Barrettine Premier Woodworm Killer

  4.7/5.0   39 reviews

You'll need enter area above for 2 coats (Recommended)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • A fast and effective woodworm killer for interior and exterior timber
  • Kills woodworm and wood boring insects
  • Offers years of lasting protection against re-infestation
  • Suitable for all timbers
  • Can be overcoated
  • Dries to a clear finish
  • Solvent based
  • Low odour
Brand Barrettine
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 5 per litre
Drying time 48 hrs
Size 250ml, 1L, 2.5L, 5L
MPN SPWW.25, SPWW001, SPWW2.5, SPWW005
GTIN 5015861003065, 5015861130105, 5015861130259, 5015861130501

Barrettine Premier Woodworm Killer contains permethrin, and is a fast and effective way of killing woodworm and their larvae. Ideal for ceiling and floor joists, floorboards, wooden beams, furniture, doors and more.

Insect attack can be recognised by small round holes on the surface of the timber and the gritty bore-dust that is left behind. These holes are most likely to be found near joints or on the undersides or backs of furniture. Whilst holes indicate that beetles have emerged, it is likely that larvae remain in the wood.

Ensure the wood to be treated is clean, dry and free from dust.

  • Any previous finishes such as paint, stain and varnish must be completely removed
  • Special precautions should be taken when removing pre-1960's paint surfaces over wood as they may contain harmful lead

Always do a test area before starting any project and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times. This product is not suitable for use on areas used for the preparation and consumption of food. Do not apply in conditions of high humidity or if rain is likely before the product has fully dried.

  1. Apply by brush, covering all faces, ends and joints paying particular attention to the end grain, corners and crevices
  2. Allow 2-3 hours between coats
  3. For prevention of attack by wood destroying insects, apply 2 coats; on structural timbers apply 3
  4. For eradication of wood destroying insects, apply 2 coats; on large timbers apply 3

When fully dry, areas treated with Barrettine Premier Woodworm Killer can be over-coated with a wood paint, stain or oil.

39 customer reviews
Used to make sure very old beams were free of woodworm by S P Jones

Good. A spray would have been easier for overhead beams etc.

Reviewed 1L on: 13/10/17
The right price for the job by ALAN PINKERTON

Did what it said on the can

Reviewed 1L on: 01/10/17
Good quality product by I Hodgson

Exactly as described,low odour, good product.

Reviewed 5L on: 05/09/17
Seems to have done the trick Not seen any new flight holes since application Easy to apply and seems to cover a lot more than the recommended coverage amounts by Ben Evans

Good stuff. Great company and excellent customer service.

Reviewed 5L on: 17/08/17
Easy to use by Carol Smith

I use this to both treat & prevent woodworm attacks. It is very easy to apply. It does give off a noticeable odour, but less so than other similar products I have tried. Too early to say how effective it is.

Reviewed 1L on: 13/08/17
Exactly what I needed at the price I wished to pay by D C Catchpole

The best trade product avaiable to my knowledge

Reviewed 5L on: 09/08/17
Excellent Product, Covers Well, Used The Clear Colour, Was really amazed how it Revitilised The Wood and brought it back to its Natural Colour by Melvyn Turner

From picking up the Phone To Ordering Our materials, To delivery the next working day quite early in the morning ,it did not delay our job at all , It's just Brilliant that we still have these Companies Around Who Cares About Its Customers , Please keep up your Excellent Work and Service, 5 Star Rating ,

Reviewed 5L on: 04/08/17
Good product by John Elsom

Used on shed in the garden, done the job. Would of been better if had spay option.

Reviewed 1L on: 06/06/17
It save the wood on my oak-framed house, after years of neglect by a previous owner by Graham Fisher

Excellent to work with, simple to use, does the job

Reviewed 5L on: 11/04/17
Very pleased with the product by Diana Mirfin

Very clear instructions, easy to use I poured the liquid in a spray bottle as it was easier for me to use. Delivery very quick indeed, I would not hesitate to purchase again from Wood Finishes Direct in the future. Thank you.

Reviewed 5L on: 22/03/17
Safe and easy to apply and fitted the purpose perfectly by Mr I Elgie

Required an effective control for pest attack on an expensive large traditional African drum. The product was easy to use, and after a few days no residual odours and I believe it has no hazardous residuals when the drum is used in a domestic situation with young children around.

Reviewed 5L on: 18/01/17
Quick and easy to use by Mrs G.N.Jones

Product soaks in well and is quick and easy to use. Low odour soon disappears.

Reviewed 5L on: 10/01/17
Great product by Dr Jo Roberts

This seems to have sorted out my little wood worms so I am happy. Easy to use with clear instructions.

Reviewed 250ml on: 30/10/16
Goes on easy, penetrates well Good price by Craig

Great stuff. Soaks into wood deeper than water based versions. A little bit of smell but quickly clears. Easier to spray on than to brush, used old kitchen cleaner spray bottle that doesn't mist. Can't tell if woodworm dead yet but surrounding flies die pretty quickly. Got next day delivery and was still cheaper than anywhere else.

Reviewed 5L on: 17/09/16
Seems a good Product but only time will tell by Peter Page

Barrettine woodworm killer was easy to use and the smell was not overpowering but as far as effectiveness goes, only time will tell. I have used Everbuild Woodworm killer in the past (supplied by a different company) and that did not stop woodworm attacking the oak I used it on, which is why I thought I would try this product. Delivery and packaging by Wood Finishes Direct was faultless as was their website which was not only easy to use but very informative as well. I will be shopping there again very soon.

Reviewed 5L on: 03/09/16
Great product, easy to apply by Richard Jones

I used this to treat the floor in two rooms and was surprised by how easily it was to apply. Although it smells quite strong it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I would definitely buy it again (in fact this is already a repeat purchase).

Reviewed 5L on: 02/09/16
Easy to use, low odour by Mrs G.N.Jones

Quick and easy to apply low odour is good when working inside. Easy to our tin

Reviewed 5L on: 29/08/16
Great product, delivered quickly, Thank you! by Richard Jones

As the liquid is quite 'thin' it is easily applied and quickly absorbed into porous woodworm affected wood. Although it does smell it was not as strong as I was expecting which was good news. It is obviously too early to tell whether it has successfully eradicated the woodworm but my first impressions of this product are excellent.

Reviewed 5L on: 25/08/16
Great and easy to use by Bill Caldwell

Great product and very easy to use. Just what I needed.

Reviewed 5L on: 09/07/16
Good effective treatment by Graham Alexander

A good product gets the job done, a little smelly and does take a long time to dry out (two days on my occasion) however I have been able to finish the wood off back to its original glory without significant effects on finishing such as wax oil and French polishing....

Reviewed 5L on: 17/03/16