I would like to add colour to my log cabin. What can I use?

There are many ways to colour the exterior of a log cabin depending on the colour and type of finish required. New or previously untreated log cabins can be coloured with a pigmented wood preserver such as Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative, then sealed with a clear exterior wood oil such as Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment. This will provide excellent weather protection and is easily maintained year after year by simply applying a maintenance coat of log cabin treatment. An alternative approach is to use a clear exterior wood preservative such as Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative then overcoat with a coloured exterior wood oil suitable for log cabins, again very easy to apply and maintain year on year.

An alternative approach to wood oils is to use either a clear or coloured exterior varnish or an exterior garden paint such as Cuprinol Garden Shades or Ronseal Garden Paint.