Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus

  4.7/5.0   61 reviews
You'll need enter area above for 1 coat (Recommended)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • A high quality, protective wood stain for use on exterior wood surfaces
  • Enhances the natural beauty, grain and texture of the wood
  • Offers exceptional protection with just one coat
  • Water repellent, extremely weather resistant and UV stable
  • Does not crack, peel, flake or blister
  • Easily maintained and repaired if required
  • High coverage - very economical
  • Offers semi transparent, satin-matt finish
  • Finish stays workable while coating
  • Allows wood to breathe and reduces swelling and shrinkage
  • Natural oil-based, microporous formula
  • Low solvent content
  • Biocide-free - no preservative agents
  • Safe for humans, animals and plants when dry
Brand Osmo
No. of coats 1
Coverage Up to 26 per litre
Drying time 12 hrs
Size 5ml Sample, 125ml, 750ml, 2.5L
MPN 9271S, 9242S, 9236S, 9232S, 9241S, 9221S, 9235S, 9264S, 9234S, 9212S, 9262S, 9261S, 9211S, 9271A, 9242A, 9236A, 9232A, 9241A, 9221A, 9235A, 9264A, 9234A, 9212A, 9262A, 9261A, 9211A, 9271C, 9242C, 9236C, 9232C, 9241C, 9221C, 9235C, 9264C, 9234C, 9212C, 9262C, 9261C, 9211C, 9271D, 9242D, 9236D, 9232D, 9241D, 9221D, 9235D, 9264D, 9234D, 9212D, 9262D, 9261D, 9211D
GTIN 4006850751617, 4006850751679, 4006850751556, 4006850751518, 4006850751563, 4006850751495, 4006850751549, 4006850751600, 4006850751532, 4006850751488, 4006850751594, 4006850751587, 4006850751471, 4006850311866, 4006850310258, 4006850311576, 4006850311675, 4006850312566, 4006850312894, 4006850309986, 4006850310197, 4006850312023, 4006850312719, 4006850312641, 4006850312498, 4006850310043, 4006850311873, 4006850310272, 4006850311651, 4006850311699, 4006850312597, 4006850312948, 4006850310005, 4006850310210, 4006850312214, 4006850312733, 4006850312665, 4006850312511, 4006850310067, 4006850311880, 4006850310289, 4006850308019, 4006850311705, 4006850312603, 4006850312955, 4006850310012, 4006850310227, 4006850312238, 4006850312740, 4006850312672, 4006850312528, 4006850310074

Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus is ideal for use on all types of exterior woodwork such as horizontal and vertical sidings, windows, claddings, window shutters, carports, smooth wood fences, pergolas, exterior plywood, shingles, beehives, dovecotes, summerhouses, greenhouses, flower boxes and more.

Ensure that the wood surface to be treated is clean, dry (maximum moisture content 20%) and free from any surface coatings such as paint or varnish.

  • Old paints and varnishes must be fully removed with a suitable paint and varnish remover prior to application of Osmo One Coat Only
  • Old microporous stains need only be cleaned or lightly sanded
  • For additional protection against blue stain and wood rot on exterior timber, treat with Osmo WR Base Coat 4005 and allow 12 hours drying time before over-coating with Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus

Always do a test area before starting any project to check suitability and compatibility. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times.

Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus should be brush applied only. (Not suitable for spray application.) Stir well before and during use for a consistent finish.

  1. Only dip the brush a little into the tin and apply very thinly along the wood grain
  2. Apply Osmo One Coat Only thoroughly and evenly
  3. Allow to dry for approx. 12 hours with good ventilation
  4. Remove any excess product immediately with a lint-free cloth

Please Note: If applied too thickly, this product may leave shiny areas. However, these shiny areas will weather naturally within a short period of time leaving an even, satin-matt appearance.

For windows or other surfaces exposed to weathering, apply a coat of Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra over One Coat HS Plus when fully dry. This will give the surface a slightly satin appearance and improved durability of the finish. If possible apply to all sides of the wood.


Light marks and dirt can be removed by cleaning the affected surface with a mixture of water and Osmo Wash And Care.

Q. Can Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus be used on interior wooden surfaces?

A. Although this product is labelled as an exterior use product, Osmo do say that it can be used on interior wooden surfaces such as wooden ceilings and panelling. This product however is not suitable for use on wooden flooring or other surfaces that are subject to wear and tear.

61 customer reviews
Brilliant by Andy

Excellent....would thoroughly recommend it as a preservative

Reviewed 750ml, Larch - 9236 on: 11/07/17
Brilliant by Andy

Excellent....would thoroughly recommend it as a preservative

Reviewed 2.5L, Larch - 9236 on: 11/07/17
Very good once we got it by Mrs Pamela Beha

Product good but delivery far too long

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Silver Poplar - 9212 on: 03/06/17
Good product and good service by Barney Webb

Have used Osmo products before. Never fail to impress. Bit pricey for the amount but did the job. looks great and is performing well in the rain.

Reviewed 125ml, Silver Poplar - 9212 on: 01/06/17
Excellent by John Bennett
Reviewed 2.5L, White - 9211 on: 28/05/17
The best on the market! by Linda Uttley

Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus is the best product I have used for treating our log cabin. It is extremely pleasant to use and gives a really good, even finish to the wood, both protecting and enhancing. The oil needs to be applied thinly and therefore goes a long way and future applications require no sanding down of the surface as it does not crack or blister. There are a good range of different wood finishes available.

Reviewed 750ml, Walnut - 9261 on: 19/05/17
Fantastic wood protection by Debra Sequoia

Great cover. A little goes a long way. Looks great

Reviewed 2.5L, Ebony - 9271 on: 17/05/17
Efficient dispatch by Mrs Papa
Reviewed 750ml, Silver Poplar - 9212 on: 30/04/17
So far, so good by Ian Bliss

It was easy to use. The web-site and the instructions with the product were helpful and the results on wooden planters look good. Obviously I cannot comment at the moment on how long it will last, but I am so far very pleased with it..

Reviewed 750ml, Walnut - 9261 on: 18/04/17
It was used to cover an oak garden bench, went on well and looks good by Mrs S Amos

It is early days to say how the finish will last but it was easy to apply and looks very good.

Reviewed 125ml, Oak - 9241 on: 12/04/17
Only a sample, but was good enough that I just ordered a full tin by Andy Murphy

Sample coated well and left a decent colour. Have opted for the "oak" colour for my needs and ordered a full tin. Have also ordered some "Clear Extra" to use on top - have had great results with that product elsewhere. Am avoiding the base coat at the moment. I suspect it would be wise to use it, but the safety notes on it do not make good reading!

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Oak - 9241 on: 09/04/17
As per the Oak sample, did what it needed to do by Andy Murphy
Reviewed 5ml Sample, Teak - 9262 on: 09/04/17
A high quality product by Hugh Saxby

Osmo One Coat is an extremely effective wood preservative which is easy to apply and I hope - long lasting finish. Do apply thinly though.

Reviewed 2.5L, Pine - 9221 on: 13/01/17
One coat leaves a stain like finish which suits me but some may wish to repeat the coat by Mr K. O'Grady

As above suggests one coat will not be enough to satisfy some. it is easy to apply and in the location is adequate.

Reviewed 750ml, Silver Poplar - 9212 on: 20/10/16
Goes on fairly easy but you have to work it in to avoid it looking like thick paint by James Donovan
Reviewed 2.5L, Larch - 9236 on: 19/10/16
Very good, slightly harder ro apply than the WR by Michael McGee

Good coverage giving an excellent finish, brilliant

Reviewed 2.5L, Red Cedar - 9235 on: 22/09/16
Gives good finish to old wood by John Law

Excellent product that gives tired old wood a new lease of life. Sets off the half timbered house a treat.

Reviewed 2.5L, Ebony - 9271 on: 11/09/16
This is slightly pearlised clear finish by Lin W

Went on easily, time will tell how it wears but if as good as other Osmo products it will be marvellous

Reviewed 5ml Sample, White - 9211 on: 31/08/16
Did exactly what the blurb said it would by Lin W

Used it to give a greyed down look to teak outdoor furniture followed by 2 coats of Osmo clear uv protection oil

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Silver Poplar - 9212 on: 31/08/16
Great product by David Barwell

A great product leaving a professional finish. My only comment is to test an inconspicuous area before applying a 2nd coat. The 2nd coat to my garage door is much darker than I anticipated (red cedar) and as left a glossy finish in areas, although I understand this will turn to a matt finish after a week or two.

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Fir Green - 9242 on: 18/08/16
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