Using Osmo UV Protection Oil in the Garden


We love Osmo UV Protection Oil, it’s one of our best exterior treatment sellers of 2021. Currently, we have an exclusive 20% extra free deal on all tins of 420 Clear Satin. We’re offering a 3L tin for the same price as a 2.5L! It’s a deal we offer with pride, knowing full well the quality results of this excellent product. 

As the name suggests, what stands out about this product is its durability against weathering and professional-grade resistance from sun damage. In its makeup, are factor 12 UV filters that provide top-notch protection for vertical wooden surfaces. They ensure the timber retains its natural beauty over time, safeguarded it from developing a grey, discolouring patina. 

Made from a blend of all-natural, plant-based oils, this product contains active biocides that protect the wood from mould, algae and fungal attack. You will also find it holds the ability to prevent any swelling, shrinkage, splitting and warping of the timber. 

So how might you go about utilising the potential of Osmo UV Protection Oil l in your garden this summer?

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Ideal for: Cladding

Timber cladding is the wood attached to the external wall of a home and is usually deployed in either a vertical or horizontal pattern. Timber cladding is responsible for defending the structure and integrity of the building against weather elements, such as wind and rain. 

As opposed to the more traditional horizontal cladding, vertical cladding presents an unconventional, yet unique aesthetic for the modern home. If installed correctly, vertical orientation is also highly durable, as it prevents water from entering the areas in between the panels. 

Osmo UV Protection Oil is especially suitable for protecting vertical wood surfaces, as they negate the possibility of water collecting and pooling. Using this product will ensure timber cladding remains effective at protecting the home against weathering, whilst also preserving its aesthetic appeal from sun exposure. 

Vertical and horizontal cladding. Credit to: Home on the Grove

Ideal for: Sheds and Summerhouses

Such is the variety offered by sheds and summerhouses in the modern world that we are often too spoilt for choice. Whether deployed as the humble garden shed, the exterior home office, or the luxurious, relaxing summer house, their multi-purpose capabilities make for a hugely desirable addition to the garden. 

Like any non-moving structure, however, they can be subject to weather exposure on all fronts. Away from any shelter and shade, their fixed position opens them up to UV rays and other detrimental forms of weathering. If you consider the unpredictable nature of British weather, it’s likely they will take quite a beating over the years. 

It’s for facts of nature like these that we suggest applying Osmo UV Protection Oil. As mentioned, it offers superb durability against weathering, British or otherwise. Those active biocides will ensure protection from moisture damage on wet and windy days. On sunnier afternoons, its UV resistant properties will make sure your shed or summerhouse remains a prideful feature in your garden. 

Beautiful example of a treated summerhouse. Credit to: Home on the Grove

Ideal for: Smooth Fence Panels

A humble feature by design, fence panels can sometimes be seen as serving little more than a single purpose; a way of privatising your exterior space and outlining the perimeters of your garden. But what this way of thinking overlooks is the versatility of fence panels. They have the potential to add an understated quality to the garden aesthetic. 

Whether you’re a traditional thinker, or more unconventionally minded, the broad range of styles suits a wealth of different tastes. As with other garden structures and fixings, of course, they will be subject to wear over time from weather elements. 

Though ideal for protecting many forms of exterior wood, it’s vital to consider that Osmo UV Protection Oil is made for use on smooth, sanded wood. Applying it to rough sawn or featherboard wood will greatly reduce its coverage. With this in mind, this product is ideal for those with smooth fence panels in their garden and will work wonders for preserving their longevity.

Fence panels must be smooth to ensure full coverage. Credit to: Denis Labrecque

Final Steps

Maintaining the look and finish of your treated wood is simple and easily achievable. Once the finished surface begins to show signs of wear, a thin maintenance coat can be applied to restore the finish. Always be sure to clean the wood with a stiff brush beforehand, to remove any loose dirt and debris.

A perfect partner for applying this product is the Osmo Soft Tip Brush. This high-quality, synthetic mix, bristle brush makes easy work of applying Osmo’s range of wood o ils. The bristles are made from a high-quality, synthetic mix, which allows the oil to be picked up and dispersed evenly over the wood surface.

Finally, to bring this treatment process together appropriately, we endorse the use of Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner. It’s ideal for protecting the longevity of those bristles and offers an effective, benzene-free alternative to conventional, harsh white spirits.  

Need help with wood oils?

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