The Hardwood Worktop Issue – Holzol Worktop Oil vs Manns Top Oil – Part 2


Worktop Oil Video

This Vlog is the second in a series in which Ben O’Reilly from Wood Finishes Direct compares Holzol Worktop Oil and Manns Premier Top Oil. If you have not seen the first one Click Here to watch it.

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Worktop oil help and advice

Need some help with your wooden kitchen worktop surfaces? See our worktop FAQ page that answers many of the most common questions and issues. Need specialist help and advice? Contact our resident experts who are on hand to provide free advice on how to clean, maintain and restore all manner of wooden worktops and worktop finishes.

Worktop Oil Video Transcript

Hi I’m Ben O’Reilly from Wood Finishes Direct, and this is the second video in a two part series in which I’ve been comparing the Holzol Worktop Oil and Manns Premier Top Oil. If you haven’t already caught the first video in this series click the box in the corner there, it’ll take you to it make sure you give it a watch. In the first video I compared them in two different categories, Firstly ease of application. Because they are both so easy to apply I had to give it that one as a draw. The second category was Dry Time and as you can see the Manns Top Oil does dry faster.

As promised I applied another coat of the oils, and the next test I had to do is Aesthetic. I asked 13 members of staff from Wood Finishes Direct and 6 members of the General Public to very kindly vote on what one they preferred the look of, without knowing which is which. The result of that vote is in this envelope here, and the winner is… Holzol, Holzol came in with 10 votes and the Manns received 9. Truth be told they both look great,they have done a good job of bringing out the natural beauty of the wood. The only true difference between the two is sheen level. The Holzol dries to a Satin Sheen, and the Manns dries to a Matt. Aesthetic is a difficult one to judge however it is all down to taste. So it’s about choosing which one will works for you.

The next test is Stain resistance, I’m going to use 3 common household objects that can cause issues and staining to wood. Firstly Cola, representing sticky sugary stains, secondly coffee representing hot drink spills. And thirdly the worst stain of them all… Red wine. I will be using syringes to pour out 5 ml of each of the stains and then let them sit for around 60 seconds after that I will wipe them off and see if they have done any damage at all. Let’s see how they do.


Wiping up Red Wine
Holzol Worktop Oil Easily Resists Damage from Red Wine.

So cola, coffee and wine did not leave so much as a smudge, very impressive! And even more impressively, because they are oils, if they did damage all you would have to do is. For minor stains, clean them with a suitable cleaner for example the Manns wood surface cleaner apply another thin coat and it will be as new. For more serious stains and damage all you have to do is just knock the area back with some fine sandpaper apply another thin coat and it will be as good as new. I am going to have to give stain resistance as a draw! That leaves them tied 3-3 at the final whistle, with the only real difference being dry time and sheen level, if you are looking for a worktop oil kitchen worktops and table tops, then i will happily recommend either of them. just click the boxes at the bottom of the screen, either one, it will take you to their pages, where you can read more about them and look to see which one is going to be right for you.

A full list of all the products featured and used is available in the description on YouTube, if you have any questions or would just like any further advice please phoning the phone number or email the email address that is appearing on screen now, if you liked this video and want to see some more unique content simply subscribe to the YouTube channel, like and comment on any of the video’s you like, and of course, Always do a test area.

How to Repair Damaged areas

Please note these are the repair guidelines for Manns Top Oil, however it will also work with other brands, i.e. Holzol, Fiddes, Osmo Etc.

For Minor Stains

  1. Evenly apply a suitable cleaner, remove excess and allow to dry.
  2. If required top up the finish by applying another thin coat of the oil to the affected area.
  3. Wipe off any excess and allow to dry.
  4. Sit back and enjoy your handiwork!

For Highly Stained areas

  1. Knock the area back until the Stain/Damage is no longer visible.
  2. Remove all sanding dust.
  3. Apply a thin coat of the oil to the area and remove all excess.
  4. Sit back and enjoy your handiwork!

The greatest thing about using oils as a finish on your wooden areas is just how easy they are to repair and maintain. It is always best to react to stains and damage early before it gets out of hand, as they say “a stitch in time, saves nine.”

If you need any further help or advice, contact our friendly team of resident experts.

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  • Always try a test area before beginning any project!
  • Always use suitable protective equipment, and take due care while applying any of the products featured in these video’s.
  • All prices are accurate at time of the video going live.


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