Cuprinol Woodcare Brush

  4.8/5.0   29 reviews

  • For application of exterior wood treatments, stains and paints
  • Can be used on any type of wood
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle
Brand Cuprinol
Size 2" (50mm), 4" (100mm)
MPN 6062763, 6051005
GTIN 5010212562307, 5010212560082

The Cuprinol Woodcare Brush is designed to provide smooth, even coverage when treating large areas such as sheds, fences and decking.

Always do a test area before starting any project.

Simply dip the bristles of the Cuprinol brush in to the wood treatment and follow the application guidelines laid out on the manufacturer's tin or container.

Avoid over-loading the bristles with product as this can ultimately lead to a poor finish, drips and splashes.

To keep your Cuprinol Woodcare Brush in tip top condition, always clean thoroughly after use, according to the treatment manufacturer's instructions. To retain the brush head shape, wrap it in clingfilm until next use.

29 customer reviews

After using several other brushes and not getting the results this one I give 10/10 Excellent

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 25/07/17
Worked well with the wood stain by J B

Ideal brush for the decking.

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 24/07/17
Great for the job by Mr Mike Pickett

Just like it's rival, does just what it says on the tin

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 13/07/17

made life easier

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 11/07/17
Great brush by Antje Piggott

The brush is just perfect for my little hands. Nothing hurts after 1 hour painting.

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 30/06/17
Great by K. Owen

I used the brush without fault, excellent.

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 19/06/17
Good size -made light work of the job by Amanda McKinna

Perfect for the job!

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 13/06/17
Good brush by Mrs C Voller

good brush

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 27/05/17
Does the job by Denise Burton

Works equally well on smooth or rough finishes

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 11/05/17
Good for job by Richard Clark

Clean up well does job well

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 07/05/17
Excellent for rough sawn timber by Gordon Jenkinson

Excellent brush keeps its shape and bristles still ok after 20 litres on rough sawn timber.

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 21/04/17
Made decking work very easy by Danielle
Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 14/04/17
Brilliant and fast service by Margot Purtscher
Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 09/04/17
Very pleased with this purchase by Robert Linacre

Comfortable to use, application of decking paint even and smooth, easy to clean after use.

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 05/04/17

just the right size and texture

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 10/11/16
As brushes go, it does the job! by Mr Andrew Cross

Does leave a little splatter, not as calm as one may have hoped!

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 27/10/16
Professional brush by BOGDAN BALDOVIN

I decided to go with a profi brush instead of a cheap one - Would do it again,

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 27/09/16
This was an excellent brush for applying Cuprinol decking oil by Victor Ashworth
Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 28/08/16
Very good by J Browning

Much better than the cheaper ones on the market, nice to hold

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 20/08/16
Feel Good Saving by Bryan Allcock

Great website saving and service, will use again and again!

Reviewed 4" (100mm) on: 03/07/16
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