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Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra

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Osmo UV Protection Oil is a superior exterior oil that blocks the greying effect of the Sun's UV rays by a factor of 12. It offers superb durability alongside biocide protection against mould and fungal growth.

Easily applied with a paint brush or mohair roller Osmo UV Protection oil dries a satin-matt finish that will not peel or flake.

Can also be used for lightening or overcoating the Osmo Natural Oil Wood Stain colour range.

The Osmo UV Protection Oil has been designed in order to combat the greying effects of the Sun's UV rays. Many woods like oak, teak and iroko to name just a few will become grey or silver over time and this oil will slow down that greying process by a factor of 12 when compared to natural wood. Normally the Sun's rays can penetrate through the clear coatings and bleach the wood below but this product contains special ingredients to combat this. The '420 Extra' contains Biocide which is a combination of insecticide and fungicide making it ideal for outside use.

This product is micro-porous, thus allowing the wood to breathe. Because the oil does not form a seal on the surface of the wood it cannot peel, flake, crack or blister. It is based on natural oils and offers a very clear, natural effect when compared to other 'clear' oils and penetrates into the wood grain aiding the natural elasticity of the wood and helping to reduce shrinkage and swelling.


Ensure surfaces are clean and dry before application and are not previously sealed.

New Unpreserved or old wood can first be treated with Barrettine Wood Preservative prior to applying Osmo UV Protection Oil to offer the best all round protection. Allow sufficient time for the preservative to dry before applying the oil.


Apply in THIN coats with paint brush or mohair roller. Always finish your brush or roller strokes by going in the direction of the wood grain. This oil can also be applied over the Osmo Wood Stain and Protector.


Slightly tired looking areas can be easily refreshed by simply cleaning the affected areas and applying more of the oil. Even badly scratched areas can be seamlessly repaired with a sand and a re-application of the oil.


Osmo recommend that this product is NOT used on horizontal surfaces such as floors, decking and wooden steps etc.

On the tin it states that it is not suitable for use on Iroko and Teak timbers but customers have used it with success on these woods. Our advice is to ensure the oil is well pushed into the wood grain as it they are tighter and less porous woods. Sanding them a bit rougher (about 150 grit sandpaper also help).


Q. We have a garden table which says only use Roble Wax and not linsead oil. I have searched for this product and even with the Internet have not succeeded. The table was from B+Q. Please can you help me?

A. To my knowledge, it's only B&Q that offer the Roble garden furniture in The UK and the product recommended for finishing it is indeed hard to find. We have looked into this thoroughly and can confirm that Osmo's UV Protection Oil is ideal for Roble wood. As Roble is a dense, oily wood it is important to work the oil into the wood well and apply it thinly.

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Mr F

 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra
Great product!
I used this to refinish our front door which was looking in a bad way. The product was easy to use & looks great. Just apply a thin coat & wipe off the excess. I'd recommend doing sections at a time as it dried fairly quickly & got tacky. Our door looks better than new!
Stephen Staple

 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra
Best oil on the market by far
i have used danish oil on a lot of my oak window frames it tends to fade to an orange colour fairly quickly but this oil leaves it with a more natural finish
John Tyler

 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra
Good quality protection for your exterior oak
I have found this product to be very good on exterior oak. It does not crack or peel off like some products out there. But it will cost you. I'm afraid you only get what you pay for.
Andrew Marsden

 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra
Awesome product
used on oak doors it lifted the grain out beautifully, very happy with the finished look
Christine Palmer

 2.5L, Oak - 425
Exceeds expectations
I have used Osmo products for many years and they have always been excellent protection for very exposed woodwork and wears very well indeed indoors.
JM Winchester

 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra
Easy to use with excellent coverage
Bought on the strength of other reviews after poor experiences with varnish type products. Easy to apply with only slight change of wood colour. Takes quite a long time to dry but not a problem unless you are in a hurry! Time will tell as to how effective this finish is.
P Barmby

 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra
Looks good so far
The oil goes on good bringing the wood to life it takes a little longer to dry than it says on the tin apply thinly in a few coats I would use a rag if you put too much on you will be waiting days for it to dry

 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra
Another good product
Used this on red cedar cladding and the finished product looks superb. Ask me again in a few years, and I'll tell you how well it works!!!!

 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra
Easy to apply and dries pretty fast
I applied this oil to an oak veneered door using a rag. The first coat took a couple of days to dry - but it was quite cold (February). It also lifted the grain very slightly, which surprised me - but would require only the lightest of sanding before the second coat. From what I've seen so far I expect the second coat to leave a deep lustre type finish - which I'll apply when the weather warms up a bit. Really pleased and would thoroughly recommend this product and the people at Wood Finishes Direct. I shall be using this for my hardwood window frames in future.
David Lott

 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra
Looks as though it's going to be a good product.
This was the only oil based product I could find to stop a cedar lodge going grey/silver and enhance the natural colour. Only just applied it so time will tell if it works.
Angela Barnett

 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra
Appears to do what it says on the tin
Have not used this product before, have now applied it to some hardwood and only time will tell how good it is - the finish looks great.
Tim Needes

 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra
Great product excellent service
Great product excellent service and delivery good txt notification
Mike Mitchell

 750ml, Oak - 425
Still tacky after 2/3 weeks!!
Info writing on tin was too small and did not state that the coat should be very thin, OSMO have now said it should be thin and I can remove film with white spirit but that's more hassle.
Our feedback:-
This is something we do hear about occasionally. We would like to stress that oils are effective when they bond with the wood fibres. If the oil is *on* the surface as opposed to *in* the surface then it sits there and will only dry once the excess product has evaporated.

All oils (not just Osmo) need to be worked into the wood and shouldn't feel overly tacky, even immediately after application. Applied in this way an Osmo oil will comfortably dry within 6 hours at room temperature.

Some hard woods such as: beech, teak, iroko, idigbo and ipe (to name a few) have a tighter grain and getting them to absorb an oil can be harder so an oil needs to be worked into the surface even more. It is also a good idea to sand to just 80 or 100 grit sandpaper on hard woods (120 to 150 grit on pine and oak).

Thank you for this feedback, no doubt some future customers will benefit from it.


 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra
Fantastic finish
Goes on really well and gives the wood a lovely lustre, its working really well on the door I have just made for a client out of Yew hardwood.
James Leese

 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra
The best timber protection oil I have ever used.
Osmo isn't cheap but it is much better than other brands I have used. It is easy to apply and gives only a slight colour change. I used it on an old heavily weathered teak garden bench (sanded down with P180) and the finish enhances and protects the wood. The bench looks like new.
Claire Summers

 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra
Easy to use excellent finish, hoping it lasts a long time
Really good service from this company. Really fast delivery, came next day. Definitely recommend this company and product. We stripped some weathered oak using oxalic acid then finished with this osmo product which has given it the colour of wood again. Lovely

 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra
Low odour easy application very absobant
arrived on time. left as instructed. Oil looks yellowish/cream in colour but is colourless when applied
Stuart Wyse

 125ml Sample, Clear - 420 Extra
Great product, does exactly what I wanted
Was recommended this by a carpenter to match some existing windows and am very pleased with results so far.
David Simons

 2.5L, Oak - 425
This is by far the best product I have found for use on external oak windows, doors & terraces. Obviously it will take time to see how it weathers, but in terms of user friendliness and finish, so far, I and my client are very happy. Yes, I have re-ordered more for another client already... It's just a shame you do not deliver to France.
Our feedback:-
Hi David. We're glad you love the product. Delivery to France is possible if you call us to place your order. We'll be adding European delivery options to the web site very soon.
John Hackett

 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra
Excellent product.
The best product of its type by far in my opinion & I think I've tried them all!

per litre
9 hours
dry time
  • Protects against greying
  • UV-Protection factor 12
  • Will not peel or flake

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* Coverage can vary depending upon on the type of wood used and the amount of product applied. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not 'per coat' amounts.
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