The Kitchen and Home-cooked Meals


When we think of a warm and comforting home-cooked meal, some (if not most) of us naturally drift off to whimsical memories of shepherds pie, roast dinners, or perhaps even a hearty spaghetti bolognese. 

Picture the scene, you’ve just arrived home from a brisk afternoon walk in the fading autumn sun. Maybe you’ve hiked to the hills or strolled through a nearby forest. You arrive at your door to be greeted by an aroma of intoxicating flavours that uplift your tired soul. You whip off your muddy boots and freshen up before dinner, giddy with excitement at the thought of nourishment to come.

The kitchen is synonymous with families and comfort. It’s ultimately the beating heart of a modern home, providing warmth and sustenance when we most need it. As temperatures fall and days shorten, most of us will find ourselves spending more time indoors as the days go by to Christmas and beyond. As such, that desire for cosiness and home comforts takes centre stage. 

That’s where the kitchen comes in.

The kitchen, the beating heart of the modern home. Credit: shadowfirearts

Kitchen Cleanliness 

In an environment centred around the preparation of food, the necessity of good cleanliness is paramount. The last thing anyone wants is poor hygiene, and while it’s not entirely necessary to run in tangent with the levels of a professional kitchen per se, personal pride still comes into play here. The significance of the kitchen (whether it’s a new renovation or a lasting one) means it’s an environment you will want to protect. 

In reality, the busy and practical nature of the kitchen means its subject to a wealth of potentially troublesome issues. Aside from general wear through use, there’s grease from cooking; liquid spills; foot traffic; high humidity and steam, these are just some of the issues faced by your kitchen worktops, cabinets and floors. 

Adopting a regular cleaning schedule is a sure-fire requirement. So be sure to wipe down those surfaces after use and clear any spills once they occur. For those with wooden surfaces and floors, however, executing this practice will only achieve so much. Turning to a high-quality finish should be seen as a proven solution for protecting your kitchen wood.  

An immaculate kitchen is a point of pride. Credit: rdsremovalanalytic

A Finish That Lasts

In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, you can save yourself a whole lot of headaches by turning to a quality finish for your kitchen wood, allowing you time to focus on home-cooked meals in the months to come!

An interior preserver such as Osmo Wood Protector is ideal for protecting wood in high moisture environments, such as that of the kitchen. An extremely water repellent finish is great for worktops and the areas around your kitchen sink. It’s free from biocides and preservatives and contains natural oils to enhance the natural character of the wood, granting a wet effect in the process.

It’s vital to note, however, that this product is designed as a pre-finish, and requires an additional topcoat to operate suitably. In consideration, we recommend Manns Premier Top Oil for the job. Those water repellent qualities will be aided further by a hard-wearing matt finish that protects from hot plates and other hot surfaces. Furthermore, this product is also perfect for use on chopping boards, butcher blocks and tables.

A top oil that’s purpose-built for the kitchen. Credit to: Manns

Further Product Recommendations 

For the regular upkeep of kitchen wood with an oiled or waxed finish, we suggest turning to the Osmo Spray Cleaner. This ready to use cleaner is purpose-built for your day to day maintenance needs, cleansing and moisturising the wood with a streak-free finish that protects from further wear and tear. For larger areas or to simply top up your spray cleaner, Osmo Wash and Care provides the solution. Regular application of this product will increase surface resistance to dirt and wear and tear. Meaning the more you use it, the better your results get.

For something a little more heavy-duty, however, we advise turning your attention to Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner. This double-action cleaner also works as a reviver and restorer, perfect for re-establishing the look and lustre of old and worn looking finishes. A blend of natural waxes will also reinforce the durability of your kitchen wood.

If you are lucky enough to be blessed with hardwood or softwood floors in your kitchen, you will likely acknowledge the significance of regular maintenance, as discussed here. Regular foot traffic can lead to sustained damage if appropriate steps are not taken. A great tool for achieving these needs is the Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop. A trigger activated spray system, combined with a 360-degree swivel head action, provide an effortless way to clean your kitchen floors. It’s environmentally friendly, too!

The Bona Spray Mop can be also be used on engineered and laminate flooring. Credit to: bamaluzhome

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