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Osmo Door Oil 3060

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Osmo Door Oil is the perfect way to create a natural satin-matt finish for all types of interior wooden doors. 1 litre treats four average sized doors on both sides with 2 coats.

Formulated from 100% natural waxes and oils, Osmo Door oil will not peel or flake, resists finger marking, staining and is easy to apply and maintain whilst reducing shrinkage and warping.

An average door is 3 square metres which allows for both sides. We recommend two coats meaning you'll need 6 square metres per door.

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Osmo Door Oil (3060) is a great eco-friendly interior door finish that protects and preserves interior wooden doors. Easy to apply and clean, Osmo Door Oil resists stains, finger and hand marks.


Ensure door surfaces are clean and dry before application. If doors have been oiled previously, they should be cleaned or lightly sanded using fine sand-paper with a grit of P120 or P150.

Application of Osmo Door Oil

Osmo Door Oil is easy applied with a good quality paint brush, sponge or velour roller. Apply thinly working in the direction of the wood grain and remove any excess. Apply two thin coats of Osmo Door Oil for greatest protection.

Osmo Door Oil cannot be applied to doors that have an existing varnish finish. Varnished doors must be sanded back to bare wood before applying Osmo Door Oil.


Light marks and dirt can be removed by cleaning the affected surface with a mixture of water and Osmo Wash And Care. For light scratches, use Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner. If marks go deeper into the wood then a light sand is required before applying further door oil to the affected area.

For occasional renovation, reapply a thin coat of Osmo Door Oil to clean door surfaces.


Any scuffs, marks or minor scratches can be easily repaired by gently rubbing back the affected area with a scotch pad and re-applying a thin coat of door oil for an invisible repair.

Equipment Cleaning

Brushes and other applicators should be cleaned immediately after use with white spirit.


Can be stored up to 5 years or longer if the tin is full and tightly closed.

To preserve any Door Oil that is left over, pour the remaining oil into a smaller container such as a tin, jar or bottle of the same volume. Store the remaining oil in a dry well ventilated area away from temperature extremes of hot and cold.

Drying Time

Leave to dry for between 6 to 8 hours between coats. Drying times may vary depending on room temperature, humidity and ventilation.


Doors that have been treated with Osmo Door Oil can be buffed to lift the sheen level. For additional shine and depth doors can be polished with Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish or Fiddes Beeswax Polish.

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Osmo Door Oil 3060 reviews - Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 51 reviews.

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Robert Linnard

Beware! This oil is definitely not "clear".
I bought this to finish oak veneer doors, as recommended by the manufacturer. Easy to apply, but it really darkens pale doors and highlights the (inevitably artificial) pattern of the veneer. I stopped after one side of one door. If you want oil, Danish oil-though for some reason frowned on by manufacturers- is better (and cheaper). I played safe with clear water-based varnish.
Carol Dallamore

Finish to prepared interior oak veneered doors
2 coats as advised, 7 doors, with plenty left over for a touch up. Oak veneered and it warmed them up without darkening the finish; as to wear - time will tell but I am confident that it will last. I used the brushes recommended and sold by the same shop, would suggest the same.
John Baker

Great stuff
Leaves a very nice grained finish. It does darken the wood a bit but the shade is subtle. on application I brushed it out thoroughly and from one tin I managed to put 2 coats both sides of 5 doors and still had a bit left over !
Kathryn Gray

Easy to apply, nice finish
This oil went on easily, took three applications for my two doors using rags. Water beaded up on the bathroom door after only one application, but it took three to even out the wood tone.
John Phillips

One of the best wood finishes ever
I bought cheap oak veneered doors on the internet and have just hung and finished the first one. 2 coats of Osmo door oil and the pigs ear is now a silk purse. Highly recommended.
Malcolm Bisson

Very good product-easy to use with very effective finish.(ensure good ventilation when drying)

Easy to apply, good finish
This is the best stuff we've bought. So easy to apply and the finish on our new oak doors is out of this world. Definitely recommend this product
Susan Parkins

Gives a lovely finish and easy to apply
We got this to protect our laminated oak doors and it brings them up a treat. Even though we used a clear finish it did change the colour of the doors quite significantly, but I suppose that is inevitable. Gives a lovely finish and we are really pleased with the result. Applied it using an old shirt which worked really well.
Stephen B

The product is fantastic, we used this on new oak doors and it really brings out the detail in the wood. Applying the product is not to difficult however ensure there is plenty of ventilation (open windows) when applying it as the odour can be quite strong. Overall I'm really pleased and happy I bought these items from Wood Finishes Direct.
Mike Webster

The right choice for the bi-fold doors
The doors look a treat and show them off to their very best. Glad I came across this product through my search. As it is a penetrating treatment there was a strong after-smell which took a couple of days to fade.
Mandy Neal

Excellent product, really enhanced the grain in the wood.
I used the Osmo Door Oil on my new internal room dividing oak doors. I am delighted with the finish, it really enhanced the grain in the wood.
Jennifer Lacey

Fantastic product does what it says on the tin easy to use
Had 8 brand new doors to treat. Hadn't got a clue what to use then discovered Osmo door oil with great reviews which gave me the confidence to give it a try. It is expensive compared with some but its easy to apply and goes a long way and everyone says how lovely the doors look. Great Product.
P W Lloyd

Excellent service and very good product
Used on our new solid oak doors really enhanced the appearance of the wood, very easy to apply.

Easy and quick
Used on pine doors, very easy to use. Bring out grain nicely.
Donna Austin

Great service and product.
The finish on my oak veneer doors is fantastic, the oil was easy to apply.
Phillip Kennedy

Extremely happy
Very easy to apply and very nice finish for the oak doors
I Muncey

Easy to use and gives a good finish without changing the colour of the oak too significantly.
It is easy to apply with a good quality brush but takes quite a while to dry, especially in the cooler weather. I had to allow a good 8 hours with the heating on.
Julie Willey

Easy to apply, great finish.
Used it before, this is my second order. Great product, leaves the doors looking great
Harriet Davies

Brilliant Finish
Super easy to use, dries to a matt finish and brings out the grain of the wood really beautifully. Will be buying some more for sure!
David Spears

Excellent Product - delighted with purchase.
I wanted a product that would not discolour my new pine doors; simply enhance the grain and protect them, I am so happy to have chosen this product. This door oil goes on well; use sparingly with a lint free cloth (I have so far applied 2 coats to both doors with plenty left over for another coat each!) I found an excellent finish was obtained by sanding the doors first with 320 grit paper and 'de-nib' with some 'pre-used'(becomes softer) 320 grit paper between coats. Only slight niggle was the tin (which was well protected and packaged by Wood-finishes Direct) arrived dented and the top was difficult to open, clearly this happened during transportation :( Overall a great product and company to deal with, no hesitation in recommending.

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