How to Clean & Maintain Wood Floors – The Essential Guide


Perfectly finished Wooden floors can be the highlight of any home. The natural strength and beauty of wood have been used for centuries and to this day, remains the material of choice for flooring.

If you’ve stripped back an old Victorian floor, had new solid wood or engineered flooring installed, or even used reclaimed boards, looking after and maintaining them once they’ve been oiled or varnished is key. It’s a simple fact that wooden floor finishes that have been well maintained will look better and last much longer than those that have not.

So, what is the best way to look after and maintain a wooden floor? Well you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not that difficult and doesn’t require a great deal of work. To help we’ve produced a lovely infographic guide to help you keep your wooden floors looking amazing.


We hope that the above guide will set you on the path to wood floor heaven but to help further, here are some of our floor care product recommendations.

Cleaning oiled wooden floors

Oiled floors should be cleaned with a dedicated pH balanced wood floor cleaner to protect and preserve the finish. Using domestic household cleaners can actually degrade or strip oil finishes from floors over time as they are designed to break down oil and grease. Floor cleaners are available in both ready-to-use and concentrated formulations that are diluted with water. Here are some of our most popular oiled floor cleaners: –

Maintaining oiled wooden floors

Maintaining the finish of oiled floors is both quick and easy with the right maintenance products. Even areas that have become dull or worn in high traffic areas can be easily restored without the need for sanding. Here are some great floor maintenance products that will keep oiled floors looking like new.

Cleaning varnished wooden floors

Stubborn scuff marks and surface dirt are a common issue with varnished floors. Using the right floor cleaner will help to remove these marks whilst retaining and protecting the varnish finish.

Maintaining varnished wooden floors

  • Bona Freshen Up: A ready-to-use, waterborne maintenance coating for use on interior varnished floors
  • Bona Wood Floor Refresher: A ready-to-use, water-borne maintenance coating for previously varnished or painted wooden floors
  • Bona Polish: An all-in-one maintenance coating for interior wooden floors.
    Creates a durable wear layer suitable for heavy foot traffic

Wood Floor Mops

Specialist floor mops offer a convenient and effective way to clean and maintain wooden floors. Some have interchangeable, Velcro backed cleaning heads, others have built in refillable cartridges that contain cleaning solutions, and some have both. Here are some of the more popular wooden floor mops on the market.

Need help with your wood floor?

Need to speak with an expert? Our resident floor care experts are on hand to offer free advice on the best way to clean and maintain your wooden floors. If you have a question or query on which is the best wood floor mop for your floor, contact us here.


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