Interior Projects – Which Wood to Use?


When faced with the prospect and excitement of a new interior project, is there a more superior material to utilise than wood? To throw around but a few adjectives, wood is aesthetically stunning, incredibly versatile and, above all, durable. Whatever your preference in terms of design and practicality, timber surely ticks all the boxes. With adequate maintenance, it can last for years. 

An interior project meanwhile, can be anything from a coffee or dining table to a new chest of drawers. Asserting which type of wood is most suitable for your project is an essential education, albeit one that doesn’t always present a straightforward answer. With an incredibly diverse species of timber in the world of wood, we’re often spoilt for choice. 

Which wood and finish best suits your next home project? Credit to: sweetlouise

Fortunately, that’s where we come in. From suggesting whether to choose softwoods or hardwoods, to which type of wood is easiest to clean and maintain, we’re always on hand to offer our knowledge and expert advice. So which type of wood should you choose for your next interior project? 

European Oak

Ideal for – Furniture that Lasts

Oak is a classic choice for any interior project. The timeless, golden-brown aesthetic is easy on the eye and works well with an eclectic range of interior styles, from homely, traditional designs to more modern and contemporary. Its versatility in design also extends to staining and finishing, which it is well receptive to. 

A highly dense makeup ensures lasting durability and solidifies it as a strong choice for a furniture project. From a financial perspective, oak can also be considered more affordable than alternative species of hardwood. A definite incentive for those seeking a more budget-friendly option.

Credit to: Antranias

To Finish – Osmo Polyx Oil

Known as the ‘The Original Hard-Wax Oil, Osmo’s leading interior product was first developed in 1995. It provides a reliably tough and durable finish that holds up superbly against scratches and scuffs, safeguarding the integrity of your furniture. In addition, the application will bestow a water-repellent finish, ideal for ensuring everyday little accidents stay just that.  

In terms of aesthetics, Osmo Polyx Oil dries to a lovely natural finish and is available in a range of sheen levels, offering variety and the opportunity to really bring the best out of your furniture. 


Ideal for – Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets

Variety is just one of the qualities offered by choosing maple for your kitchen cabinets. The sapwood of the timber offers light and airy colours, perfect for smaller kitchens, while the heartwood tends to be a darker, more luxurious tone. In short, whichever your preference, maple has you covered with tones to help bring your dream kitchen to life. 

As the timber tends to originate in colder climates, the wood is also highly durable and capable of withstanding damage. All this comes together to form an ideal choice for the requirements of modern kitchen cabinets. Need we say more?

Credit to: Denis Larose

To Finish – Manns Extra Tough Interior Varnish

To further protect your kitchen cabinets, Manns has you covered with their highly durable interior varnish. Born from a water-base, a non-yellowing, clear finish will help to complement the beauty and character of your maple cabinets, whilst reinforcing their longevity.

Anti-bacterial properties also make it ideal for use in kitchens, where food contact surfaces are applicable. That theme of variety offered by maple also continues with this varnish, with sheen levels from matt to high-gloss to truly capture the look you truly desire. 


Ideal for – Sturdy Kitchen Worktops

Walnuts popularity is derived from its notable texture and grain, coming together to form a highly desirable, chocolate-brown colour that works beautifully in kitchen worktops. Walnut fits seamlessly into most kitchen aesthetics, but it is especially well suited to a dark and rustic aesthetic. 

One necessity of kitchen worktops is their ability to sustain wear and tear. Like oak, walnut is a particularly dense hardwood and therefore more than suitable for the job at hand. It’s worth considering, however, that quality costs. As opposed to other hardwoods, walnut is generally more expensive and considered more of a premium timber. 

Credit to: Couleur

To Finish – Osmo Wood Wax Finish Extra Thin

Osmo’s wood wax finish is specifically formulated for treating dense, exotic hardwoods, such as walnut. Its thin consistency is perfect for woods with a tight grain or high oil content, while its resistance to water is ideal for high-moisture environments such as the kitchens and bathrooms.

Add to that an ease of application and a solid resistance to dirt and abrasions and you have a product that’s purpose-built for walnut kitchen worktops. It’s even safe for animals and plants once dry!

Need help with your interior project?

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