Osmo Top Oil

  4.9/5.0   390 reviews

You'll need enter area above for 1 coat (Renovation)
You'll need enter area above for 2 coats (Bare Wood)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • A professional top oil for wooden worktops and tables
  • Offers a very strong and durable finish
  • Excellent resistance against water, juices, wine, coffee, beer and fizzy drinks
  • Good performance in high humidity areas
  • Does not peel, flake, crack or blister
  • Enhances natural beauty of wood
  • Food safe when dry
  • Based on natural oils
  • Low V.O.C content
Brand Osmo
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 24 per litre
Drying time hrs
Size 5ml Sample, 500ml
MPN 3058S, 3058, 3028S, 3028, 3068S, 3068, 3061S, 3061
GTIN 4006850746282, 4006850848775, 4006850770021, 4006850863679, 4006850746309, 4006850863723, 4006850746293, 4006850863716

You can achieve the following effects depending on the top oil used:-

  • Osmo Top Oil Matt (3058) emphasizes the wood's grain and natural characteristics, and provides a warm and rich effect without a sheen.
  • Osmo Top Oil Satin (3028) is subtle with a noble shimmer which resembles and emphasizes the wood grain modestly.
  • Osmo Top Oil Natural (3068) may produce a slightly milky or white film effect on darker exotic hardwoods such as Iroko. This is caused by the very small amount of white pigment that Osmo add to the oil to retain the natural, unfinished look of lighter woods such as Oak, Pine, Larch and Beech.
  • Osmo Top Oil Acacia (3061) is a lightly tinted version of that adds a brown hue to worktops for an elegant finish.

Before opening the 5ml sample sachets, squeeze the packet several times to ensure that the oil and pigments inside are thoroughly mixed.

Ensure that real wood kitchen work surfaces and worktops are clear of dirt, debris and other contaminates before applying Osmo Top Oil.

  • New or previously oiled work tops can be lightly sanded back to a 120 - 150 grit finish
  • To remove existing paint or varnishes, use a suitable Paint or Varnish Remover
  • Fill small cracks, larger joints or holes with an appropriate filler such as Osmo Wood Filler

Applying Osmo Top Oil

Always do a test area before starting any project and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times. Osmo Top Oil is ready to use and does not require thinning. Stir well before use

  1. Apply thinly along the wood grain with a lint-free cloth
  2. Remove any excess top oil
  3. Allow to dry appropriately with good ventilation
  4. Repeat the same process again

The grain of the wood is enhanced once this product has been applied and if the final finish is not shiny enough, buffing it with a cloth will create a sheen. Because the natural oils and waxes penetrate deep into the surface they help to keep the wood supple thus preventing it from getting dry and brittle and reducing swelling and shrinkage.

If a deeper satin finish is required, the oiled surface can be polished with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner once the surface has fully dried.

Oiled surfaces should not be cleaned with a steam cleaner or steam mop as this degrades the performance of the finish.

Regular Cleaning

Kitchen work surfaces and table tops that have been treated with Osmo Top Oil can be cleaned with Osmo Wash And Care and a damp cloth, then wiped dry.

Deep Cleaning

Stubborn marks and stains can be removed by using Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner, that both cleans and regenerates oiled surfaces


Renovating, even partially, is easy. Just clean and re-treat worn areas with a thin coat of Osmo Top Oil - no sanding, no repair marks, no removal of previous Top Oil finish. No repair marks will be visible if applied thinly and appropriately.

390 customer reviews
Excellent! by Mrs Julie Lawrence

Really great product. Used on tired wooden draining board and has made it look great (did 3 coats) and feels really smooth and conditioned.

Reviewed 500ml, Acacia on: 23/11/17
Great product, leaving a natural Matt look by Mulligan

I have used this on my new solid oak kitchen worktops. It looks great. It has a natural Matt finish. I used the whole lot over 3 coats but I am probably going to order another to do a 4th coat as I feel it will give it more protection. The water just pools on top, but I do wipe it away quick enough, so not too sure if it would just sit there.

Reviewed 500ml, Matt on: 19/11/17
Easy to use by Julia Vince

Bought for a kitchen worktop. Covers quite well, dries to a natural finish.

Reviewed 500ml, Natural on: 17/11/17
Excellent product for wooden worktops by Pennie Cooper

I always use this product (after cleaning with Osmo Wash & Care) to renew my oak strip kitchen worktops. It has a nice matt/satin finish and is very hard wearing

Reviewed 500ml, Matt on: 15/11/17
A subtle finish by Ray Benson

The natural version, with white pigment added, works well in preventing the brighter wet look that oils usually give. It's easy to apply and gives good coverage. White streaks can be left if too much oil is applied, so you need to wipe it well but the end result is a subtle gold just slightly deeper than the natural colour of the wood.

Reviewed 500ml, Natural on: 07/11/17
Excellent finish by Louise Shepherd

This was so easy to apply with a cloth and gave a really good finish, although I can't comment as to how hardwearing it is as they have just been installed. It was used to finish kitchen worktops made out of very old pitch pine joists and so far they have had two coats before being installed. I will then coat again before the kitchen is used to be on the safe side but the top oil goes a very long way. The colour of the wood has only darkened very slightly and the Matt finish looks really good.

Reviewed 500ml, Matt on: 03/11/17
Not happy with the finish by Ron Cardus

When I applied it. It seems to leave a white finish. I have shaken the tin before use and applied it very sparingly

Reviewed 500ml, Natural on: 31/10/17
A note from us...

Hello Mr Cardus,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review for this product. The Osmo Raw contains a minute amount of white pigment to counteract the darkening impact of a clear finish. If applied to a mid to dark wood or a hardwood it has been know to show the white residue on the surface, many people do like this finish. A test area is always recommended.

For other paler woods, if the white shows this could be an indication of over application. For more advice please feel free to get in touch and speak to one of our advisers on 01303 213 838.

All the Best Samantha.

Easy and a great finish by Jamie Cross

It almost feels difficult to get a bad finish with Omso's. Always a pleasure to work with and you know what you're getting.

Reviewed 500ml, Matt on: 31/10/17
Excellent product does exactly what is required by Colin Carstairs

Excellent product and service from Wood Finishes Direct. I will be purchasing again.

Reviewed 500ml, Matt on: 19/10/17
Easy to use by John Blairs

easy to use, used it on oak worktops, seems to last about 2 years before you have to sand the worktops down and redo them, I chose the matt finish looks very good

Reviewed 500ml, Matt on: 19/10/17
Restores the worktop by Martin Lockwood

top oil is relatively easy to apply

Reviewed 500ml, Matt on: 09/10/17
Fantastic easy to use oil by Gemma Newman

Reviewed 500ml, Matt on: 08/10/17
Quality by Emma Webster Salim

Osmo Top Oil is very easy to apply and has given our new oak kitchen worktops a fabulous finish. I would highly recommend this product and will be using every year as a top up.

Reviewed 500ml, Matt on: 18/09/17
Very good by Barbara Foreman

Used on work tops (solid wood ) excellent

Reviewed 5ml Sample, Natural on: 17/09/17
Good product by LORRAINE BENNETT

Easy to apply leaving a smooth waterproof surface. Brings out a lovely warm colour to oak work surface.

Reviewed 500ml, Satin on: 11/09/17
Very easy to use by David Watson

I am pleased with the finish I have achieved using this product on some window sills and would recommend it.

Reviewed 500ml, Satin on: 04/09/17

So far, so good, easy to apply and does the job.

Reviewed 500ml, Satin on: 04/09/17
Brilliant worktop oil by B.Heard

Easy to apply, great finish and very hard wearing. I have tried five different oils on my work tops but none have been as easy to apply and give such a fantastic hard wearing finish Osmo Top Oil

Reviewed 500ml, Matt on: 01/09/17
Excellent product by Denise Ellison

Excellent product , the oak work top stays the natural colour .used oil before on a old kitchen which makes the wood go orange would buy again

Reviewed 500ml, Natural on: 30/08/17
Excellent product ,very easy to use by Olwyn Ireland

i have been looking for a oil that would bring my table to life again without a great deal of fuss, Osmo top oil did the job to perfection.

Reviewed 500ml, Matt on: 23/08/17