Osmo Decking Oil

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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

  • A premium grade, oil based decking oil for all softwood and hardwood decking
  • Provides excellent weather and dirt resistance
  • Contains UV filters to protect the colour for longer*
  • Enhances the natural wood grain through the stain
  • Allows decking boards to breathe and helps regulate the moisture content
  • Nourishes the wood helping to prevent cracking, splitting and warping
  • Does not crack, flake, peel or blister
  • Dries to a smooth satin finish
  • Based on a blend of natural vegetable oils
  • Safe for humans, animals and plants when fully dried
Brand Osmo
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 24 per litre
Drying time 12 hrs
Size 5ml Sample, 750ml, 2.5L
MPN 006S, 016S, 021S, 007S, 004S, 013S, 019S, 009S, 014S, 010S, 006C, 016C, 021C, 007C, 004C, 013C, 019C, 009C, 014C, 010C, 006D, 016D, 020D, 021D, 007D, 004D, 013D, 019D, 009D, 014D, 010D
GTIN 4006850753017, 4006850753024, 4006850759415, 4006850753086, 4006850753055, 4006850753048, 4006850753093, 4006850753031, 4006850753062, 4006850753079, 4006850112524, 4006850355891, 4006850759460, 4006850110643, 4006850114382, 4006850444205, 4006850678358, 4006850114405, 4006850444236, 4006850118755, 4006850112531, 4006850355884, 4006850678402, 4006850759477, 4006850110780, 4006850114399, 4006850444212, 4006850678365, 4006850114412, 4006850444243, 4006850118762

Osmo Decking Oils are premium grade decking oils that are designed to enhance, protect and maintain softwood and hardwood decking boards. Osmo Decking Oil can be over-coated with a single coat of Osmo Anti Slip Decking Oil 430 if required.

Also suitable for garden furniture, screens and other exterior wood including pressure impregnated Pine, Douglas Fir, Cedar, Oak or Bangkirai - also suitable for Teak, Eucalyptus and other dense exotic hardwoods as well as thermo treated wood.

*Please Note: Osmo Decking Oil 007 (clear) does not offer any UV resistance so although the decking will be protected from moisture, cracking, splitting and warping, it will not prevent decked areas from turning grey or silver over time.

Decking Oil 007 is a dual purpose product and is sometimes supplied and labelled as 'Teak Oil 007', this is confirmed by the text on the back of the tin. Please be advised that 125ml sample tins are printed in German only.

Decking boards must be clean, dry and frost-free prior to applying Osmo Decking Oil.

  1. Old paints, varnishes and other coatings must be removed by sanding or stripping back to clean, bare wood
  2. Old applications of oil based treatments or stains need to be cleaned or lightly sanded
  3. If sanding, use a 120 to 150 grit sandpaper and remove all traces of sanding dust before oiling
  4. Hardwoods with an especially high content of oil, leave to weather for about 2 to 3 months (in winter up to 5 months) or wipe over with White Spirit to degrease the surface
  5. Hard wood with a high content of natural wood extractives needs to weather off (for at least 4 weeks) before the initial treatment or to be cleaned with Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner (8000) (degreaser)
  6. Resinous wood e.g. Larch or Douglas Fir needs to weather off for at least 6 weeks
  7. Pressure impregnated wood, Massaranduba, Bangkirai or Garapa need to weather off for at least 3 months
  8. Use Osmo Wood Reviver Gel (6609) to clean the wood surface and remove greying before applying a decking oil
  9. For additional protection against blue stain, rot and mildew, pre-treat with Osmo WR Base Coat (4001) or with Osmo Wood Protector (4006) (biocide-free)

How To Apply Decking Oil

Always do a test area before starting any project to check suitability and compatibility. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times.

The type and age of timber can have a dramatic impact on how much decking oil the wood needs. As an example, softwood decking that is old will likely require more oil than a relatively new hardwood decking that still retains a fair amount of natural oil.

To test how much oil your decking needs, apply one thin coat, allow to dry, then apply a droplet of oil in a corner. If the droplet of oil soaks into the wood then a further coat can be applied. Repeat this process until the droplet of oil sits as a bead on the surface of the wood and no longer soaks in to the timber. This is an indication that the timber has absorbed as much oil as possible and doesn't require any more.

Stir the contents of the tin thoroughly before and periodically during use.

  1. Use an application brush or decking applicator to apply the decking oil thinly and evenly, along the wood grain
  2. For a quick and easy application, we recommend using the Osmo Floor Brush which is perfect for decking and allows for the decking oil to be applied from a standing position when used with the Osmo Telescopic Handle
  3. When applying decking oil, If possible apply the first coat on all sides of the decking boards before installation
  4. Wipe off any excess decking oil and allow 10 to 12 hours drying time, with good ventilation, then apply the 2nd coat - also thinly
  5. If a less intensively coloured result is desired, apply one coat of coloured decking oil followed with a second coat of clear (007), or a coat of clear Osmo Anti Slip Decking Oil (430)

Regular Cleaning

To preserve the look and performance of the oiled finish for longer, it is recommended that decked areas are swept with a stiff broom on a regular basis. This is to remove loose leaves, dirt and other organic matter that can settle on the deck and in the grooves, which can degrade or damage the finish and decking timbers over time.

Deep Cleaning

For deeper cleaning, to remove scuff marks, stains, grease or other contaminants, we recommend the use of a dedicated decking cleaner.


If the decking finish starts to look worn or tired over time as a result from heavy foot traffic or weathering, simply apply a fresh coat of Osmo Decking Oil following the Preparation and Application instructions above.

Q. Is there a specific time on how long an oiled deck will last before it needs re-oiling?

A. Unfortunately not. The reason for this is that the elements such as wind, rain and sun all have a degrading effect on the amount of oil in the wood. For that reason, every deck will be different because of location, shelter, weather patterns and general wear and tear.

Q. Is Osmo Decking Oil UV resistant to protect the colour of the decking?

A. As a general rule, the darker and stronger the colour is, the more UV resistance it provides. This is due to the pigments suspended in the oil blocking more of the UV rays. The clear variation (007) does not provide any UV protection. Decking treated with the clear version of Osmo Decking Oil will therefore be susceptible to the natural grey / silvering of the timber over time.

Q. I ordered a tin of Osmo Clear Decking Oil and received a tin labelled 'Osmo Teak Oil 007' is this correct?

A. Indeed it is. Osmo sell their Teak Oil 007 as a dual purpose product as it is perfect for Teak and decking, especially dark exotic hardwood decking which tends to be made from very dense and naturally oily woods.

47 customer reviews
Only need a thin coat, lasts ages, gives great protection by Juliet Fryer
Reviewed 750ml, Bog Oak - 021 on: 25/03/17
Used Osmo to protect decking and table top by Susan Handley

Easy to use spreads well, good colour

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Garapa Oil - 013 on: 18/02/17
Easy to apply and covers well by Maxwell Clements

I wanted a totally clear product and this has worked very well so far.

Reviewed 750ml, Clear - 007 on: 22/10/16
Excellent product easy to apply using the "broom", very expensive! by Mr K. O'Grady

This is, so far, worth the exorbitant cost, when applied onto a deck previously treated with Osmo decking oil it, so far, appears to work well. The proof will only become apparent some years down the line!

Reviewed 750ml, Grey - 019 on: 20/10/16
Looks very good, forget about the estimated coverage tool, it will purely depend on the type of decking by Mr K. O'Grady

Tremendously expensive! The estimated (using the on line tool) is not in any way accurate. However it looks very good and the only way of deciding its worth is way down the line. Lets just say that i calculate the cost of the material used for my decking is about the same price as the treatment. Where can I buy your shares???

Reviewed 2.5L, Grey - 019 on: 20/10/16
Good stuff by Duncan Smith

Goes on well and looks great when done. The price is hefty but hopefully will be worth it, time will tell. It lets the grain show through and looks much better than the 'film' coating type of deck stain that I've used in the past.

Reviewed 2.5L, Garapa Oil - 013 on: 04/10/16
Excellent quality but coverage not accurate by Calum Sinclair

Having used Osmo oil before we knew this would be excellent quality, and we were correct. The colour is strong and the oil gives a very durable, waterproof finish which water runs off. If applying to new wood however, the coverage on the tin is very misleading and you will need far more than stated so be sure to order plenty to give enough for two coats.

Reviewed 2.5L, Larch Oil - 009 on: 02/10/16
Good protection from the elements by Mark Singleton

Water beads really well on the wood now, showing the product is working. Very easy to apply and excellent results after 2 coats

Reviewed 750ml, Clear - 007 on: 23/09/16
Brushed on easily Gave good, even colour to decking by Mick T

Calculator on website for amount required was very accurate. Very pleased with result. Did top coat in Osmo anti-slip decking oil.

Reviewed 2.5L, Bog Oak - 021 on: 23/09/16
Top quality product Does the job by Peter G Banks

Good high quality product Don't be put off by price Exceptional product

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear - 007 on: 17/09/16
Excellent by Iain Quinn

Good coverage and looks fantastic on decking and sleepers

Reviewed 2.5L, Grey - 019 on: 01/09/16
After purchasing the sample we bought 6 large tins by MRS D COOPER

The best decking product we've ever used. The colour is perfect. And unobtainable in diy shops. Its hardwaring and waterproof. Goes on easily and gives great coverage on both new and old wood. A superb product !!!

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Grey - 019 on: 26/08/16
It was easy to use,nothing sophisticated needed in terms of preparation by David Haythorn

All instructions were plain and simple to follow. The product itself did not present a problem and the finished surface,texture and colour were what I was seeking. I used it as the base coat for the compatible non slip wearing coat and the completed projected was a success.

Reviewed 750ml, Bangkirai Oil - 006 on: 15/08/16
Paint covered decking beautifully by Mrs Alison Mitchell

Very nice colour, very rich, improves the look of our garden overall

Reviewed 2.5L, Bog Oak - 021 on: 07/08/16
Great Decking Oil by Lee Robinson

I love Osmo products, they always do what they say and this is no different, easy to apply, the dry time could be a bit quicker but not the end of the world.

Reviewed 2.5L, Bangkirai Oil - Dark - 016 on: 30/07/16
Excellent product by Denise Federico

It is a very good product and we are happy with the result

Reviewed 2.5L, Garapa Oil - 013 on: 30/07/16
Great product, good coverage and deck is looking pukker! by Gero Montagna

I used this oil based on my gardener recommendation who laid hardwood decking in my garden. I was told it was more expensive but it's worth every penny in the long run. I spoke to a member of staff from Wood Finishes Direct and they sent me enough to complete 2 coats, I've been left with 1/4 of a can which I was happy with. I used the clear oil which does have a slight tint to it so it has made the deck slightly darker. I loved the depth of colour when the deck was wet and this oil gives it that same effect but permanently. Water just sits on top now and dries off in the sun. Recommend that it's applied very thinly.

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear - 007 on: 19/07/16
Easy to apply great product by Stewart Spark

Great service excellent product

Reviewed 2.5L, Clear - 007 on: 08/07/16
Top product great finish by Mark Hopwood

Having used several different oils in the past, this is far superior to any other brand. Yes it seems expensive but in this case you do get what you pay for. It has tremendous coverage which is easily applied. I used a large stiffish brush which gave a thin even coat. The colour finish is very natural. I was applying larch colour onto softwood pressure treated decking planks. Service from these guys is great as usual. Thoroughly recommend product and customer service.

Reviewed 750ml, Larch Oil - 009 on: 03/07/16
Very good by Martin Whitehead

easy to apply ,great product

Reviewed 750ml, Clear - 007 on: 22/06/16