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It’s 2021, a year many have walked into with open arms considering the events of 2020. A year to remember, for sure, and one that certainly challenged productivity, as the country, for the most part, adjusted to the new normal of working from home.

Many saw their work lives quickly coincide with their home lives, and the presence of a home office suddenly became a must, and it needed to happen fairly quickly. With any renovation project, there are always fundamentals to consider, and a choice of colour is one aspect that’s certainly at the fore. So whether you are looking to build a new home office, or simply looking to refresh an existing one, what better way to start the new year than with a welcome sense of change and optimism? 

Green is the symbol for rebirth and reimagination, qualities we heavily associate with the coming of the new year. Its use promotes growth and balance, and can surely be seen as requisite for those seeking stability on the back of a tiring and unpredictable year. 

No paint embodies these qualities more than Earthborn Claypaint. This luxurious, clay-based emulsion paint promotes exceptional breathability, as well as minimising condensation and deterring mildew. In short, it encourages a fresh and clean atmosphere. Their extensive choice of colour includes Hobbywood and Secret Room, two resplendent shades of green that express these characteristics, due in part to their close association with the colours of nature. 

Hobbywood. Credit to: Earthborn Paints

Following on from the trend of the great outdoors, the colour blue is reminiscent of the sea and the sky. From these, we identify peace and tranquillity. It’s also said that blue is a trusting colour and one of security. Its use in a home office helps to alleviate stress and provide assurance, opening the pathway for enhanced productivity. 

In line with these attributes, we suggest Manns Classic Interior Paint. This no-nonsense product is reliability manifested, providing the look of a paint with the strength of a varnish. It’s easily applied by whichever instrument you wish to use, as well as offering a relatively short drying time of just two hours. Their colour choices include Summer Sea and Shallow Waters, two shades of blue sure to induce a calm, encumbered mind. 

Summersea. Credit to: Manns.

If it’s a sense of creativity you endeavour, you might pay note to the colour yellow, said to bring about energy and happiness (due in large part to its association with the sun). It also bestows the notion of clarity, in turn, providing a safe haven for creative minds to soar. In short, it’s a colour that’s full of life.

It’s only fitting to suggest a product that correlates that. Earthborn Lifestyle Paint does just that. This water-based, emulsion paint is purposely built to accommodate the unpredictability of life. It’s 8 hour drying time is longer than other interior paints, but it’s accommodated by highly durable capabilities that ensure your patience is well rewarded. Their vast array of colour choices include Daisy Chain and Jemima, two shades brimming with warmth, clarity, and a desire to inspire creativity in your home office.    

Daisy Chain
Daisy Chain. Credit to: Earthborn Paints

Lastly, we have purple. Historically, this colour has been associated with extravagance and ambition. With a tone of mystery, it’s also said to invoke a sense of empowerment. Perhaps more so in modern times, its come to be known as a feminine colour. 

Akin to that of their leading fashion brand, ELLE Decoration by Crown offers a stunning range of modern and refined colour palettes. These high-quality paints offer endless protection to the walls of your home office, a coverage of 12? per litre and dries to a perfect flat matte, wipeable finish. Among its sumptuous tones are Colourfast and Pigment, two deliciously dark and decadent shades of purple sure to convey that aforementioned sense of mystery and empowerment in your home office.

Pigment. Credit to: Elle Decoration

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