Paint Rollers and Trays

Everything you need for your decorating or wood finishing projects.

These high quality paint rollers and paint trays are made from high quality, long lasting materials so that they can be used again and again. Choose from a range of roller and tray types for a variety of decorating and wood finishing products including paints, wood oils, wood stains, and varnishes.


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Quickly and evenly apply solvent and water-based finishes with these replacement rollers. Requires roller handle.
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Available in 10cm, 25cm
Manufactured for the application of wood oils to offer an even, professional finish. Requires roller handle.
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Available in 10cm, 25cm
  4.9/5.0  (5)
A synthetic, medium pile roller for the application of water-borne Bona lacquers. Attaches to Bona Roller Handle.
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Available in 120mm, 250mm
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A complete application kit specially designed for use with the range of Osmo oils.
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Replacement roller sleeves with microfibre technology ensuring high coverage.
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Available in 10cm
Microfibre roller sleeve for use with Osmo Floor Roller Set. Ensures an even application of Osmo oils.
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Available in 25cm
The complete roller and tray set that contains everything needed for finishing floors.
A complete roller and tray set for the quick and easy application of ArmourFlex and alternative floor finishes.
Made from the finest lambs wool for ideal distribution of ArmourFlex floor finishes. Requires roller handle.
An environmentally friendly roller designed to apply emulsion paint onto smooth and semi-smooth surfaces
An environmentally friendly pack of 10 fabric rollers for applying emulsion paints to small areas
An environmentally friendly pack of 10 foam rollers for applying gloss paints to small areas
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