Wood Glue for Stairs

Whether building a wooden staircase from scratch, or repairing an old one, you'll need to secure the pieces of wood which are being replaced, or that have become loose. Nails and screws will do the job, but are unsightly, and can ruin the look of a beautiful Oak or Pine staircase. Using a strong stair glue is the perfect way of securing the wood, without any visible signs. Wood glues for stairs are easy to use, and have a quick drying time, making them perfect for all stair repair, renovation and restoration projects.


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  4.2/5.0  (21)
Industrial strength adhesive that expands to fill leftover gaps and joints - can bond metal to wood!
  • 15 mins drying time
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Available in 1L
  5.0/5.0  (11)
A versatile adhesive for application to porous surfaces as a primer or bonding agent.
  • 30 mins drying time
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Available in 1L, 5L
A soft elastic, silane-based adhesive for use on wooden stairs, skirting boards and door thresholds. Rapid bonding with good grab.
  • 1 coat
  • 8 hrs drying time
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Available in 310ml
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