Osmo Country Colour

  4.8/5.0 (228 reviews)
On-screen colours may vary according to different screen calibrations. We therefore always recommend applying a test area.
2 coats = Recommended
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

  • A professional oil-based top coat for exterior and interior use
  • Extremely weather and UV-resistant for long term protection
  • Reduces shrinking, drying and swelling
  • Natural oil formula allows wood to breathe whilst being water repellent
  • Dries to an opaque, satin finish after 2 coats
  • Does not crack, peel, flake or blister
  • Biocide-free, without preservatives
  • Low V.O.C content
Brand Osmo
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 26 per litre
Drying time 12 hrs
Size 5ml Sample, 125ml, 750ml, 2.5L
MPN 2716S, 2310S, 2703S, 2607S, 2507S, 2704S, 2404S, 2204S, 2501S, 2735S, 2203S, 2606S, 2308S, 2708S, 2506S, 2311S, 2205S, 2742S, 2101S, 2716A, 2310A, 2703A, 2607A, 2507A, 2704A, 2404A, 2204A, 2501A, 2735A, 2203A, 2606A, 2308A, 2708A, 2506A, 2311A, 2205A, 2742A, 2101A, 2716C, 2310C, 2703C, 2607C, 2507C, 2704C, 2404C, 2204C, 2501C, 2735C, 2203C, 2606C, 2308C, 2708C, 2506C, 2311C, 2205C, 2742C, 2101C, 2716D, 2310D, 2703D, 2607D, 2507D, 2704D, 2404D, 2204D, 2501D, 2735D, 2203D, 2606D, 2308D, 2708D, 2506D, 2311D, 2205D, 2742D, 2101D
GTIN 4006850751464, 4006850751334, 4006850751419, 4006850751402, 4006850751389, 4006850751426, 4006850751358, 4006850751310, 4006850751365, 4006850751440, 4006850751303, 4006850751396, 4006850751327, 4006850751433, 4006850751372, 4006850751662, 4006850751655, 4006850751457, 4006850751297, 4006850743872, 4006850108732, 4006850104192, 4006850103935, 4006850110544, 4006850104208, 4006850103904, 4006850104406, 4006850103911, 4006850649914, 4006850103898, 4006850103942, 4006850104017, 4006850113071, 4006850108787, 4006850113118, 4006850107476, 4006850654123, 4006850104222, 4006850743889, 4006850108749, 4006850101405, 4006850101368, 4006850110537, 4006850101429, 4006850101306, 4006850103263, 4006850101320, 4006850649921, 4006850101979, 4006850101382, 4006850102464, 4006850113088, 4006850108794, 4006850113125, 4006850107537, 4006850654178, 4006850102273, 4006850743896, 4006850108756, 4006850101412, 4006850101375, 4006850110247, 4006850101436, 4006850101313, 4006850103270, 4006850101337, 4006850649938, 4006850101986, 4006850101399, 4006850102471, 4006850113095, 4006850108800, 4006850113163, 4006850107520, 4006850654185, 4006850102280

Osmo Country Colour is a very versatile paint-like, opaque oil finish for use throughout the garden and home. Perfect for a wide range of projects including wooden sidings and claddings, trim, clapboards (shutters), fences, shakes, shingles, pergolas, summer houses, log cabins, boat houses, garden furniture, sheds and more.

Interior uses include wooden surfaces, stone and brick walls (not plaster) where a satin-matt, intensely coloured but micro-porous finish is desired.

You'll find plenty of useful guidance about picking the best wood stain colour in our blog. Happy hunting!

RAL colour matching:Please supply the specific shade reference number using this RAL chart in "Special Instructions" at checkout, allowing a minimum of 10 working days. Osmo RAL matched colours are made to order and are Non-refundable.

The wood surface to be coated with Osmo Country Colour must be clean, dry and frost-free.

  1. Old paints and varnishes must be fully removed with a suitable Paint or Varnish Remover
  2. Existing micro-porous finishes such as oils and stains need only be cleaned or lightly sanded prior to application of Osmo Country Colours
  3. If additional protection against blue stain, rot and insects is desired, pre-treat the wood if possible on all sides with Osmo WR Base Coat (4001)

Always do a test area before starting any project to check suitability and compatibility, and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times. Be aware that rough sawn timber is more absorbent, meaning coverage per litre will be greatly reduced. Osmo Country Colour is ready to use straight from the tin, no thinning required. Stir well before and periodically when in use.

  1. Apply thinly and evenly along the wood grain
  2. For exterior wood, apply first coat on all sides before installation for maximum protection
  3. Allow to dry in line with Product Information sheet
  4. After drying, apply a second coat, also thinly


For general renovation, apply a fresh coat of Osmo Country Colour thinly and evenly in the direction of the wood grain as and when required.

228 customer reviews
Osmo products are excellent by Richard Biker

Enough to provide a good colour swatch , cheap and quick on pnp

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Dove Blue - 2507 on: 21/05/17
Fantastic product - goes on easily and great colour by Zelah Pengilley

Fantastic product - goes on easily and great colour and coverage.

Reviewed 2.5L, Your Choice of RAL Shade on: 20/05/17
Bit of a curates egg by Michael Symes

I made the mistake of using it on sawn timber and the coverage was very poor due to difficulty in applying it thinly, only got about 7m2 per litre which makes it a very expensive finish. On smooth planed wood coverage was very much higher. Would use it again on planed timber but not on sawn.

Reviewed 2.5L, Fir Green - 2404 on: 13/05/17
Great by Jamie Summers
Reviewed 5ml Sample, Pebble Grey - 2708 on: 13/05/17
Awesome paint by Jamie Summers

I am very happy with my purchase of Osmo country colour. It has completely transformed my shed, it now looks fantastic. The coverage you get from a can is very impressive. I ordered 2.5litres to paint an 8/12 shed, it was more than enough for two coats with at least half left. Delivery was quick and the can was well packaged, a good price for a great product. Very happy.

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Light Grey - 2735 on: 13/05/17
Great by Jamie Summers
Reviewed 5ml Sample, Traffic Grey - 2742 on: 13/05/17
Excellent weatherproof paint by Lucy Molleson
Reviewed 2.5L, Labrador Blue - 2501 on: 12/05/17
Beautiful product with a stunning finish by S Pierce

We have used this osmo for our stand at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and it looks absolutely stunning. This osmo is easy to apply with Mako Natural Bristle Woodcare Brush 80mm and looks so crisp once cured - highly recommend this product and Wood Finishes Direct for their skill and knowledge into this product.

Reviewed 2.5L, Dusk Grey - 2704 on: 02/05/17
Very good by Gerald White

Osmo country colours is a superb product it goes on well and covers really well only needing 2 coats on bare wood.

Reviewed 750ml, Labrador Blue - 2501 on: 01/05/17
Very good by Nicholas Moore
Reviewed 2.5L, Traffic Grey - 2742 on: 30/04/17
Osmo country is a great product Glad I decided on this one next day free delivery by Douglas Moar
Reviewed 2.5L, Light Grey - 2735 on: 30/04/17
Easy to use, great coverage by Mrs E Snaith

Well worth the initial cost, it covers well and looks great

Reviewed 2.5L, Pebble Grey - 2708 on: 23/04/17
Tiny sample by DJC

I though the price for a tester reasonable, then it arrived: a tiny sachet. Just enough to cover 4"x8"; not enough to check the effect on north and south sides, not enough to try the effect of mixing colours. Osmo is good paint but the colour choice is limited and the colour card not a good representation of how it looks: being able to mix your own is important. As to Nordic Red: far brighter than the colour card suggests, I had to mix 5:1 with Charcoal to get something less alarming.

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Nordic Red - 2308 on: 16/04/17
Tiny sample, by DJC

I though the price for a tester reasonable, then it arrived: a tiny sachet. Just enough to cover 4"x8"; not enough to check the effect on north and south sides, not enough to try the effect of mixing colours. Osmo is good paint but the colour choice is limited and the colour card not a good representation of how it looks: being able to mix your own is important. As to Labrador Blue, too bright, I'm glad I brought only the sample.

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Labrador Blue - 2501 on: 16/04/17
Provides excellent impression of final finish by Keith Dutton

There is sufficient quantity in the sample to provide you with a good impression of final finish

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Dusk Grey - 2704 on: 13/04/17
Delivery arrived as promised the next day by Mrs Sylvia Tate

The colour has been much admired. The coverage is good and we will continue to use this supplier and product as required.

Reviewed 2.5L, Traffic Grey - 2742 on: 09/04/17
Fantastic product - easy to apply, no flaking and colour lasts for years by Ant
Reviewed 750ml, Labrador Blue - 2501 on: 07/04/17
Excellent product by John Perkins

we used osmo oil on a lot of our building contracts - excellent product!

Reviewed 2.5L, Charcoal - 2703 on: 07/04/17
Trusty brand by A C

This stuff is great. Yes it's expensive but you really do get your moneys worth. It will outperform any of the standard DIY type shed paints, and it goes a long way.

Reviewed 2.5L, Cedar Redwood - 2310 on: 21/03/17
I mixed this with another osmo colour to get the shade I required by Jacqui W

Goes on lovely, colours rather limited, but a great product, would definitely use again.

Reviewed 125ml, Nordic Red - 2308 on: 18/03/17

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