5010212545690

Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback is a water-based, non-drip wood treatment for garden sheds, fences and other rough sawn timbers.

Ensure that surfaces to be treated are clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, loose debris and any other surface contaminants.

Bare or New Timber

  1. Brush wooden surfaces with a stiff brush or broom to remove surface dirt, debris, mould, algae and moss
  2. Areas affected by mould, mildew, algae and fungi should first be treated with a mould and mildew cleaner
  3. All rotten timber must be cut out and replaced
  4. If the wood surface is looking worn or has greyed from sun damage and the effects of weathering, Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer can be used to revive the wood before coating
  5. Any holes, gaps or splits in the surface of the wood can be filled with Cuprinol All Purpose Wood Filler or Cuprinol Ultra Tough Wood Filler
  6. Bare or untreated garden wood can be pre-treated with Cuprinol Wood Preserver Clear (BP) prior to painting if required

Please Note It is important that any wood preservative used does not contain wax, oil or silicon as these will penetrate the wood and repel any water-based product that is applied on top.

Previously Coated Timber

Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback cannot be used over paints, varnishes or any surface coating / sealant.

  • Any existing surface coatings such as paints, stains and varnishes must be fully removed back to clean, bare wood, by sanding or using a suitable wood stripper

Always do a test area before starting any project to test adhesion and final finish. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times.

Do not apply in temperatures below 5℃, in damp conditions or if rain is likely before the product has dried. Stir thoroughly before and periodically during application.

  1. Apply 2-3 coats of Cuprinol Ducksback evenly along the wood grain, avoiding overlaps
  2. For best results use a Cuprinol Woodcare Brush
  3. Allow 2-4 hours between coats under normal drying conditions
  4. Where a strong colour change is involved, more coats may be required
  5. Recoat within 2-3 days of previous coat. If a longer period elapses try a test area to ensure product is not repelled

Regular Cleaning

Surfaces treated with Cuprinol Ducksback can be cleaned at regular intervals with a dampened, lint-free cloth or Cuprinol Garden Furniture Cleaner.


To restore the colour and water repellent qualities Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback, simply brush the surface with a stiff broom or brush to remove any dirt and debris, then re-apply a fresh maintenance coat following the Preparation and Application instructions above.

Q. Can I use Cuprinol 5 year ducksback over other wood treatments?

A. It depends on the type of wood treatment previously used. If it's something like a wood preserver, or oil-based product that penetrates in to the surface of the timber, as long as the previous treatment was applied at least a year ago, Cuprinol Ducksback should be fine. We always recommend, however, that a small test area is done before starting any project to test adhesion and final finish. This product cannot be used on surfaces that are sealed with a wood paint or varnish.

If treating a garden shed or fence that has been previously coloured or stained with a pigmented wood preserver or other penetrative wood treatment, its worth noting that the old colour could influence the final colour of the Ducksback weatherproof treatment. Always do a test area first.

Q. Can I use Cuprinol 5 year Ducksback on wooden garden furniture?

A. This product has been specifically formulated to colour and protect wooden garden sheds and fences. To colour and protect garden furniture, we recommend Cuprinol Garden Shades.

43 customer reviews
Did my order online delivery was very fast best price at the time packed well ordered Tuesday night delivered Thursday second time i have ordered from wood finishings would defernatly use again by David Clarke

gave my fence two coats both sides and it looks good covers really well i have used this before its say use on rough saw wood but i used on plained wood two years ago and it still looks good

Reviewed 5L, Silver Copse on: 12/04/18
Easy to use by Sherry Buxton

Easy to use, covers well, just as described and extra insurance with a 5 year guarantee

Reviewed 5L, Black on: 09/02/18
Easy to apply, looks good by Chris White

Used it to treat our fence - went on easily and when it dries it goes to a darker brown than when first applied.Happy with it.

Reviewed 5L, Forest Oak on: 07/02/18
Lovely natural shade of green by Katie Awdas

Thick and easy to apply. Covered new fence in just one coat.

Reviewed 5L, Woodland Moss on: 13/11/17
Nice product / covers well / goes a long way by Sheree Whittaker

This product covers well, took 2 coats as going over a dark green, looks fab

Reviewed 5L, Black on: 05/11/17
Good colour and easy to apply by Ellie Townsend Jones

Our new wood panel fence is treated with Ducksback in the black shade. It looks great and was easy to apply, with good coverage.

Reviewed 5L, Black on: 30/10/17
Cuprinol 5yr Ducksback by Mrs J Coyne

Really rich colour .im 70 and i painted my fences myself .Went on easily and it. will last 5years .Theres been lots of rain since doing it and the rain just rolls off .This is a brilliant product would recommend to anyone .

Reviewed 5L, Rich Cedar on: 24/09/17

I have used this product for a number of years and intend to continue. The colour is excellent and covers well.

Reviewed 5L, Harvest Brown on: 25/07/17
by DJC

Not sure what you can say in a review, water-based so easy to clean up, smartens the shed up for the summer, will it last longer?, too early to tell.

Reviewed 5L, Forest Green on: 16/04/17
Very effective by Lisa Setter

Looks good and protects. What's not to like?

Reviewed 5L, Forest Green on: 18/11/16
Worth spending that bit more by Jocelyne Leach

Goes on well, nice colour and covers well. I have only done one coat but think it would look better with two. I will be ordering some more soon!

Reviewed 5L, Forest Oak on: 13/10/16
Simple to use and unsteady the brush in water to clean it by Dylan A Davies

Arrived safe and secure in a cardboard box ,well secured lid. I would not use anything else as rucksack has a wax I it and the rain just beads and runs off.

Reviewed 5L, Rich Cedar on: 23/09/16
Very easy to use by Roy.

This cuprinol product is excellent for protection of exterior wood and comes in a good range of colours it is also easy to clean brushes, rollers, etc on completion of painting task.

Reviewed 5L, Autumn Brown on: 23/09/16
Excellent quality by Richard

Very good coverage, much better than other brands that I have used. Costs a bit more but really very good.

Reviewed 5L, Forest Green on: 09/09/16
Excellent product by John Boyle

Have used the same product several times and really like the ease of use

Reviewed 5L, Rich Cedar on: 07/09/16
Excellent by J Browning

Very easy to apply, good coverage and no smells

Reviewed 5L, Black on: 20/08/16
Best ever to apply by Carol Daniels

Would buy it again so easy to use ,

Reviewed 5L, Autumn Brown on: 19/08/16
Easy to apply, subtle colour by Roger D

Woodland Moss is a subtle colour and provides a background that won't detract from the appearance of the plants in front of it. Fence (3 to 4 year old feather edge board) looks fine with two coats so I now have one and a half cans spare. Can't agree with the 'non-drip' claim. Given my technique (or, rather, the lack of it) I can make drip anything that isn't totally solid.

Reviewed 5L, Woodland Moss on: 09/08/16
Used it before Excellent product with good covering power by John D Harley

Applied with a sprayer to about 70metres of fencing. Takes about a day to do and will last about 2 years before a repeat treatment.

Reviewed 5L, Autumn Gold on: 11/06/16
Does what it says on the tin by Deb Tracey

Bought this product online as too heavy to carry. Delivery was fab, on time, courteous delivery driver who lifted all products ordered to where I needed them. Would definitely order again

Reviewed 5L, Harvest Brown on: 07/06/16