Advise needed on how to clean garden furniture?

If left unprotected and not maintained, wooden garden furniture can soon start to look tired and neglected. Common issues include green or black discolouration as a result of mould, algae and other biological growth. If left untreated for a number of years, the wood will eventually turn grey or silver. The good news is that these issues can usually be resolved.

For mould, algae and other biological growth we recommend using a garden furniture cleaner. Heavily soiled furniture may require 2 treatments.

To help restore the colour of wood that has turned grey or silver, we recommend using Osmo Wood Reviver Gel (6609) or Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer. Wood that has been grey / silver for a number of years may require 2 treatments of the selected wood restorer.

To protect cleaned and restored garden furniture prior to oiling, we recommend using an exterior wood preservative, suitable for garden furniture.

To re-nourish, protect and restore the appearance of wooden garden furniture, we recommend using a garden furniture oil.