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Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain

  124 customer reviews
Recommended 2 coats
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not "per coat" amounts.

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  • 2
  • 26m²/L
    1 coat
  • 12 hrs
  •  Protects against mould
  •  Water repellent
  •  Weather & UV-resistant
  •  Satin-matt finish
124 reviews

Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain is a semi-transparent exterior wood stain containing natural oils and UV filters to protect against the greying affects of sunlight whilst offering excellent protection against rot, mildew and weathering.

Ideal for all exterior woodwork including decking, it's easy to apply, enhances the wood grain and texture and dries to a satin-matt finish.

The clear Osmo UV Protection Oil 420 (Extra) can be mixed with any Osmo Natural Oil Wood Stain colour if a lighter shade is required.

Please be advised that 125ml tins are printed in German only. For application instructions refer to the overview below.


Osmo Natural Oil Wood Stain is perfect for all exterior woods including doors, windows and windowsills, carports, timber cladding, balcony, wooden decking, screens & fences, pergolas, summer houses garden furniture and more.

Note: The clear version of this product (701) does not offer any UV-Protection and is therefore not recommended for surfaces prone to strong sunlight. If a clear finish with UV protection is required, consider Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra or Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra Natural 429.


Wood surfaces must be clean, dry and frost-free prior to application. Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain is ready to use straight from the tin with no need to thin.

This product should be stirred thoroughly before use and periodically during application. If possible, apply the first coat to all sides of the wood before installation to offer the best all-round protection.

For additional protection against mould, algae, dry rot, woodworm and insect attack, use a good quality wood preservative such as Ronseal Total Wood Preservative or Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative prior to applying Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain.

Osmo WR Base Coat 4005 protects against blue stain and rot but doesn't contain an insecticide.

Note: It's important to allow the specified drying time of any preservative before applying this product.


Always do a test area first

Apply thinly and evenly along the wood grain with either a good quality hand brush or Microfibre roller, and spread well. Allow for good ventilation whilst drying. Apply a second coat as before. The final surface quality is dependent on the woods surface structure. We therefore always recommend to test the product on a small sample area before complete application.


When renovating, simply apply one coat of Natural Oil Woodstain to the clean and dry existing finish, this will usually be sufficient.

Cleaning of equipment

Application brushes and other equipment can be cleaned with white spirit.


Can be stored up to 5 years or more if the original tin is full, tightly closed and stored in a dry place. If product becomes thickened by frost it will regain its normal consistency under normal temperatures within 24-36 hours.

To preserve any oil that is left over, pour the remaining product into a smaller container such as a tin, jar or bottle and fill to the rim so there is no or minimal air in the container. Protect the stored oil from temperature extremes of heat and cold.


  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • May produce an allergic reaction.
  • If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.
  • Use only in well ventilated areas.

Warning: Wash out any used cloth impregnated with this product immediately after use or store in an airtight container (danger of self-ignition).

Drying Time

Drying time is approximately 12 hours depending on temperature and humidity. If applied correctly (thin coats) it is normally touch dry in 4-6 hours. Lower temperatures and/or high humidity can increase the drying time.


Note: The transparent colour tone of the finish will be influenced by the woods natural colour, causing the result to deviate from the colour shown on the colour chart. Lightly pigmented (coloured) transparent finishes have little protection against UV influences and are therefore not recommended for surfaces prone to strong sunlight.

The dried surface gives a light satin finish at first but will change to a satin-matt finish thereafter. To increase the durability of the finish we recommend, after thorough drying, to apply a top coat of Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra.

For the white Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain finish (product code 900) use Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra Natural 429 as this will retain the white finish. Using the standard clear UV protection oil (420) on top of the white 900 may result in a creamy or 'Off White' finish.

All colour shades can be mixed with each other to create any number of alternative colours if required

Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain reviews

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 124 reviews.
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Exactly what I was expecting by E Brewer

I had already used this product so it was exactly as I was expecting. As to how long it lasts.... will have to wait and see.

Reviewed 2.5L, Patina Grey - 905 on: 20/01/16
Beautiful render by Nicolas Henninger

Beautiful render. Easy to apply. Keeps the natural texture of the wood even after second coat

Reviewed 2.5L, Ebony - 712 on: 07/01/16
Perfect by Juliette Fioretta

Osmo products have yet to let me down.

Reviewed 2.5L, Patina Grey - 905 on: 02/12/15
Beautiful colour Excellent result by Martin Price

I used this for a side gate that I built from scratch. The end result is amazing - the gate looks really smart and water just beads off it. The method of application appeals to my Yorkshire instincts - although the product is not cheap, you apply really thinly in each coat so it goes a long way. It looks good at each coat and as there is a good level of pigment, you can see where you have applied for each coat.

Reviewed 750ml, Fir Green - 729 on: 20/11/15
Looks good but time will tell by P Thomson

Easy to apply and finish is good, but didn't cover as much area as I expected (about 20% less) but different wood adsorb different amounts.

Reviewed 750ml, Teak - 708 on: 11/11/15
Product high quality and easy to use by Sarah Brown

Purchased basalt grey oil woodstain for outside my log cabin summerhouse, and white oil tint for Inside. Feel this is money well spent. Both provide a translucent matt/silk stain effect with one coat and a heavier protective silk finish with 2 coats. This is a cover which is clearly not paint and does not look like it will wear or flake with time which is why I chose it. I wanted a durable finish to update rather than one I would need to take back to the wood. The woodgrain can be easily seen especially using the indoor oil. Used over a clear wood preserver for extra life which worked well. Coverage was exactly what it said on the tin.

Reviewed 2.5L, Basalt Grey - 903 on: 06/11/15
Too small sample by Charlie Webster

Sample was far too small to test an area for wood finish.

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Clear Matt - 701 on: 03/11/15
A note from us...

Hello Charlie,

The Sachets cover about 8- 10cm squares, if you would like a larger area covered then you could look at the small 125ml tins which will cover one quater to a half meter squared. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with.

Kind Regards Sam.

Great product by Paul Brennan

Great quality and easy to apply . Make sure you really stir well as I thought I had , but the last bit was very dark. And hard to apply .

Reviewed 750ml, Oregon Pine - 731 on: 01/11/15
Improved my windows by John Young

Applied to my weathered, greyed hardwood windows, has certainly improved them cosmetically as well as giving them protection.

Reviewed 2.5L, Light Oak - 732 on: 30/10/15
Excellent by GS

Osmo products always good - worth paying the extra

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear Matt - 701 on: 26/10/15
Very easy to apply , no drips, excellent finish by Sheelagh Handford

Initially I bought three samples to paint my wooden gates in the colours Basalt,Pantina & Pearl. Basalt had a slight khaki tinge and Patina was a dark grey. Pearl was the lightest and tones in well with my sandstone walls. It was easy to apply but I did need three coats to get a uniform application as some of the slats absorbed the oil more than others. Since using the product the rain has beaded on the surface and not been absorbed by the wood. The gate is hung under a tree so I do have moss/algae problem and I will be interested to see how the oil is over time.

Reviewed 750ml, Pearl Grey - 906 on: 22/10/15
Love this product by David Da Costa

Excellent. I would not buy anything else but this in future and has a nice smell also. It does everything. Looks great, lasting protection. The clear which I bought really enhances and brings out the natural colours in my front door I used it on. Very easy to apply yet doesn't run either. Highly recommend. It's not expensive either as it goes a lot further than other products so you are getting great quality that goes a long way.

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear Matt - 701 on: 22/10/15
Excellent by Lisa Duffy

Long lasting and hard wearing product. Well worth it's money.

Reviewed 750ml, Red Cedar - 728 on: 21/10/15
Good finish but slow to dry by John Galloway

I applied this on a sunny october day to my patio doors which are solid oak and expected them to be dry within 7 hours . It took 3 days in all to lose tackiness .Once dry it is a good finish but beware of when you use it.

Reviewed 750ml, Rosewood - 727 on: 20/10/15
A note from us...

Hello John,

Thank you for the review, with most of the Osmo products very thin application is necessary. If the product is over applied this can slow down the drying time. But also if the temperature is slightly lower, even when dry, it is fair to say that this will also prolong the drying time.

But I am glad you where pleased with the fianl result. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on

Regards Sam.

Very good quality by Simon Bedford

Very easy to apply with a lovely non plastic finish. The water now just stands off it. Please buy more than the coverage calculator suggests.

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Patina Grey - 905 on: 14/10/15
The best by Judy Williams

Pearl grey toned down orange tones leaving texture and grain of wood creating the desired aged effect

Reviewed 2.5L, Pearl Grey - 906 on: 10/10/15
Excellent product but buy a tester first ! by Diane Staphnill

This is a great decking oil, easy to apply and appears quite hard wearing. However learn from my mistake: I originally bought a tin of a different colour from a different supplier which had no warnings about the colour varying on different types of wood, I started to paint it on the decking and it looked a completely different colour but I thought it was because it was wet so carried on painting. When it dried it was still different to the colour on the outside of the tin and I hated it ! I decided to buy the Ebony to cover it up and had to paint the whole area all over again. However the final result is great, the original brown colour very slightly shows through the black top coat giving it a really lovely rich colour. I've since bought another colour and used them in different combinations for really interesting results. So buy a tester if you want to be sure of the colour.

Reviewed 2.5L, Ebony - 712 on: 09/10/15
Easy to use and it looks good too by AMANDA MERCER

We have painted a large shed, some fencing and a covered wooden seat in this product and it is easy to use and looks great.

Reviewed 2.5L, Basalt Grey - 903 on: 09/10/15
Great product by Tim Mason

We recommend this product to all our clients who want to stain exterior wood. You can't get better than Osmo

Reviewed 750ml, Fir Green - 729 on: 05/10/15
Excellent way of testing a product without spending too much! by Dawn T

I have used Osmo oils for several years now and would recommend them to anyone with bare timber that requires sealing. I have used it on worktops, floors, doors and stairs, all with excellent results. I do buy the rapid dry oil now and it is well worth the small amount extra. I recently used the clear matt on a beam that is around 200 years old and it dried back to a completely flat finish that left all the character intact. The oil with a woodstain is exactly what I needed for new windows and being able to test several different colours (given the low price for a tester sachet,) was really helpful. Excellent products!

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Quartz Grey - 907 on: 03/10/15

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