2024 Woodworking Trends to Keep an Eye on


Woodworking is a very therapeutic hobby. It’s about time, patience and a considerate touch. The entire process bestows value simply because of the care it takes along the way, and the results will inevitably speak for themselves.

Ultimately, woodworking isn’t the overly complicated practice it’s sometimes referred to. It’s entirely possible for just about anyone to jump in and test the water, so to speak. Just so long as you have the will for it and, of course, don’t mind sawdust!

So, in celebration, we, at Wood Finishes Direct, have compiled a number of 2021s most intriguing woodworking trends (these are the ones you’ll want to keep an eye on). Whether you’re a beginner in the world of woodworking or a seasoned veteran, there’s surely something here to inspire your next project.

Multi-Functional Furniture

With the newfound prominence of home offices and working from home in general, multi-functional furniture will continue to rise through 2021. These pieces of highly useful furniture save time, space and can look very appealing from an aesthetics perspective. 

Looking for examples? Imagine coffee tables that can transform into a lovely desk, or perhaps a quirky bookshelf that also acts as a makeshift room separator, allowing you to properly establish your workspace. 

Multi-functional furniture simply requires an eye for detail, a touch of innovation and a soft spot for creativity. 

This home office has lots of potential for multi-use furniture. Credit: Eartborn Paints

Locally Sourced Furniture

Small businesses continue to be an integral part of our economy. Often, it’s entirely possible to build lasting and prosperous relationships with local suppliers, the kind that’s usually not possible with larger or conglomerate businesses. 

This mode of sourcing is also vastly more sustainable. Ultimately, you can always pick up where another has left off. You’ve seen a piece of furniture in a local store that’s caught your eye, but it’s missing certain aspects. Well, simply take it home and start your project a little further down the line, adding your own style to a pre-existing canvas.

In contrast, the downside of online shopping and fast-furniture chains is its environmental impact, due to a combination of travel requirements and potential waste generation. Sourcing your furniture locally helps local businesses thrive, as well as helping to develop your local community. Ultimately, it’s a win-win!

Products to Pair

Speaking of locally sourced… Polyvine are a UK based company that specialises in a wide array of finishes from varnishes to paints and coatings. Their range of quality products are ideal for upcycling furniture and can be used in both home and professional environments. 

Modern, Natural Materials

In our increasingly eco-conscious world, the appeal of natural materials and sustainable designs continues to flourish. With any luck, this change in focus won’t fade like a passing trend, it will become a functional way of life, helping to reduce our impact on the environment. 

The use of lightly coloured wood in interior design continues to grow, due to its ability to brighten a room and create a healthy atmosphere. Combined with the appeal of unconventional functionality, expect to see light wood designs utilised in wooden panel ceilings for example or abstract wall designs. 

Light wood designs often take influence from Scandinavian interior design. Credit to: Alisha Hieb

Products to Pair

Why not try an eco-conscious product? Blanchon Hard Wax Oil is one such example, based on a blend of vegetable oils and natural waxes. It’s dust-proof and resistant to day to day grime, in addition to scratches and liquid spills. In short, it provides assured protection for a range of interior surfaces, all without harming the environment. 

Homes for Garden Wildlife

These are an ever-popular project that will realistically never go out of style. So long as we are graced with the presence of birds, hedgehogs and the like, homes for garden wildlife will continue to be very appealing to both the modern homeowner and the nature enthusiast.

The great thing about these projects is just how widespread their appeal is. They can be tackled by craftsmen with varying levels of experience and can be utilised in gardens big and small. This will, of course, depend on how intricate you want your design, but the possibilities are there for all to see!

This lovely birdhouse design can be something to aspire to. Credit to: Harmen Jelle van Mourik

Products to Pair

Manns Premier UV Decking Oil is recommended by us here for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s safe for animals and plants once dry (a natural necessity for this type of project). Moreover, its multi-purpose qualities lend themselves to a variety of exterior wood projects, whether you wish to use softwood or hardwood. 

It provides considerable weather protection and will keep your garden wildlife home safe from the greying effects of the sun.

Wooden Artwork

Incorporating wood and art is by no means a recent concept. Art is very much a subjective practice, and it can truly be applied to a whole wealth of materials, all with the purpose of exploring your artistic side.

As the meaning and function of art continue to expand in new and abstract ways, materials like wood are explored in exciting, creative ways. 

Our own video studio features a stunning, handmade sign that proudly displays our company logo. In turn, showcasing just what can be achieved when combining wood and art!

Products to Pair

Our final recommendation? Manns Extra Tough Interior Varnish. Its durable, non-yellowing finish ensures your wooden artwork maintains its visual best. Anti-bacterial and low odour properties also keep your project clean, safe and in perfect condition for those you wish to show it off to.  

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