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Osmo Top Oil - Matt 3058

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Osmo Top Oil is a strong, durable oil designed to enhance the natural beauty of wood on tables and kitchen worktops drying to a clear, matt finish.

Based on natural waxes and oils, Osmo Top Oil does not peel, flake, crack or blister allowing for good performance in high humidity areas.

Hard wearing with excellent resistance against water, juices, wine, beer and fizzy drinks. For a satin finish, use Osmo Top Oil Clear Satin 3028. For an untreated look try Osmo Top Oil Natural 3068.

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Ensure that real wood kitchen work surfaces and worktops are clear of dirt, debris and other contaminates before applying Osmo Top Oil. New or previously oiled work tops can be lightly sanded prior to applying the oil with a 120 - 150 grit paper. White spirit can also be used to remove impurities and other contaminates from the surface of the wood.

To remove existing paint or varnishes, use a Paint and Varnish Remover.

Application of Top Oil

Note: This product must be stirred thoroughly prior to application.

This product has a creamy consistency and is quick and easy to apply with a cloth, roller or paint brush. Apply THINLY with 2-3 coats total. No primer is required.

The grain of the wood is enhanced once this product has been applied and if the final finish is not shiny enough, buffing it with a cloth will create a sheen. Because the natural oils and waxes penetrate deep into the surface they help to keep the wood supple thus preventing it from getting dry and brittle and reducing swelling and shrinkage.


Kitchen work surfaces and table tops that have been treated with Osmo TopOil can be cleaned with Osmo Wash And Care and water on a damp cloth and wiped dry. Stubborn marks and stains can be removed by using Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner, that both cleans and regenerates oiled surfaces.


Should this product get marked it is easy to repair. Normally a clean and a re-application of the top oil is enough to make most marks disappear. However if a wine stain (for example) has been left over night it may start to penetrate deeper than usual. In this instance the area can be lightly sanded with a finishing pad and then refinished with the top oil.

Equipment Cleaning

If applying with a brush, clean used brushes immediately after use with white spirit before the oil hardens. Wash out any application cloths immediately or store in a airtight container (danger of spontaneous-combustion).


Osmo Top Oil has a shelf life of 5 years or more if the tin remains closed. If only part of the tin is used, pour the remaining oil into a smaller bottle, jar or container and fill to the rim before sealing with an air tight lid. The remaining oil should be stored somewhere where the temperature does not fall below 5℃ or exceed 25℃, such as an under-stairs cupboard. This will help to preserve the life of the oil for longer.

Drying Time

Coats of top oil should be allowed to dry overnight for at least 8 to 10 hours. Room temperature, humidity and type of wood can all influence the overall drying time.


If a deeper satin finish is required, the oiled surface can be polished with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner once the surface has fully dried.

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Osmo Top Oil - Matt 3058 reviews - Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 137 reviews.

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Steve Graham
Best finish for Oak tops!
Great product, very easy to apply and stunning finish
Lesley Lister
Excellent Product
Easy to apply and a lovely finish. Would recommend this product.
Excellent product
I thought my counter tops were beyond help but Osmo top oil has restored them like new, and so easy to use. I used 3 coats, and water just wipes away without staining the wood. I Would definitely recommend this product.
Susan Emery
Excellent easy to use product.
We found this to be a brilliant product for our oak worktop. We'd tried another oil previously with highly unsatisfactory results. This oil is easy to use and gives an excellent finish with 3 or 4 coats, rubbing down between coats with wire wool. Pricy but economical in use as thin coats are best.
John Edgar
The result of applying it was exactly what I wanted.
I used it on my kitchen surfaces and was delighted with the outcome.
Michael Sheehan
Roy Queralt
Quick to apply
Quick to apply with a cloth and offers good protection from kitchen spills
Terry Gibbs
Met all expectations
Was recommended this by a friend. I watched the video and applied as directed. It gives a great finish and looks to give good protection.
Laney Waterfield
Great for work tops, repels water
This oil worked wonders on my dehydrated walnut worktop. I actually did 4 coats but followed the guidelines of leaving at least 8 hours between each application. The wood is sealed and repels water. I did sand them prior to first application, very good product x
Dermot Gorman
A quality product
After trying the ikea behandla oil on a small off cut of my kitchen worktop I was disappointed. This Osmo Top Oil is a quality product that will protect my oak worktop for many years to come. It was easy to apply with an old rag and requires about 10 hours between coats (I did 3 coats). I used it with Osmo wood protector which is not essential since it is in a wet kitchen it was no harm.
Jonathan Taverner
Maybe I did not apply properly?
I am hoping that I have applied this product badly and it is all my error as I will have to strip a table top back and try again. Had real problems applying oil with cloth as it is so sticky that it drew out every loose bit of fabric and left it deposited on top. Tried out a few different clean rags but could not get over problem. Took an age to dry and was left with deposits and a not so smooth finish. The product application instructions say apply thinly and I think that this was my main error. If I was to try again I would give more thought to the application method. I wonder if a floor finish applicator would help? Perhaps sometimes it is best to stick with what you already know. As a professional furniture maker I am rather seduced by the hard wax oils that are so easy to apply.
Our feedback:-
Hello Jonathan,

Thank you for taking the time to do a review for us. It does sound like the process of application is the problem here. Very thin application is essential with this product. It can be applied with a lint free cloth, brush or applicator and any excess needs to be removed. The fact that it took longer to dry also indicates over application. To strip back the table you can use White Spirits or sand the table top back to its bare wood.
I Ryb
Great product to seal wood
Easy to apply and quick drying seals wood effectively
Graham Atkinson
Easy application, outstanding results.
Used this on an unfinished oak counter top and found it really easy to achieve my desired look. The final result is streets ahead of other oils (Teak/Danish) that I have used in the past; darkens the timber but really brings out the grain in the process.
Martin Wilson
Top quality, easy to use
Great product, great finish, easy to use, very effective
Robert Smith
Best product we have used for oak kitchen worktops
Osmo top oil is the best product we have used for oak kitchen worktops. It repels water and is easy to apply. Don't get Flash anywhere near it though, it stains - just clean with water or their products.
Brian Mascall
Effortless, as before
Infinitely better product than the Ikea equivalent, both in terms of use and finish.
Top top oil
Have used many types of worktop oil before but this is by far the best and well worth the extra dosh
Lisa Mennell
Exactly what I required to keep the wood tops looking good.
Very good, a light, non sticky finish on the wood.
Dave Foulds
Very simple to use
Great product, excellent finish, ease of application, couldn't be better
Our feedback:-
Thanks for the feedback.
L Conlan
Excellent product
Used this top oil on new wooden kitchen work tops and very happy with the result. Easy and quick to apply and after six coats am left with a lovely smooth matt finish. The best I have used.

per litre
9 hours
dry time
  • Strong and resists staining
  • Natural waxes and oils
  • Will not peel or blister

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