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Osmo Decking Oil

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Osmo Decking Oil is especially good for protecting, and maintaining dense exotic hardwood decking such as Teak, Ipe and Balau.

This highly refined oil is very thin meaning that it has excellent penetration properties, is very water-resistant, dirt repellent and easy to maintain and re-finish when required.

Can also be used on softwood decking and most untreated garden furniture. Osmo deck oil dries to a smooth satin-matt finish.

Note: The 'clear' version of this product is supplied and labelled by Osmo as 'Teak Oil 007' The back of the tin confirms that this product is a dual pupose Teak / Decking Oil.

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Osmo Decking Oil provides a durable protective finish for all types of softwood and hardwood decking, smooth or grooved. Water-repellent, Osmo decking Oil reduces the risk of swelling and shrinkage and can be over-coated with a single coat of Osmo Anti Slip Decking Oil 430 if required.

Note: Osmo 'clear' decking oil does not offer any UV resistance so although the wood will be protected from moisture, cracking, splitting and warping, it will not prevent decked areas from turning grey or silver over time.

Osmo Clear Decking Oil is a dual purpose product that is also sold as 'Osmo Teak Oil 007'. Although the front of the tin may say 'Teak Oil 007' it is also Osmo Clear Decking Oil, this is confirmed by the text on the back of the tin, second paragraph, in the 'recommended use' section.

There are ways to apply wood oils... and ways not to! Why not read our series of three blog posts about getting your garden decking into tip top condition? Here's the third in the series, covering wood oil application.


Decked areas must be clean, dry and frost-free. Old paints, varnishes and other surface coatings must be removed by sanding. Old applications of oil based treatments or stains need to be cleaned or lightly sanded. If sanding, use a 120 to 150 grit sandpaper and remove all traces of surface dust.

New wood: If possible apply first coat on all sides of the wood before installation. Hardwoods with an especially high content of oil, leave to weather for about 2 to 3 months (in winter up to 5 months) or wipe over with White Spirit to degrease the surface.

For additional protection against blue stain, rot and mildew, pre-treat with Osmo WR Base Coat 4005 or with Osmo Wood Protector 4006 (biocide-free).


Osmo Decking Oil is ready to use straight from the tin and can be applied with a brush or cloth. Stir well before application and use a brush or soft lint free cloth to apply a thin, even coat of oil along the wood grain. Wipe off any excess when finished and leave to dry. Apply second coat as above or alternatively, apply a single coat of Osmo Anti Slip Decking Oil 430 if required.

The type and age of the timber can have a dramatic impact on how much oil the wood needs. As an example, softwood decking that is old will probably require more oil than a relatively new hardwood deck that probably still retains a fair amount of natural oil.

To test how much oil your decking needs, apply one coat, allow to dry, then apply a droplet of oil in a corner. If the droplet of oil soaks into the wood then a further coat can be applied. Repeat this process until the droplet of oil sits as a bead on the surface of the wood and no longer soaks in to the timber. This is an indication that the timber has absorbed as much oil as possible and doesn't require any more.


Surfaces treated with Osmo Decking Oil are very easy to clean and maintain. Just use a moist cloth with Osmo Wash And Care 8016. Particularly persistent stains can easily be removed with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner 3029. If necessary, apply a further coat of Osmo Decking Oil onto areas that have become worn or dull due to high foot traffic.

Thinning and Cleaning

There is no need to thin this product prior to application. Routine cleaning can be done with Osmo Decking Cleaner 8025 or Ronseal Decking Cleaner.

Application brushes and equipment can be cleaned with white spirit.


This product can be stored up to 5 years or more if the tin is full and tightly closed. Store in dry place. If thickened by frost it will regain its normal consistency under normal temperatures within 24-36 hours.

If there is an amount left over after application, it is recommended that the remaining oil is poured into an alternative container of the same volume e.g. 1 ltr of oil left pour into a 1 ltr drinks bottle or other secure container. By filling the alternative container to the rim and securing an air tight lid, the remaining oil will stay in good condition for much longer than if left in a container half filled with air.


  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not fill into containers normally used for food and drink.
  • Work in areas with good ventilation.
  • Do not apply in the presence of naked flames, hot surfaces or unprotected electrical equipment.
  • In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water.
  • Contains 2-butanonoxime. May produce an allergic reaction.

Osmo decking oil is safe for human, animal and plant when fully dried.


Q. Is there a specific time on how long an oiled deck will last before it needs re-oiling?

A. Unfortunately not. The reason for this is that the elements such as wind, rain and sun all have a degrading effect on the amount of oil in the wood. For that reason, every deck will be different because of location, shelter, weather patterns and general wear and tear.

Q. Is Osmo Decking Oil UV resistant to protect the colour of the decking?

A. Osmo decking oil is available in three variations, clear, black and grey. While the black and grey colours do offer UV resistance due to the pigments suspended in the oil, the clear variation does not. Decking treated with the clear version of Osmo Decking Oil will therefore be susceptible to the natural grey / silvering of the timber over time.

In short, the darker the colour, the better the UV protection. In the case of this product, grey offers more protection than clear and black offers more protection than grey.

Q. I ordered a tin of Osmo Clear Decking Oil and received a tin labelled 'Osmo Teak Oil 007' is this correct?

A. Indeed it is. Osmo sell their Teak Oil 007 as a dual purpose product as it is perfect for Teak and decking, especially dark exotic hardwood decking which tends to be made from very dense and naturally oily woods.

Drying Time

Allow 10 to 12 hours drying time between coats and the final finish. Drying times may vary depending on the decking type, air temperature and humidity.

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Osmo Decking Oil reviews - Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars, based on 17 reviews.

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Peter Appleby
 2.5L, Clear - 007
Does a very good job = so far so good
Really needs time to tell how good this product is. Will review maybe with you in 12 months . The 2.5ltr can only just covered my decking 6m x 3.5m but this is the first time I have used Osmo decking oil.
 750ml, Clear - 007
Good product
Applied easily with Osmo decking brush (NB head only supplied so need handle)- guidelines on website re quantity needed are accurate, Used clear version which produced slight darkening of colour but no change in tone and looks a lot better.Soaked up fast on my dry decking and is effective at repelling water which now beads on top.
Ken Armstrong
 750ml, Clear - 007
It transformed some very dry and grey decking
First class wood treatment products. Excellent advice on applications, fantastic delivery service. Highly recommended
 2.5L, Clear - 007
Good quality thin oil, coverage as stated
Used 2 coats + base coat on balau deck, looks great and rain beads on finished boards. Ideal oil for hardwood.
Lindsey Brake
 2.5L, Clear - 007
Very good
I bought this following advice from other reviews and from customer service staff. It looks great. Good advice from customer services to apply it thinly and work it well into the wood. It went on easily and quickly.
Paul Sim
 2.5L, Clear - 007
Easily to apply, certainly superior to the water based products
I do recognise it is more expensive than the water based products, however for me it represents better value.
Brian Walsh
 750ml, Clear - 007
I would give this item 6 stars if I could!
Imagine your car after you've waxed it and the rain comes down. The water sits in droplets on the waxed finish, leaving the bodywork pristine. This is the exact effect on my decking that I see after 2 coats of Osmo Decking Oil. The effect is fantastic! One small criticism - it took twice as much to do 2 coats as the on-line calculator said it would, making it expensive but worth every penny IMHO.
Matthew Robson
 2.5L, Clear - 007
Great product
Easy to apply and the decking looks great now it has been oiled.
Manne Ohrstrom
 2.5L, Clear - 007
Great for my Balau deck
Built a new garden deck out of Balau wood earlier this summer and was looking for products to treat it an future proof it. Settled for a base coat of Osmo WR Base Coat 4005 (also bought here at wood finishes direct) and the Osmo Decking Oil. The people on the customer helpline were really helpful and gave me some good advice. Delivery was very quick. The deck has been transformed from being an already beautiful thing into something amazing. the base coat is this thin, watery substance that is absorbed into the wood. The result is that it darkens the wood slightly and gives it some more depth. And protection obviously. After this I did two coats of the osmo decking oil and the result is amazing. The oil product is absorbed into the wood and leaves a dark, slighly shiny surface as a result, almost like a thin thin resin coat. It looks amazing. When it rains, the wood is totally protected and the rain stays as small droplets on the surface. Very happy with the product, the result, everything. Will buy another bucket of oil in a years time.
Stephen Elgie
 2.5L, Clear - 007
Superb finish
I had only used cheaper products in the past and the difference was notable. The quality of the finish is excellent and I expect it to last considerably longer. I wish I had used this when my decking was first laid.
 2.5L, Clear - 007
Easy to apply
This product was advised for the type of hardwood decking we have and wanted it keep it from aging thru the summer so have applied it and it looks great.
Howard Warren
 2.5L, Clear - 007
So easy to apply and you can see immediately the water standing on top when the rain comes.
I am just about to re-order as I now need to have the rest of my decking looking as good as that which i have just done with this great product.
 750ml, Clear - 007
Excellent product from Osmo. Beautiful finish.
Great product from Osmo, easy to apply and with lovely natural looking finish.
 2.5L, Clear - 007
Easy peasy
I've used Osmo products on my interior wooden floors and been very happy, so thought I'd give the decking oil a go. Very easy to apply (I used the Osmo 150mm brush) and gave a beautiful, natural, rich finish. Unlike previous reviewers, I found that the coverage was short of what was stated on the tin. I suspect this was due to the dry nature of my decking and the fact that the decking is deeply ribbed, thus increasing the surface area of the wood.
Geoffrey Ellis
 2.5L, Clear - 007
Very good coverage, easy to apply and looks good.
The oak timber decking has only been treated for 1 month so I cannot say how it will weather, but it has currently a good looking rich colour (the oak is well seasoned 10"x4" section). The oil is thin and was quick to apply with a good quality 4" brush. It applied 2 coats, a day apart. The coverage was almost exactly what was stated, even though the wood was fairly dry. This oil is expensive compared to other makes, but it requires substantially less as it contains almost exclusively oils, rather than solvents as with many others (I was told this by the help person on this site).
Kim Taylor
 2.5L, Clear - 007
Brilliant product
Product went on very easily and quickly, my deck is the best it has ever looked (even when it was new!). Very pleased with the end result.
Peter Boddy
 2.5L, Clear - 007
Quality Product, what you would expect with German Heritage.
Took advice from the expert at Wood Finishes Direct and used this product, which may appear expensive for the quantity bet works out very reasonable when you calculate the coverage compared to other products on the market. Very pleased I used it as it did the job perfectly on my Red Balau hardwood decking, as its the best its ever looked and was effortless to apply with the Osmo application brush which was also recommended by WFD. I have used many finishes from Multiple DIY Chains, but they seem to only stock products for the well advertised brands with very little insructions for guidance. Osmo products give you comprehensive instuctions which are easy to understand.

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* Coverage can vary depending upon on the type of wood used and the amount of product applied. Litreage amounts shown above are total, not 'per coat' amounts.
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