Osmo Top Oil - 500ml

  4.9/5.0 (261 reviews)
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1 coat = Renovation
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2 coats = Bare Wood
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Wood type and application method can vary coverage.

  • Osmo Top Oil is a hard-wearing finish based on on natural waxes and oils
  • Enhances natural beauty of wooden tables and worktops
  • Does not peel, flake, crack or blister
  • Good performance in high humidity areas
  • Excellent resistance against water, juices, wine, beer and fizzy drinks
Brand Osmo
No. of coats 2
Coverage Up to 24 per litre
Drying time hrs
MPN 3058, 3028, 3068, 3061
GTIN 4006850118823, 4006850754588, 4006850334605, 4006850667413

Ensure that real wood kitchen work surfaces and worktops are clear of dirt, debris and other contaminates before applying Osmo Top Oil. New or previously oiled work tops can be lightly sanded prior to applying the oil with a 120 - 150 grit paper. White spirit can also be used to remove impurities and other contaminates from the surface of the wood.

To remove existing paint or varnishes, use a Paint and Varnish Remover.

Note: This product must be stirred thoroughly prior to application.

This product has a creamy consistency and is quick and easy to apply with a cloth, roller or paint brush. Apply THINLY with 2 coats total. No primer is required.

The grain of the wood is enhanced once this product has been applied and if the final finish is not shiny enough, buffing it with a cloth will create a sheen. Because the natural oils and waxes penetrate deep into the surface they help to keep the wood supple thus preventing it from getting dry and brittle and reducing swelling and shrinkage.

Osmo Top Oil Natural 3068

Note: Osmo Top Oil 3068 Natural may produce a slightly milky or white film effect on some timbers such as Iroko and other exotic dark hardwoods. This is caused by the very small amount of white pigment that Osmo add to the oil to produce the natural, unfinished look on woods such as Oak, Pine, Larch, Beech and other lighter wood work tops.

Always do a test area before starting any project.

Kitchen work surfaces and table tops that have been treated with Osmo TopOil can be cleaned with Osmo Wash And Care and water on a damp cloth and wiped dry. Stubborn marks and stains can be removed by using Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner, that both cleans and regenerates oiled surfaces.

Should this product get marked it is easy to repair. Normally a clean and a re-application of the top oil is enough to make most marks disappear. However if a wine stain (for example) has been left over night it may start to penetrate deeper than usual. In this instance the area can be lightly sanded with a finishing pad and then refinished with the top oil.

If applying with a brush, clean used brushes immediately after use with white spirit before the oil hardens. Wash out any application cloths immediately or store in a airtight container (danger of spontaneous-combustion).

Osmo Top Oil has a shelf life of 5 years or more if the tin remains closed. If only part of the tin is used, pour the remaining oil into a smaller bottle, jar or container and fill to the rim before sealing with an air tight lid. The remaining oil should be stored somewhere where the temperature does not fall below 5℃ or exceed 25℃, such as an under-stairs cupboard. This will help to preserve the life of the oil for longer.

Coats of top oil should be allowed to dry overnight for at least 8 to 10 hours. Room temperature, humidity and type of wood can all influence the overall drying time.

If a deeper satin finish is required, the oiled surface can be polished with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner once the surface has fully dried.

261 customer reviews
Just what I needed by Steven Dennis

Just made oak doors for kitchen and was advised on this product,and I could not have picked anything better.excellent product would recommend to anyone.

Reviewed Satin on: 11/10/16
2nd time I have bought this product quick delivery lasts well good finish by Siobhan Fitzpatrick
Reviewed Matt on: 10/10/16
Simple to apply - lovely finish - pricey but worth it by Andrew Willmott

Created an amazing effect that no-one can see it (as its matt).

Reviewed Matt on: 09/10/16
Top product as Osmo allways is by Nigel Stock
Reviewed Satin on: 02/10/16
Top oil Finish exactly as expected by Bruce Jamieson

It came highly recommended. Very durable and the desired finish. Only a slight shift in the grain becoming stronger on oak kitchen worktops.

Reviewed Matt on: 10/09/16
Good by Jamie Mansfield
Reviewed Satin on: 05/09/16
What a finish! by Paul Crawford

Used this after a base coat of Osmo Wood Protector on some untreated oak worktops and wow what a finish. Carried out the recommended treatment 24 hrs for the wood protector applied by brush. Then 4 coats of top oil over three days sanding with a 120 grit paper lightly between coats. Time will tell but at this precise moment they look absolutely amazing. Only 1 slight complaint, you need a fraction of the amount required I bought 4 tins expecting to use all of them and I only needed 1. All sides, including the cuts were religiously treated and probably only about 2 mtrs left out of 9mtrs of worktops not treated yet.

Reviewed Matt on: 04/09/16
Easy to apply Enhances the grain of the worktop Durable by Colin Fleetwood
Reviewed Matt on: 03/09/16
Great by Donna Farmer
Reviewed Natural on: 01/09/16
Good stuff by Sarah

easy to apply and goes on well - if the surface isn't treated at all you will need at least two coats - we have just done about 6 sqm of kitchen worktop - three coats and plenty left for upkeep.

Reviewed Matt on: 31/08/16
Excellent oil finish by Jon Massey

Retains natural pale wood look, goes on well, leaves fantastic finish

Reviewed Natural on: 30/08/16
Best there is for butchers block worktops by Keith Blakey

Bought this on recommendation for my son he had bought a new house and the kitchen worktop were butchers block and in a very sorry state after taking a sandpaper through all the grades down to 400 grit he degreased the tops and then applied two Coates the worktop are now 100%waterproof and like brand new .

Reviewed Matt on: 29/08/16
Excellent Product by Darren Lavery

Expensive, but worth the cost. Gives a good finish, and protects well

Reviewed Satin on: 28/08/16
Easy to use and good result by Kathryn Lambourn

This product is excellent. It has brightened and protected my work top without adding any colour to it I will definitely use it again

Reviewed Acacia on: 26/08/16
So pleased! by Jane Bryan

The product I usually use to refresh my oak kitchen work-top had been discontinued so I followed the recommendation of my local diy store to use the Liberon kitchen worktop finish. Complete disaster. Then went back tried something else - another disaster. I then remembered I had used Osmo before on oak floorboards so knew it was good. Purchased the Osmo for wooden worktops. Got the product in no time at all. The finish is the best ever. Better than the original new kitchen. I used a matt finish and I am really delighted. It went on easily, and I now have a very smooth, invisible finish which is also proving to be very tough. I could npt be more pleased.

Reviewed Matt on: 04/08/16
Easy to use, quick to dry by Mr Simon Condliffe

Went on easily and went a long way. Quick to dry and gave a lovely finish. I waited a week to reapply as initially I thought the first coat had done the job. The second left an excellent hard wearing finish

Reviewed Satin on: 04/08/16
Fantastic and fast service from wood finishes direct Very impressed and will use again by Mike

I used this on oak butcher block worktop planned down and used for shelving. This osmo oil went on soooo easily. I was going to Danish oil it until a French polisher I know told me to use osmo oil. Then found out this is what my brother uses on his worktop and raves over it. Has given a great finish, I applied with lint free T shirt and very light 240 sand between coats to remove nibs, too be honest this wasn't need because the coat went on so well. I poured water over it when finished and it is brilliant, seals the wood 100%. I can't rave over this product enough. If I had wood kitchen work tops I would definitely use this. I'm just about to fit several oak doors in my house and I will now use the appropriate osmo product for sure. You won't regret using it

Reviewed Satin on: 03/08/16
Excellent by Mrs Joseph

I asked for a product that would be tough enough to cope as a finish for a kitchen worktop. I wanted a product that would give a natural or pale finish on my Oak wood and I didn't want the yellowy finish most varnish/oils seem to provide. This ticks all those boxes. I applied as recommended and easily got 3 coats out of the tin. I am only a few weeks in but so far so good and the finish has been much admired. Ladies (and gents!) - this is the equivalent of natural sheer stocking as opposed to a pair of glossy american tan tights!!

Reviewed Natural on: 20/07/16
Great by Tessa Lash

really useful for worktops

Reviewed Matt on: 12/07/16
Excellent quality easy to apply by David

We were not sure about using an oiled finish, but having used this, are 100% satisfied. It was easy to apply, and after a few days to fully harden is a very good surface for akitchen worktop.

Reviewed Satin on: 07/07/16