A Sustainable ECO house – Wood you believe it?


For many years now the words ‘sustainable’ and ‘sustainability’ have been banded around, especially in farming and fishing. With increasing pressure to recycle, restore and use environmentally safe products in a bid to save the planet, many people are beginning to ask what they can do from a sustainability point of view when building or restoring a house or home.

Back in early 2008, such a challenge was given to TV Presenter Kevin McCloud, the face of the Channel 4 program ‘ Grand Designs‘.

Kevin’s brief was simple; to design and build a sustainable house, using traditional materials and techniques alongside cutting-edge 21st Century technology which underpins his green principles – Simple!

The house was built at the Excel Centre in London as part of Channel 4’s Grand Design Live exhibition and incorporated sustainable products and materials from around the country. The build included everything from the day to day throw away materials such as glass bottles and newspapers, environmentally and user-friendly Tung Oil from Wood Finishes Direct in Kent and the latest echo technology from a host of suppliers from around the country.

To read more on the project, the suppliers and the materials used, visit the Channel 4 website for more information about Grand Designs Live: The House That Kevin Built.

Whether looking to design and build your own home from scratch or to simply renovate or give a room a face lift, this program shows that with the right products and materials, great things can be accomplished with minimal impact on the environment.


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