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Woodleys offer a range of high quality brushes, abrasives, rollers and accessories to suit all woodworking projects. These products work great alongside our range of wood finishes.


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  4.9/5.0  (396)
A great alternative to steel wool for removing scratches and blemishes in-between coats or on final finishes.
  4.4/5.0  (35)
High-density foam sponge ideal for application of water based wood stains. Excess stain can be easily soaked up during application.
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Available in Single
  4.5/5.0  (91)
Flexible, double-sided abrasive pads for denibbing and sanding difficult to reach areas.
  4.4/5.0  (91)
With no brush marks or bristles, these small foam brushes offer a perfect finish for intricate areas.
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Available in 1" (25mm), 2" (50mm), 3" (75mm), 4" (100mm)
  4.8/5.0  (119)
Make light work of cleaning, dusting or polishing with these machine washable cloths.
  4.8/5.0  (53)
Quality grit sandpaper to help you take the rough to the smooth
  4.4/5.0  (122)
Quickly and easily apply or wipe off oils and stains.
  4.4/5.0  (235)
Faster than brush application that gets into the grooves
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Available in 7" (178mm)
  3.9/5.0  (65)
A large synthetic bristle brush for the application of paint, oils and preservers to sheds, decking and fences. Gives a smooth, professional finish with minimal effort.
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Available in 120mm
  4.7/5.0  (86)
A high-quality and versatile stockinette ideal for applying and buffing wood finishes.
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Available in 200g, 800g
  5.0/5.0  (40)
Replacement decking applicator pad for the Woodleys Decking Applicator.
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Available in 7" (178mm)
  4.1/5.0  (74)
Turn hours into minutes and make light work of applying your finishes with this handy spray system
  4.9/5.0  (23)
Ultra-Lightweight 112cm - 200cm Extension Pole. Fits most handles.
  5.0/5.0  (18)
Highest quality sandpaper for de-nibbing, flattening and smoothing that lasts 10 times longer than cheap alternatives.
  4.9/5.0  (15)
A cylindrical drill attachment to get a professional sheen when buffing waxes.