Osmo Exterior Gap Sealer 310ml

  4.6/5.0   5 reviews
  • A professional grade, one part, acrylic silicone sealant for exterior use
  • Perfect for sealing window and door frames to masonry
  • Seals cracks, seams and connection joints
  • Formulated to stay elastic through all conditions
  • Water, temperature and UV resistant
  • Solvent free, low odour
Brand Osmo
Drying time hr
Size 310ml
MPN GSE8016, GSE1002, GSE8001, GSE1001, GSE8012, GSE9010
GTIN 6429683733090, 6429683732796, 6429683732864, 6429683732628, 6429683732932, 6429683732550

Osmo Exterior Gap Sealer is a high quality, one component, flexible sealant that has plasto-elastic qualities. It can be used for filling gaps in wood, fixing gaps between masonry, and sealing gaps in door and window frames.

  • Coverage is dependent on gap width and depth but as a guide, based on 3mm gaps a 310ml tube will fill around 30 linear metres
  • For interior surfaces see Osmo Interior Gap Sealer - 310ml

Please Note: Osmo Exterior Gap Sealer is not suitable for joints exposed to continuous water immersion.

Ensure that surfaces to which Osmo Gap Sealer is to be applied are clean, dry and free from contamination and loose materials.

Always do a test area before starting any project. Follow manufacturer's instructions on the tube.

  1. Cut dome seal of the tube with sharp knife, taking care not to damage the thread
  2. Screw the nozzle on to the tube
  3. Cut nozzle top at angle to suite size and shape of gap to be filled
  4. Slowly squeeze mastic gun trigger to start flow from nozzle
  5. Apply Osmo Gap Sealer as a continuous bead ensuring contact is made with all faced surfaces
  6. Immediately smooth bead with a flat edge, sponge or wetted finger
5 customer reviews
I would prefer a broader colour range Product compatible with top coats by Simon Levine
Reviewed Medium Oak on: 03/05/17
Excellent as not used before by John Robert Pacey


Reviewed Medium Oak on: 14/04/17
Good by Malcolm Wardle

Excellent ....................being out of stock on ordering not pleasing

Reviewed Light Oak on: 24/02/17
Easy to use by Richard Harrison


Reviewed Medium Oak on: 30/09/16
Works Well by Fred Austin

Works like any other exterior sealer. But not as toxic as others. No complaints.

Reviewed Pine - Spruce on: 26/09/16
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