Manns UV Decking Oil, The Mann For the Job. The Secret Of Beautiful Decking Exposed.


Are you looking for an exterior decking oil that will not just protect your deck from Water, Mould and General Wear and Tear but also from harmful U.V. Rays? Then This helpful video is perfect for you!

Manns UV Decking Oil Video Transcript.

Hi, I’m Ben O’Reilly From Wood-Finishes-Direct and welcome to the product test and how to video guide, in this video I’m going to be discussing The Manns Premier UV Decking Oil.

It’s an all in one protective treatment that’s not just suitable for decking, it can be used on all exterior timber, for example Pergolas, Cladding, Exterior Furniture and so much more. It is suitable for use on both hardwoods and softwoods, and not only does it protect from Water, Mould and General Wear and Tear. It also protects from harmful U.V. Rays which will turn your exterior timber a greyish silvery colour over time. And because it soaks into the wood, it won’t peel, it won’t crack and it won’t flake. And as well it nourishes the wood meaning it will limit the damages from bowing and cracking as well.

I’ll be applying the Manns U.V. Decking Oil in Dark Oak and I’ll be putting it onto this square of deck that I’ve mocked up here. If you’re putting it on an older deck that has or hasn’t been treated in the past you do need to make sure it’s free of any debris, it has been prepped, cleaned and preserved. If you need any help with this, watch this other video I’ve made on decking treatments it will point you in the right direction. Its also worth noting it can be applied over Tanalised or Pressure Treated Wood, but it cannot be applied to a painted deck.

The Applicator I’m going for today is Woodleys Decking Applicator. It’s a nifty Application tool that can either be used by hand or with a suitable extension pole or broom handle. It features a disposable sponge that is great for getting into the grooves on decking. Prior to application do make sure you stir your oil, and then throughout application as well keep stirring it every now and then. To apply firstly pour it into your paint tray, and then sparingly and evenly apply the oil, in long even strokes, work in manageable areas and to the full length of the boards.

So now I have finished applying you need to wipe off any excess, I will be doing this with a Woodleys Microfibre Cloth. What you’re looking to do it half work it in half wipe it off, it’s quite important to remember at this stage to get into the grooves as well.

So after two coats mine’s turned out like this, it’s a really lovely deep colour the Manns U.V. Decking Oil went on really nice as well, Dry time is around 24 hours per coat, but if it is a little bit colder that obviously will take a little bit longer. The Manns U.V. Decking Oil is an ideal alternative to more expensive decking oils and decking stains on the market.

A Full list of all the products used in the video is available in the description on YouTube. And as well if you have any questions or would just like some advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phoning the phone number or emailing the email address on screen now.

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