Put Spring Back Into Garden Furniture


Many a back garden becomes a no-mans land over the winter, but thankfully this period of dormancy is coming to an end. Now is the ideal time to start preparing for the approaching spring and summer seasons by cleaning off and restoring garden furniture and other wooden garden fixtures.


Features of the garden that tend to get a raw deal over the winter period are the wooden fixtures and fittings such as garden furniture, sheds, garden fences and decking. Exposed to the ravishes of wind, rain, snow and frost, the once warm, vibrant shades and tones of exterior wood have dulled or turned to a lifeless green or grey.

If you’re heading out to the garden for the first time in the next couple of weeks and are looking to revive and restore exterior wooden features back to their former glory, here are some effective exterior products to consider:

  • Fiddes High Build Exterior Wood Oil – UV Resistant and water repellent in 3 coats, this exterior wood oil is resistant to weathering and the bleaching effects of the sun. Perfect for garden furniture, decking and other exterior wooden surfaces, this exterior hardwood preservative offers unrivalled protection and performance. It is recommended that a coat of clear wood preservative is applied to the wooden surface before this product.
  • Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain and Protector – Ideal for all exterior woodwork. This oil based product, that also contains natural waxes is available in a range of colours and can be used to maintain the natural appearance of exterior wood. Using this product retains the original appearance of the wood texture and grain.
  • Osmo Country Colour – Perfect on all wood types, new or weathered, rough or smooth, Osmo Country Colour can be used to renew previously stained, weathered or discoloured wooden surfaces ensuring further protection for many years to come. A range of colours are available. This product gives the look of a  paint and covers over the texture and grain of the wood to leave a smooth finish.
  • Ronseal Shed and Fence Preserver – Provides a quick and easy solution to stain and protect your fence or shed. Economical and easy to use, spray on fence treatment can extend the life of garden fence panels and sheds by protecting against the damaging effects of weathering. This product can be quickly and easily applied with an affordable hand pump spray system or by paint brush. Note: As this product is solvent based, it may degrade and perish the washers, seals and hoses of some spray systems including the Manns Shed and Fence Spray System over time.
  • Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative – An all in one solution for the treatment and prevention of damage from wood rot and fungi on timber. Wood preservatives can be left as they are or over-coated with oil or one of the above products when dry to achieve the desired finish.

Revitalising tired, external wooden items can be a job that many wish to avoid, however in a matter of hours, these surfaces can be treated to look like new again. Before grabbing a tub of Creosote, (a product soon to be outlawed because of its high toxicity and environmental impact) it is worth considering the newer, safer and environmentally friendly products now available. The natural oils and waxes that these products contain offer far superior protection and will bring tired looking sheds, fences, decking and patio garden furniture, back to life and ready for the summer season and beyond once again.

This process isn’t just about the cosmetics of making wood look good for another summer, it’s  a maintenance program that will help to protect your investments and help prolong the life of garden sheds, fences and decking for many years to come.

If you’re unsure of what you need, contact our team of experts who are on hand to offer guidance and advice on which products are suitable. No matter what the job, whether interior or exterior, big or small, we have it all.


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