How Men’s Sheds Supports Mental Health | Charity Interviews


We have featured some videos which we urge you to watch showcasing the importance of our Charity of the Year, this won’t fail to tug at your heart strings. With research showing an increased number of people feeling lonely and isolated, it’s not surprising there’s a knock-on effect with mental health, obesity, excessive smoking and more. UK Men’s Sheds Association (UKMSA for short) is a charity set up to help combat this in our communities. 

One of the UKMSA workshops & members

Since Wood Finishes Direct have been working with this amazing charity we have seen more and more groups being created all over the UK. It’s helping people increase their social connections and friendship building while sharing their skills (particularly around woodworking and renovation) – being able to do all of this while having a laugh is what makes UKMSA special. That’s why we have named the Men’s Sheds our charity of the year.  


If you want to know more about this superb charity, they are the support body for Sheds across the UK. Sheds (UKMSA) are about meeting like-minded people and having someone to share your worries with. They are about having fun, sharing knowledge and giving members a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. Find out where your nearest shed is, click here

Shedders having a laugh sharing their experiences over a brew

Our team at Wood Finishes Direct went to meet some of the people that Men’s Sheds have helped (videos below). These heart-warming stories cover bereavement, dementia, isolation and suicide. 


The loss of a loved one can cause an unfathomable amount of problems that is unique to each person. In this short video Steve discusses his journey since the passing of his mother and how the UK Men’s Sheds have benefited his mental wellbeing. 

Bereavement Support – UKMSA


David from East Kent Independent Dementia Support discusses the challenges of dementia for the sufferer, carer and how UKMSA can help inject unmatchable value and joy into someone’s challenging week. 

Dementia Support – UKMSA


Shed head, Pete, goes into detail as to how divorce can cause isolation leading to all manner of problems, including alcohol abuse. UK Men’s Sheds provided him a chance to turn his life around and give him the socialisation he deserves and wants. 

Isolation & Loneliness – UKMSA


Elaine from ZSA & Jim, Broadstairs Town Shed member, talk about this challenging topic and how charities can help drastically reduce suicide. 

Suicide – UKMSA


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