Cabinet Finish FAQ's

How can I clean dirty, greasy cabinet doors?

Kitchen cabinets can become greasy and sticky over time if they're not cleaned on a regular basis. These build ups of grease, fat and other organic matter can be difficult to break down and remove. Barrettine Sugar Soap Concentrate is great at cutting through this sort of grime and will have kitchen cabinets looking like new in no time.

Which type of product is best for sanded cabinets. Wax or Oil?

This largely depends on the type of cabinet and its use. For fine furniture cabinets such as display cabinets waxes or oils will both work well either on their own or over a wood stain. For kitchen cabinets that are subjected to a higher degree of wear and tear, we recommend wood oils because of their durability.

Can I paint over old kitchen cabinet doors?

In most cases yes with the proper preparation. We offer a wide range of coloured paints and varnishes that can be brush or spray applied to change the appearance of old kitchen cabinet doors. Manns Classic Interior Paint is a fantastic product for kitchen cabinets. It is as strong and durable as a varnish but with the covering power and sleek, smooth finish of a paint. Available in a wide range of colours for almost any kitchen!

Cabinet Finishes

Disclaimer: Whilst every attempt has been made to provide product information that is as accurate as possible, it's important to clarify that trees and the wood that they produce can be affected by many factors. For example, the same species of tree grown in the same wood, even in close proximity, will be affected by age along with the amount of sunlight and water they receive. Other naturally occurring biological and environmental factors will also influence the density and grain of the wood as well as the moisture and oil content of the timber. No two trees are the same, meaning each piece of wood has the potential to look and react differently to the same wood finish. For example, product adhesion, colour variations, absorption rates and sheen levels. It is for this reason that we always strongly recommend carrying out test areas before starting any project