I have new pine skirting that I want to protect without changing the colour. What can I use?

When using a clear varnish or wood oil they tend to darken the wood slightly giving it a 'damp-like' appearance. They also draw out the natural character and colouration of the timber. In the case of pine, this can often lead to a yellowy, orangey or warm brown coloration. Using a clear wax such as Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish in light / clear offers a solution but only limited protection against scuffs and knocks. The benefit of using a wax is that any lightly damaged or worn areas can be easily restored by simply applying more clear wax to the affected area.

An alternative would be to use Osmo Polyx Oil Raw (3044) or Fiddes Hard Wax Oil Natural. These wood oils are extremely durable and offer excellent protection against knocks, scuffs dust and dirt. They are specifically formulated to better retain the natural, untreated appearance of the wood and are easy to clean and maintain.