Mako Wood Finishing Tools

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  4.3/5.0  (32)
A sturdy but flexible filler knife that can be used to apply wood fillers or strip finishes such as paints and varnishes from wood and metal.
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Available in 1 6/10" (40mm), 3 1/6" (80mm)
  4.8/5.0  (37)
More than just a paint pot, with an airtight lid to prolong open time of finishes and clip to hold brushes.
  3.4/5.0  (2)
A low tack tape for use on delicate surfaces such as wallpaper and walls without the fear of causing damage.
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Available in 25mm x 50m, 50mm x 50m
  4.3/5.0  (11)
A set of 4 flexible plastic filler blades perfect for good clean repairs.
  4.0/5.0  (8)
Strong two-part clamp design grips sandpaper and ensures a flush, even surface for quick and easy sanding.
  3.9/5.0  (15)
Ensure a proper mix of paints, oils and varnishes. Handy design feature to open lids.
  4.9/5.0  (7)
Strong, versatile and solvent resistant. Internal measuring markers make this a better than average scuttle.
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Available in 8L, 12LT