Top 3 Causes of Damage to Decking and How to Combat Them


Have you Ever Wondered How to Renovate Grey Decking? What Causes Damage to Decking? What to use to protect and preserve Decking? What products to use to colour, protect and restore decking? This handy video shows the 3 main causes of damage to decking, and how best to combat them, pointing you in the right direction

Decking Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ben O’Reilly from wood finishes direct and welcome to the product test and how to video guide, in this video I am going to be discussing various Decking treatments and cleaners, that can help combat the most common causes of damage to decking. And hopefully help you extend the lifespan of your deck.

The top 3 causes of damage to decking are Mould, Water and Sunlight.

Firstly Mould – Mould causes a slippery deck with grey, green or black discolouration it can either be in localised areas or spread across the whole deck. To protect against mould you must preserve your decking, and as well it’s best to remove any debris, such as dead leaves or dirt with a stiff bristled broom and don’t allow water to sit on your deck for extended periods of time. If you do already have a slippy or mouldy deck, all’s not lost, we have a full range of Decking Cleaners and Mould Killers available. And as well to Protect your deck from mould we have a full range of Preservatives available too. So click either of the boxes to my left and right now to access them.

Next water and general bad weather – When Water is absorbed into your deck it washes the natural resins out of the wood and the freeze/thaw cycle can cause the surface to splinter and crack. And sitting water promote growth of algae, mould, and mildew and other issues such as wet rot can arise. It’s important to remember even if your deck is Tanalised or Pressure Treated it doesn’t mean its weather proofed so you must use a Weatherproof Finish. We have a full range waterproof decking stains, decking oils, decking paints and and other finishes available if you click the click the link in the box now.

Next – Sunlight and specifically harmful Ultraviolet rays, just like the sun damages human skin it also causes damage to timber.It bleaches it a silvery, grey colour and it also damages the fibres of the wood making them brittle. If your wood is already grey there are restorers on the market such as the Osmo Wood Reviver Gel  6609 and the Ronseal Decking Restorer. And protecting your wood from U.V. damage there are U.V. resistant oils on the market for example the Mann’s U.V. Decking Oil it not only protects your deck from water, mould and general wear and tear but it also protects your deck from harmful U.V. rays and to find these products click the suitable box either side of me now.

Wood is a natural building material and as a result of such without care and maintenance it will rot and damage. Yearly maintenance won’t just make your gardens and outside areas look great it will extend the lifespan of your deck considerably. If you have any questions or would just like some advice you could get in touch by phoning the phone number or emailing the email address on screen now.

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