Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra

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Wood type and application method can vary coverage. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not "per coat" amounts.

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  • 2
  • 20m²/L
    1 coat
  • 12 hrs
  •  Protects against greying
  •  UV-Protection factor 12
  •  Will not peel or flake
325 reviews

Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra is a superior wood oil that protects timber against the greying effect of the Sun's UV rays by a factor of 12 - acting as a "sun cream for wood". It offers superb durability against weathering with an added biocide to combat against mould, algae and insect attack.

Please note: 125ml tins are printed in German only. For application instructions refer to the overview below.

Available in Clear (420), Cedar (428), Oak (425) and Natural (429). Perfect for use on all exterior timber including external doors, window frames, windowsills, carports, timber cladding, balcony, screens & fences, pergolas, garden houses and furniture. Osmo do not recommend that this product is used on flat horizontal surfaces where water can collect such as floors, decking and wooden steps.

Osmo 420, 425, 428 and 429 - Key Features

  • Slows greying of wood
  • Will not crack, peel, flake or blister
  • Based on natural, renewable resources
  • Final finish protects against mould, algae and fungai attack
  • Oiled finish provides a microporous, breathable surface
  • Foundation and top coat in one

IMPORTANT: The Osmo 429 Extra has been specifically designed to retain the natural, untreated appearance of lighter timbers such as Oak, Pine, Larch, however it is not suitable for dark exotic hardwoods as it may result in a 'milky' finish or appearance.

Ensure surfaces to be oiled are clean, dry and free from all surface coatings such as paint or varnish before application. Wood that has been previously oiled should be cleaned and lightly sanded.

New unpreserved or old wood should first be treated with a quality wood preservative such as Barrettine Wood Preservative or Ronseal Total Wood Preservative before applying Osmo UV Protection Oil. Using a wood preserver prior to applying the oil gives additional protection against mould, algae, dry rot, woodworm and other wood boring insects. Allow sufficient time for the preservative to dry, normally 24 to 48 hours, before applying.

As an alternative to spirit-based preservatives Osmo WR Base Coat 4005 can be used. This product penetrates deeply into the wood to help repel water and moisture. This helps to reduce the risk of timber swelling and shrinking therefore reducing the chance of the wood cracking, splitting and warping.

Apply in thin coats with a paint brush or velour roller ensuring that the oil is worked into the grain of the wood as opposed to painted on top of the wood. Always finish your brush or roller strokes by going in the direction of the wood grain.

The Clear Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra 420 Extra can also be used for lightening or overcoating Osmo Natural Oil Wood Stain for added protection and durability.

Over Application of Natural - 429 Extra will result in a 'white wash' finish and in the worst cases white swirls, brush marks and a sticky or tacky surface. A test area and trial application should be undertaken before starting any project.

Slightly tired looking areas can be easily refreshed by simply cleaning the affected areas and applying a fresh coat of Osmo UV Oil. Even badly scratched areas can be seamlessly repaired with a light sanding and a re-application of the oil.

Application brushes and other equipment should be cleaned with Osmo Brush Cleaner or White Spirit.

Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra has a shelf life of 5 years or more if kept sealed in the original tin. Store in a dry cool place. If thickened by cool temperatures or frost, the oil will regain its normal consistency within 24 to 36 hours of being returned to normal temperatures.

To preserve any remaining oil once the tin has been opened and used, decant any remaining oil into a smaller tin, jar or container, fill to the rim and seal with an air tight lid.

Osmo does not recommend that this product is applied to flat horizontal surfaces where water can collect such as floors, decking and wooden steps etc.

Be aware that rough sawn timber is more absorbent, meaning coverage per litre will be greatly reduced.

Q. We have a garden table which says only use Roble Wax and not Linseed Oil. I have searched for this product and even with the Internet I have not succeeded. The table was from B&Q. Please can you help me?

A. To my knowledge, it's only B&Q that offers the Roble garden furniture in The UK and the product recommended for finishing it is indeed hard to find. We have looked into this thoroughly and can confirm that Osmo's UV Protection Oil is ideal for Roble wood. As Roble is a dense, oily wood it is important to work the oil into the wood well and apply it thinly.

Q. I work for a joinery that makes and fits bespoke hardwood windows, doors and decking. Can Osmo UV Protection Oil be used on dense exotic hardwoods like Teak, Iroko, Ipe, Meranti and Garapa?

A. On the tin it states that Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra is not suitable for use on Iroko, Teak and other exotic hardwood timbers but we have customers that have used Osmo UV Protection Oil with success on these woods.

Lightly sanding with a 120 grit sandpaper helps to open the tighter, less porous grain of exotic hardwoods enabling the oil to penetrate easier. Wiping the timber down with methylated spirit prior to applying Osmo UV Oil can help to remove some of the natural oil from the surface of the wood which helps the Osmo Oil to penetrate. Ensure the oil is at a good room temperature as it thickens when cooler making application more difficult. Apply thinly working the oil into the surface grain of the wood.

Q. Can Osmo UV Protection Oil 420 Clear be used on garden decking?

A. Osmo says that this product isn't suitable for use on horizontal surfaces such as decking. This said however, we have customers that have applied one coat of Osmo Decking Oil then applied 2 very thin coats of Osmo 420 clear on top and have been happy with the results.

Osmo UV Protection wood oil dries in approximately 12 hours in normal climatic conditions of 23℃ / 50% relative humidity. Lower temperatures and higher humidity can increase the drying time.

Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra reviews

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 325 reviews.
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Very good result by Mary Terrett

We used this product on new oak slats when refurbishing a garden seat and are extremely pleased with the look and quality of this protective oil. Time will prove how well it lasts.

Reviewed 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra on: 21/05/16
Amazing spec for low voc product by Huw Partridge

Teak looks amazing after using this and will remain uv protected

Reviewed 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra on: 20/05/16
This is really good stuff by DeeGee

Dries well, goes on well and is a nice hue. Get a good quality brush, not a cheap one and it does actually make a difference.

Reviewed 2.5L, Oak - 425 Extra on: 20/05/16
Goes on easily, good finish by Marcus Groves

Was very pleased with this as a replacement treatment for cedar cladding. Goes on easily provided weather you don't apply in cold weather. Lovely natural finish, really brings out the colour and grain. Would highly recommend.

Reviewed 2.5L, Oak - 425 Extra on: 20/05/16
I always buy Osmo from Wood Finishes by S Groves

The product is brilliant, I use it on work tops and wooden doors.. And I always get good service and very quick delivery, Thank you.

Reviewed 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra on: 12/05/16
Brilliant protection for all my garden wood by Steve Simpson

I bought this to protect a beautiful external oak beam that the previous householder had covered in black paint. I sanded it, covered it in ballantines wood preserver then this. It looks stunning now and the grain really shows through- a real feature. Even though it is clear oil it darkened the wood by several shades, but looks warm, and feels protected. With half a tin left, I used the same process on an ornate teak bench, a cheap patio table, and 6 oak sleepers. All look great, and in the recent rain, water has beaded beautifully. The sleepers were grey and used to go dark grey when they got wet - now they stay a lovely warm oak colour throughout any british summer weather.

Reviewed 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra on: 12/05/16
Very easy to use with good results by Matthew Mclaughlin

I made a garden seat and table from oak and elm . I used three coats of oil with no problems very good finish . I placed them in the garden and living in west of Scotland it was not long until the rain came on, then you saw the results , the rain sat on the top of seat and table as little bubbles no penetration into the wood, very please with your product.

Reviewed 750ml, Clear - 420 Extra on: 07/05/16
Great finish by Alistair Wilkie

Easy to apply, brought out the grain in the wood, nice finish.

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra on: 06/05/16
Simply outstanding protection! by Mark Williamson

This is the best wood protection I've ever used. The first time it lasted about three to four years before showing any signs of breakdown on the woods surface!

Reviewed 750ml, Oak - 425 Extra on: 04/05/16
Easy to use by David Speare

Very good finish and easy to use

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra on: 04/05/16
I have never used this product before, but seeing how it finishes external hardwoods, I will continue to use it by David Wyn Lewis

I used this product in conjunction with Barretine clear preservative and found that the finish is very natural and fully waterproof. Great product if applied as per instructions.

Reviewed 750ml, Natural - 429 Extra on: 29/04/16
Easy to use and a great result by Michael Hill

A 2.5 litre can covered 2 pairs of double gates and a single gate, all with posts with 2 coats and still a quarter of a can left. Excellent appearance and hopefully it will protect our hardwood gates as it says it does. Expensive, but would seem worth it.

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra on: 26/04/16
Easy to apply and results in good even coverage and wood colour by Clive C

Only just applied so cannot comment on long term performance. Appears though to be a well formulated product - and expect good results.

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra on: 26/04/16
Easy to apply by K Sears

Used on an external hard wood door. Only time and weather will if it does what it claims - but it is easy to apply and feels like a good barrier to protect the wood. Two coats seems to be ample.

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra on: 25/04/16
Easy to apply and left a good finish by Mike Somerville

I was put off at first by seeing the word white. Very helpful staff went to much trouble to explain the need for a colour to give UV protection. I need not have been worried as the white does not show and now I should be able to retain the original colour for many years

Reviewed 2.5L, Natural - 429 Extra on: 25/04/16
Not bad by RM

Iam a little disapointed with this product. I purshased this product last year on my bench but this year I can see black stains coming through the oak.

Reviewed 2.5L, Oak - 425 Extra on: 21/04/16
A note from us...


Thank you for taking the time to send us some feedback. Whilst Osmo 420 is one of the best products we sell, it's fair to say that maintenance (as and when signs of blackening etc occurs) will be required. This in turn causes the growth of mould which is the black stains and patches that you are getting on the surface of your wood. The best way to get rid of these is to treat with a Mould and Mildew cleaner such as Barrettine Mould and Mildew Cleaner.

But I would also recommend application of a good preservative before application of the oil as this will prevent Mould mildew and rot from developing. So just to clarify, 1 coat of preservative and 2 coats of Oil for the best level of protection.

If you have any further question please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards Sam.

Very easy to use by Tony Harrison

I used this to protect cedar shingles and found brushing it tedious ( not a fault of the product but more the shingles). Experimented by spraying it and it worked brilliantly well.

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra on: 20/04/16
Gives very good protection to cedar cladding on new extension by Bill Denholm

Very good protection and easy to apply

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra on: 18/04/16
On newly sanded well-seasoned oak this gives a slightly "limed" effect by Gavin King-Smith

The slightly "limed" effect with two coats somewhat detracts from the natural wood colour (on well seasoned oak)

Reviewed 750ml, Natural - 429 Extra on: 16/04/16
Brilliant! This was the reason for the order by J Hoare

This is really great stuff: I have put it on by brush in two coats and it seems to work really well. I could do with more info on how to apply it [can it be sprayed?] and how to know when to apply it - how frequently and so on.

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear - 420 Extra on: 16/04/16
A note from us...


Thank you for the feedback, its always good to hear that customers are happy with the products and the finish that it has achieved. For application we recommend a paint brush or roller, thin application is vital and the ability to work the oil into the wood.

For recoating and maintenance , this will depend on the amount of exposure to the sun and weather that the wood incurs. For South facing areas you may need to refresh more regularly or if we have a bad winter for example, these are all factors that will cause the treatment to wear away and need a maintenance coat. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at wood@finishes.direct.

kind regards Sam.

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