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We love wood at Wood Finishes Direct, really it goes without saying. To list its qualities would be an uncomplicated exercise of genuine honesty and admiration. From its versatility to its natural character, there is simply an abundance of reasons why wood is the most used building material on our planet.  

In the world of interior design, it has the potential to completely transform a room, when used in a suitable manner, of course. It’s incredibly durable, long-lasting, and fits snuggly with just about any aesthetic out there.

Wood also appeals to homeowners also because of its ease of use. Wooden furniture and other pieces are often very handy in terms of their overall size. As such, they’re practical to transport and assemble if necessary, requiring no special expertise or tools. 

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So with all these resounding features, just how might the modern homeowner go about implementing wood in their homes interior design? As ever, we’re here to offer our guidance. 

The Usual Suspects

Hallways and Wooden Floors

Wooden flooring is essentially a design feature in its own right. Full of character and visual appeal, you will often find it installed in the hallways and corridors, though its presence is ultimately fitting throughout the home.

One of the great things about wooden flooring is its timeless versatility. It provides an appealing backdrop to both a more old, vintage aesthetic, as well as something more sleek and modern. If cared for in the correct manner, they will offer lasting durability and a sense of versatility that you simply won’t find with alternative forms of flooring. 

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The Finish

To truly protect your wooden floors, we advise turning to a product with maximum protection and minimum fuss, and Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish is just the ticket. This water-based varnish is ideal for soft and hardwood floors, whether in domestic or commercial environments. Extremely tough and durable, it can be easily applied with whichever applicator takes your fancy. 

Living Room Furniture

One of the strongest advantages of wooden furniture is its vastly enduring aesthetic. Think coffee tables and shelving units, among others. The grain and tone of these pieces bring warmth and character to any room. Many will find early memories of our grandparents living room, complete with heirloom wooden furniture that holds a genuine history. 

When finished in a thorough manner, wooden furniture has a lasting, visual appeal that is simply unmatched. Alternatively, even the distressed, unmaintained look of shabby chic furniture continues to grow in popularity. It can withstand years of abuse in even the most unruly of environments, while the finish can be maintained and restored if deemed necessary.

The Finish

Osmo Polyx Oil is the brands leading interior product and offers a tough and durable finish that you can surely rely on. It holds up more than efficiently against scratches and light damage, effectively ensuring the integrity and proud condition of your furniture. Aesthetically, Osmo Polyx Oil dries to a lovely natural finish in a range of sheen levels to really bring the best out of your furniture’s innate character.

For those looking for a splash of colour, try Osmo Polyx Oil Tints; the same lasting protection in a range of 9 decadent shades that dry to a coloured, satin finish.

Kitchen Cabinets and Worktops

Wood in the kitchen is incredibly homely and transmits a feeling of solace. Usually found in kitchen cabinets and worktops, its presence is both subtle but prominent, an undoubtedly solid addition to the modern kitchen. 

The positives of wood in the kitchen can also be found in the variety it offers, complimenting other materials such as ceramic, chrome and marble. All in all, if we combine the resounding visual qualities of wood in the kitchen with its strong durability and it’s easy to see why its use is so popular. 

The Finish

Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is an all in one product that contains a natural blend of vegetable oils and waxes. It provides exceptional protection for your kitchen cabinets from light damage and liquid spills while promoting easy maintenance and restoration properties, should the need arise. 

In a similar fashion to Osmo, Fiddes Hard Wax Oil Tints offers colour and protection in one.

Looking for a product to actively protect and enhance the natural beauty of wooden worktops? Well, look no further. Manns Premier Top Oil is your go-to solution. It’s particularly well suited to high humidity environments and helps to prevent damage to your worktop from hot pots, pans and other cooking apparatus.  

The Curveballs

Quirky features such as bare wood and exposed beams create a rustic look that’s charming on the eye and cosy in terms of atmosphere. This method of design can also allow for plenty of natural light if utilised appropriately.

Alternatively, wooden accent walls have become a popular addition to the modern home. Stylish and practical, they offer a lot of flexibility, both from a positional and a design sense. In short, consider their presence something of a conversation starter when the time comes to entertain guests.

The Finish

Of course, if you’re looking for a simple way to bring a bit of colour and creativity to your wooden interior design, a lick of paint is a classic remedy. Our recommendation? Dulux Walls and Ceilings Matt Paint. It provides the look and feel of a high-quality paint, with the strength and protection of a varnish. This water-based product adds personality to a number of interior surfaces, ranging from furniture to walls and ceilings. 

Final Thoughts 

Without a doubt, wood is a safe and viable option for interior design. Aesthetically, it can bring life and character to the home, without sacrificing practicality or, indeed, a hefty chunk from your wallet.

Ultimately, the versatility of wood means it can be applied virtually anywhere throughout the home in a number of exciting ways. It’s simply up to you how best to utilise it. 

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