How to Transform your Garden Furniture


Garden furniture is a mainstay for many modern gardens. Available in a variety of different styles and materials to suit a multitude of aesthetics, exterior furniture provides much to garden owners besides simply offering a spot to sit down and relax.  

The difficulty arises, however, when the wood is subjected to the harsh realities of British weather. Even the most high-quality furniture can and will be subject to grime over time and can be prone to algae in damp, shaded conditions, as well as sustaining damage from wind and rain. Essentially, it’ll often take quite a beating. To prevent this, there are a number of defences you can enact, as well as treatment products that will restore your garden furniture to its former glory. 

Sophisticated, modern garden design. Credit to: Ronseal

Cleaning and maintenance

As an initial maintenance step, our range of garden furniture cleaners and restorers will work wonders towards reviving and conserving the condition of your garden furniture all year round. They have been formulated with the specific intention of removing dirt and grime, and, when applied in partnership with a preserver or wood oil, work to transform your garden furniture to a state of natural beauty and character. 

It’s also worth considering that sustained exposure to the sun can cause detrimental, discolouring effects to the appearance of untreated garden furniture, causing it to turn grey and discolour. Fortunately, however, all is not lost. 

Products such as the Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel achieve excellence in reclaiming the character of softwood and hardwood garden furniture. This versatile gel penetrates the surface of the wood to remove the grey patina that has developed over time, restoring the natural colour tone of the timber.   

Immaculate garden furniture. Credit to: Ronseal


What makes the end results of garden furniture preservers so effective is that they help to ensure the wood remains in an ideal condition for its lifetime. Essentially, these treatments make certain that your beloved garden furniture remains just that, beloved. 

Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment is one such product that comes with our seal of approval. It provides a strong, protective top coat and absorbs deep into the wood, providing exceptional safeguarding against moisture. Fade-resistant colour pigments also protect against UV exposure, while its use is harmless to beneficial insects and plants of the garden, like the humble bumblebee.  

Surfaces that require treatment should be cleaned from surface dirt and debris beforehand. It’s also essential to strip back any painted, varnished or stained surface first to reveal the bare wood beneath. The use of a wood finish stripper is ideal for achieving this. Peelaway 7 is a friendly alternative to conventional caustic paint strippers and degrades naturally after use.   

Treat your garden furniture to bring out it best quality. Credit to: Ronseal

Furniture Oils 

If you’re going for a more natural look and feel for your garden furniture, our next advised step falls into the realm of garden furniture oils. Oils actively enhance the natural beauty of the wood and bring restoration to tired pieces of garden furniture by nourishing and protecting them. 

Products like Barrettine Garden Furniture Oil supply lasting protection and nourishment to softwood and hardwood and contain in-can biocides that resist weathering and moisture, as well as timber warping and splitting. 

We advise application with a natural bristle brush or a lint-free cloth, removing excess oil as you go. Leave to dry for 9 hours before applying a second coat in the same manner as the first and you’re done. Nice and easy.

A Lick of Paint 

It’s worth noting that if all you’re really looking for is a simple way to brighten up your garden aesthetic, a lick of paint and a touch of colour are classic ways to hide a multitude of sins. 

Our range of garden furniture paints also contain essential moisture and weather resistant qualities that will help to maintain your chosen aesthetic over time. Ronseal Garden Paint, for example, is rainproof in just one hour following application and ensures up to 5 years protection.  

Beautiful evening set-up. Credit to: Ronseal

Final Thoughts   

While we always suggest a healthy level of maintenance for all garden furniture, the right treatment depends on a variety of factors, such as the location of your garden, its exposure to weather, the condition of your furniture and whether you might seek long-lasting protection or a quick injection of change. 

Take some time to assess your needs and see what feels right for you. In whichever manner you choose, there are a number of beneficial and exciting ways to transform your garden furniture this spring.

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