Osmo Top Oil 500ml

  4.9/5.0   365 reviews
You'll need enter area above for 1 coat (Renovation)
You'll need enter area above for 2 coats (Bare Wood)

Wood type and application can vary coverage

  • A professional top oil for wooden worktops and tables
  • Offers a very strong and durable finish
  • Excellent resistance against water, juices, wine, coffee,beer and fizzy drinks
  • Good performance in high humidity areas
  • Does not peel, flake, crack or blister
  • Enhances natural beauty of wood
  • Food safe when dry
  • Based on natural oils
  • Low V.O.C content
Brand Osmo
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 24 per litre
Drying time hrs
Size 500ml
MPN 3058, 3028, 3068, 3061
GTIN 4006850118823, 4006850754588, 4006850334605, 4006850667413

Osmo Top Oil 3068 Natural may produce a slightly milky or white film effect on darker exotic hardwoods such as Iroko. This is caused by the very small amount of white pigment that Osmo add to the oil to retain the natural, unfinished look of lighter woods such as Oak, Pine, Larch and Beech.

Osmo Top Oil 3061 Acacia is a lightly pigmented / coloured version of Osmo Top Oil. This variation adds colour to worktops for an elegant finish.

Osmo Top Oil 3058 Matt emphasizes the wood's grain and natural characteristics, and provides a warm and rich effect without a sheen.

Osmo Top Oil 3028 Satin is subtle with a noble shimmer which resembles and emphasizes the wood grain modestly.

Ensure that real wood kitchen work surfaces and worktops are clear of dirt, debris and other contaminates before applying Osmo Top Oil.

  • New or previously oiled work tops can be lightly sanded back to a 120 - 150 grit finish
  • To remove existing paint or varnishes, use a suitable Paint or Varnish Remover
  • Fill small cracks, larger joints or holes with an appropriate filler such as Osmo Wood Filler

Applying Osmo Top Oil

Always do a test area before starting any project and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin at all times. Osmo Top Oil is ready to use and does not require thinning. Stir well before use

  1. Apply thinly along the wood grain with a lint-free cloth
  2. Remove any excess top oil
  3. Allow to dry appropriately with good ventilation
  4. Repeat the same process again

The grain of the wood is enhanced once this product has been applied and if the final finish is not shiny enough, buffing it with a cloth will create a sheen. Because the natural oils and waxes penetrate deep into the surface they help to keep the wood supple thus preventing it from getting dry and brittle and reducing swelling and shrinkage.

If a deeper satin finish is required, the oiled surface can be polished with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner once the surface has fully dried.

Oiled surfaces should not be cleaned with a steam cleaner or steam mop as this degrades the performance of the finish.

Regular Cleaning

Kitchen work surfaces and table tops that have been treated with Osmo Top Oil can be cleaned with Osmo Wash And Care and a damp cloth, then wiped dry.

Deep Cleaning

Stubborn marks and stains can be removed by using Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner, that both cleans and regenerates oiled surfaces


Renovating, even partially, is easy. Just clean and re-treat worn areas with a thin coat of Osmo Top Oil - no sanding, no repair marks, no removal of previous Top Oil finish. No repair marks will be visible if applied thinly and appropriately.

365 customer reviews
Excellent top oil by Stuart Stonehouse

excellent top oil *****

Reviewed Satin on: 10/07/17
Great product by Julian Withers

Excellent product, would use with always oak.

Reviewed Natural on: 10/07/17
Easy to use, better finish than I've had using other products by Barry Robinson

A very easy to use product which dries to a very natural looking finish. And , what's more it's easy to refinish if it does get damaged. No need to strip and refinish the entire work surface, just the bit you've been stupid enough to harm! (Voice of experience). Exceeded my expectations.

Reviewed Natural on: 09/07/17

Excellent wood oil

Reviewed Natural on: 05/07/17
Disappointed with the product but not customer service! by Marilyn Warner

I found this product to be sticky and hard to work, hence the reason I would not buy it again. However the customer service from Wood Finishes Direct was se one to none and I cannot fault them.

Reviewed Acacia on: 04/07/17
Amazingly good on very light coloured wood by Helen Gillespie

I really rate this product range and this was the first time I have used this particular product. Its amazingly good on very light coloured wood and keeps that lovely light colour perfectly. I also used it on some light oak however you could see some of the white pigment that is within the oil sitting on the top of the wood. It did say on the tin this can happen so I was warned, I just didnt think it would be so apparent on such a light colour wood, but then again this can be used to your advantage as its almost like a limewash, I quite like the effect you just need to know it will happen quite easily.

Reviewed Natural on: 03/07/17
Excellent and easy to use by Leslie Bode

I used this to re-do our pine counter tops. It took a lot of prep work, but the application of the product was easy. Each coat made it darker and darker (which is what I wanted). They look updated and new. Time will tell how they hold up, but so far, so good.

Reviewed Acacia on: 16/06/17
Impressive, the wood looks really good by Peter Doyle

Easy to use. Takes ages to dry, but worth the wait, the wood work surface looks superb.

Reviewed Matt on: 14/06/17
Excellent by D G

I've used Osmo top oil on worktops, kitchen shelves and recently on the internal surfaces of window frames. It produces a beautiful, waterproof and easily repaired surface.

Reviewed Satin on: 13/06/17
Brilliant stuff by Miriam Tucker

Easy to apply and waterproof. Enhances wood beautifully

Reviewed Matt on: 11/06/17
Outstanding product, shows the natual grain of the wood by Joe Lambert

applied two coats and was able to use after 24 hours, look great and does not have a shine so has allowed the wood to keep its colours well

Reviewed Matt on: 05/06/17
As in above review did as it promised by Alf Menzies

Easy to apply Quite long drying but great finish after required coats A leaflet with larger type to read instructions would be good Better than previously used Dutch oil

Reviewed Matt on: 02/06/17
Well priced product by Denise Cooper

Only just applied this product so not yet sure on its durability and stain resistance.

Reviewed Matt on: 31/05/17
Was not the right product for the job My mistake by P W Miles-Jones
Reviewed Natural on: 30/05/17
Good sheen, great protection by Matthew Foulstone
Reviewed Satin on: 29/05/17
Brilliant by M Finch

So easy to use . I can recommend it for the complete novice or a professional . Maurice Finch.

Reviewed Matt on: 28/05/17
A top quality product by S Hickmott

Very good quality product, easy to apply, lasting protection, available in matt/satin finishes.stands up well on wooden worktops.

Reviewed Satin on: 27/05/17
Great finish by HAROLD RUSSELL

4 coats of Top oil on new oak worktops. Looks very good.

Reviewed Satin on: 19/05/17
Arrived well packaged and promptly by Ina Lohrberg

Excellent product - this will be my choice for my worktop protection from now on. Worktops are easy to clean after a few treatments, liquids seem to bead of the wood, and don't stain - but the wood retains its natural look and feel.

Reviewed Matt on: 14/05/17
Same as above by James Roberts

same as above

Reviewed Matt on: 09/05/17